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Battle Reports - Lots of them, it is about 14 pages in Word
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Before hand, let me say that this is for quite a few battles that were played quite a while ago.  Sorry but this is a looooonnggg article, and I apologize for that.  Hope you enjoy if you do read it.

Jivaine SkyWing

Battle Report #1 – 2500 Points

Went to play at the store, and there were only 6 people there to play, 3 of them empire.  So, lucky draw, and I ended up playing against Empire.  This would be interesting.  In defense of my opponent, he has only been playing for 2 or 3 months.  We played one of the scenarios that was from the Toronto GT.  It was the one, that at the beginning of each magic phase, each player rolls his / her power / dispel dice, and any rolls of a 1 are given to the opponent.  This mostly worked in my favor, as I had both less power dice, and less dispel dice.

Opponent had:
1 wizard lord on Pegasus
3 – level 2 wizards
10 hand gunners
12 Knights Inner Circle
12 Knights White Wolf
20 spears with 10 hg detach and 10 militia detach
20 spears with 10 hg detach and 10 militia detach NOT A TYPO
1 cannon
2 mortars
1 hellblaster.  I think he took 3 or 4 dispell scrolls, and that was about it.  

My Army
Grandmaster with Holy Relic and Sword of Sigismund
3 level 2 wizards with 1 dispell scroll each.

25 spearmen with FC
9 Knights IC with FC (Grandmaster here)
10 White Wolf Knights IC FC
10 Handgunners
10 crossbowmen
10 hand gunners

25 Greatswordsmen with FC & Griffon Banner
  12 militia detach
  8 archer detach

2 mortars
1 cannon
1 hellblaster

Set up from my view.  I had WW Knights, Cannon, Hgunners, Xbowmen, Greatswords with detachments, Knights, Spears and then hand gunners and mortar on the back hill.  Other mortar was somewhere else as well.  Opponent rolled higher, and he got to go first.

Turn One:

Opponent held the line for most of his troops, but did move up the spears and detachments for both of the units.  (They are moving up the middle of the field.)  He cast Uranon’s thunder bolt with IF and then rolled a 6 for 6 hits, and then rolled, and killed 6 knights from the Grandmaster group.  He also cast something else against the hellblaster, and killed the machine.  That was about it.

Turn One Me:

Moved WW Knights up 6 or 7 inches.  Marched the greatswordsmen up, archers and militia and other Knights (Group of 4 now) and spearmen up.  Shooting,  killed 2 wounds on his mortar, with cannon, killed one crew on Hellblaster with Mortar, and killed one White Wolf Knight with mortar as well.  Archers sucked, and there were a few other casualties on his end from the hand gunners, and the crossbowmen.  Rolled magic dice, yeah, 2 extra dice for me.  Cast Uranons thunderbolt, it was scrolled.  Cast Comet, which went off with IF.  Rest was dispelled.

Turn Two: I rolled a 1 with the Comet spell.  Barely moved any units at all.  Shooting, killed a few great swordsmen and some spearmen, but nothing really effective except killing the militia with the hellblaster.  Spells were pretty much ineffective as well, no hth combat.  

Turn Two Me: Rolled a 3 for the comet.  Charged his White Wolf Knights with my Unit of 4 Knights, moved up the WW Knights.  Shooting saw one mortar destroyed, and a couple hand gunners, and some crew destroyed, magic didn’t really accomplish much either.  Hand to hand combat, I won combat by 3, General killed 3, and one other knight killed 1.  He didn’t kill any of my guys, so that was good.  He failed test and ran off the table.  I tested not to pursue.  

Turn 3:  Rolled a 4 for the comet, and then rolled a 4 as well.  (This comet went off in the middle of his troops.  So anything within 12 inches was hit.  So he ended up losing 1 mortar and crew, 2 level 2 mages, most of spearmen, and both detachments his Pegasus and his wizard lord took 2 wounds.  I lost 6 greatswordsmen.  So whatever wasn’t killed outright, panicked and fled, including his wizard lord.  So his turn consisted of a lot more troops fleeing, and some other guys dying and stuff like that.

Turn 4 me:  I moved around for some table quarters, and the game was pretty much over for us.  We decided to call it quits.

It was a massacre for me.  First time ever playing against the Empire and it went quite well.  

Now, as well, we did actually play 6 turns, but I don’t remember everything that happened, as it was last week Thursday.  The majority of the points are here, and I did end up losing some troops, but not as many as normal.

Rogue Trader Tournament 4 battles.

GAME # 1

Army List
Grandmaster with Sword of Sigismund and Holy Relic for 255pts
2 level 2 mages with 1 dispel scroll each          240pts
1 level 2 mage with Van Horstmann’s          120pts
10 hand gunners                   80 pts
10 hand gunners                  80 pts
10 crossbowmen                  80 pts
7 Knights Inner Circle, FC, War Banner         247 pts
8 White Wolf Knights FC               240 pts
2 mortars with 3 crew each               150 pts
20 Greatswordsmen with FC 8 Archer Detach 10 Militia   374 pts
1 Hellblaster with 3 crew               125 pts
TOTAL POINTS                  1991
Dispel Dice: 5
Power Dice: 8

So it was just a round robin sort of tourney.  First game I played was against Chaos Tzeentch.
Army list:
2 level 2 Chaos Sorcerors
2 Heroes of Tzeentch ?
6 Chaos Knights
1 of the heroes on a chariot
1 unit of 20 or 25 chaos warriors
1 unit of 20 or 25 chaos warriors
1 unit of 3 mercenary ogres
He placed the other 3 characters in the two chaos warrior units.
He had a couple of bound items as well.  So he had 14 power dice, and 5 dispel dice.

The battle went like this.  He moved his CW units up and his ogres and moved up his dude on the chariot.  He cast a few spells, some of my guys died, I used up both of my scrolls, end of turn.
My turn, moved guys up the table, I wished the hell blaster had something to shoot at, but it didn’t.  So my hand gunners killed some stuff.  I cast Uranons thunderbolt on his chaos Knights, and killed 2 he failed his 5+ ward save for the Knights.  One of the spells used gave that to them.  Cast Uranon’s thunderbolt on the chariot guy, caused a wound on the chariot.

Turn 2
We both moved up the board, no chargers, but he was in range for the next turn.
I cast some spells, killed another Knight, shooting was blocked for the most part.

Turn 3
He charged his chariot into a unit of my knights, did 2 impact hits, wounded only 1 of them, I saved it.  Charged his ogres into my White Wolf knights.  I won from CR and he fled, and I charged into the unit of CW that was behind it.  Can’t remember how that lined up though.  The guy on chariot killed 4 knights, and I did a wound on the guy.  So combat was a draw.  
My turn, the great swordsmen charged someone and the militia charged the flank.  He did 1 wound and I did a few, he lost, and I ran him down.  The other big unit of chaos warriors lost a few guys, and combat was won by me, and he failed, and I pursued, and killed them.  (At this point, all he had left was his guy on the chariot and the chaos knights.)  Some more spells cast did some more wounds.  The knights who were fighting lost 2 more, and I did 1 wound, combat was a draw, as I had my standard with the warbanner left.  

Turn 4
He finally moves his chaos knights up within range of the hell blaster.  There are 3 left at this point.  In Close combat, I did no wounds, and he did 1, which killed the Standard bearer, and my general failed his leadership test, and was run down.  He pursued, and made it off the board.  
Hell blaster did 3 hits, and no wounds, and then it blew up, so that was crap for me anyways.  Shooting reduced his knights to 2.

Turn 5 His chariot came back on the board, and he moved his chaos night into range to charge some militia and archers.  They moved out of the way of his charge arc I cast some spells on the chariot, and killed it.  Charged the archers into the chaos night, and killed one of them. Luck just wasn’t with him.

Turn 6 More close combat, me fighting for table quarters and stuff, but that is about it.  

Summary:  Even though he had 14 power dice, don’t worry, once you start flanking and killing guys, it all gets better from there.  So it ended up a Massacre for me.  This guy is a pretty good guy to play against.   He ended up winning the Best Sportsmanship award later on.

Game 2
Wood Elves.
Let me start by saying, I hate wood elves, always have, always will, and most likely never will buy a wood elf model in my life.  I play against them regularly, and lose regularly.  

His list:
1 Level 4 mage on warhawk.
1 level 2 mage on foot
1 bladeweaver with war dancers
4 groups of 9 archers
1 group of 6 glade riders
1 group of 7 war dancers
1 group of 20 spearmen
1 treeman
4 or 6 waywatchers

Turn 1
I got to go first.  Moved up my knights, and GSW and other guys.  Shot some archers to crap, they failed and fled.  Comet was dispelled, and Uranon’s thunderbolt did 1 wound to the warhawk.

He moved up his treeman, and his wardancers, and his glade riders, to set up for a flank charge (on each side) of my white wolf knights.  He shot some arrows at my guys, and none of my knights got killed but some foot troops did.  He charged my archers detachment and they just held, and he won combat for them, and they ran rolled a 9 for the stubborn unit and the waywatchers ran into the hellblaster.  

Turn 2
I charged his wardancers, he took unbreakable.  I challenged his bladeweaver with my general, and smoked him, and killed 3 more war dancers as well.  So they only had 4 of them left.  The hellblaster crew got smoked, and the waywatchers overran.  On his turn 2, he charged the treeman into the combat.  The treeman killed two knights, and the wardancers took killing blow, and killed one.  The wardancers fled the battle a big 4 inches.

Turn 3
My troops move up, I turn the handgunners around to try to shoot them at the waywatchers.  (this is where my whole right flank starts to fall apart.)  So I move my general into contact with the treeman, and my opponent starts to smile.  He says, treewhack, here we come.   So since I go first, I hit on 3, and wound 2 and he fails one.  So now I know at this point, that I have beaten the treeman in CR, so just to keep the general alive.  He rolls to hit, rolls a 4, then rolls to wound, and rolls a 2.  Me, I say, no armour save, but I do have a 4+ ward save, and Hey, I rolled a 6.  So needless to say, I ran down the treeman, and right off the table to return next turn.
He charged my White wolf knights in both flanks and killed two.  He charged the waywatchers into my mortar crew and smoked them as well.  I lost two white wolf knights, and they fled cuz they needed 2 1’s to stay.  So they were overrun, and he ran right into my wizard.

Turn 5 My general comes back onto the board, and moves to charge next turn.  My greatswordsmen finally see combat, and that is with the spearmen who didn’t even move off of the line, bastard.  So needless to say, they stay there, and I cast comet right there, to try to kill the last of his stuff, but end up killing all of my greatswordsmen that are left, and most of his other units that are there.  
He kills the wizard, and then some crossbowmen, the mortar and the only thing left over there is my level 2 wizard.  

Turn 6, My general charges the wardancers, kills the two of them, and overruns into the unit of 9 archers that is back there.  My wizard is killed, and I mop up the archers and that is the game.

For the tournament, anything 200 points and under is a win.  Going by the back of the book, anything for this size of game is a draw, so he won by 35 points, so it was his victory.  It was really crappy… Oh well.

Game 3 Vs Dwarves
We didn’t figure out what the objectives were until the last turn, so we were both screwed, and it ended up a draw.

His army
2 bolt throwers
1 cannon
2 units of 20 clansmen
1 unit of 12 thunderers
1 unit of 10 crossbowmen
1 unit of 20 or 24 slayers
1 unit of 20 iron breakers
1 general lord
1 rune smith
1 battle standard bearer.

Turn 1.
He went first.   His turn, he lumbered his guys forward. He shot and killed 4 white wolf knights with one of the bolt throwers and killed two knights in the other group with the other bolt thrower.  His cannon killed 4 Greatswordsmen

I moved some guys up, shot a bit, and cast a few spells.  End result, only did one wound on his cannon, and one of the crew were killed as well. The hellblaster killed 3 guys as well.

Turn 2
He continued to move his guys up the field, he killed a couple more knights, and some militia, but that was about it.  On my turn, my GM and knights charged his unit of clansmen with his general and runesmith in it.  So he issued a challenge, and I accepted.  I did one wound on his general that he failed to save, and he did none.  The rest of the guys did a couple of wounds, and I lost two knights, leaving me with my standard bearer, and the General.  I ended up losing combat, but they held.  The hellblaster killed quite a few more of his clansmen, leave 12 – 15 of 20.  I cast some more spells, and killed the last two crewmen on the cannon. The greatswordsmen moved so that they were in charge range for next turn.  

Turn 3.  He tried to charge his unit with the BSB in it into my GSW, but it was just short, so it was a failed charge.  He also charged his other clansmen into the militia, and greatswordsmen unit.  I lost a couple, he lost a couple, my guys lost, but they held.  He moved his slayers up as well, and his generals group. The battle with the generals was pretty good, neither of us doing wounds at all which resulted in me losing combat, and fleeing 17 inches.  He pursued 7 or 8 inches.  
On my turn, I rallied the General, and charged his general’s unit with my white wolf knights.  My militia killed a couple of clansmen and he killed 3 of the militia, I lost combat again, but I stayed.  The hellblaster had a really good target to shoot at, the unit with the battle standard bearer in it.  I rolled 26 shots, and wounded 20 of those.  He failed to save anything, and the BSB was killed as well.  Yeah for me.   Some more spells were cast and dispelled.  My white wolf knights killed one guy, lost combat, fled, and were run down.  

Turn 4
He shot some more of my handgunners and stuff, but nothing worth noting.  Combat involved him charging my wizard, me challenging him, van horstmann’s specculuum.  He did one wound, and I did one wound, but I lost combat, and he tried to over run so that he would be out of charge range for my general’s group.  He caught and killed the wizard, but not far enough.
The other battle, with the militia and GSW was still going on, and I lost again, but held with both of them.  
The hellblaster killed a few (4 or 5) of his slayers group, which didn’t see combat at all that battle.  My general charged his unit in the flank, and I did 3 wounds, and I won combat by 1, so that was good.  He had no problem making his test.  

Turn 5  Slayers moved towards the hellblaster so that they could try to get there.  Some more pot shots at guys, and nothing noteable here, except that the combat was won by him vs the greatswordsmen, and I held yet again.  On my turn, the hellblaster killed 4 more slayers and they passed the panic test.  The combat was a draw again with my general and they stayed there.  The greatswords lost and fled, leaving 1 militia man there holding back the dwarves… this was funny, cuz he lapped guys around him…

Turn 6 he killed the militia guy, combat a draw again vs my general, more pot shots at stuff, not doing anything and that was it.  My turn, I rallied the GSW, and they stood there, they were too far away for more combat.  So that is about it.  

So overall, the scenario objective is to get table quarters, but neither of us knew that, and everything was contested, so it was a draw.  It was fun to play against this guy and I would do it again.

GAME #4 for the day.
My last opponent for the day, was an Orcs and Goblin guy.  I didn’t think that it would be too hard.  At this point, I was 1 – 1 – 1 and so was he, so that was pretty good.

His list
1 Great Orc Lord
1 Orc Hero
1 Goblin Hero

30 goblins, with 2 fanatics
30 goblins
30 orcs with full command (BSB)
30 savage orcs with FC (general)
30 Orcs with FC, (Orc Hero)
4 bolt throwers
14 goblin wolf riders (with goblin hero)
5 goblin wolf riders.
So he didn’t have any magic user guys, and it was quite interesting to play against.  

He ended up going first.

Turn 1 for him.
Animosity, everyone passed, except the unit of 5 gobbo riders.  Everyone moved forward by marching.  The Bolt Throwers took out some militia.  (that is all I left him to shoot.)  
ME:  I moved some of the guys forward, and most of them stayed where they were though.  I got off a couple of spells, killing 2 crew of the bolt thrower.  That is about it.  Shooting killed some more guys the hellblaster killed 3 guys, and then blew up.  One of the mortar’s misfired, and then couldn’t shoot the next turn.  The other one missed completely.  

Turn 2
Animosity, and his general’s unit couldn’t do anything.  He charged my archers with the gobbo riders of 15.  They lost 4, lost combat, and fled. He pursued into the greatswords.  He let the fanatics go and they fell 1” short of my white wolf knights.  His bolt throwers killed some little guys, but nothing much.
My militia charged the flank of the gobbo riders, my general charged his BSB group, and my white wolf knights moved to get out of the way of the fanatics.  Magic saw a few goblins get smooshed, and lots more from the same group from shooting.  My militia wounded 4 and 3 were unsaved, and my GSW killed a few, so I ended up winning combat by a few and he ran, and I pursued and ran them down.  My general ended up killing 3 orcs, and a couple of the guys killed another 2 and then the horses did a couple in as well.  He killed 2 back, and I ended up winning combat by either 2 or 3, and he needed a 3 or less to stay, and he didn’t get it, and then I ran him down and was ready to try to get his general’s unit in the rear.

Turn 3
Everyone passed the animosity that had to.  He charged his goblins through the fanatics, and took the hits to get the flank charge on the White wolf knights.  His general’s group charged the GSW, and the other group of orcs moved forward, as did the other group of goblins.  He moved his goblin wolf riders behind his general’s group, to block the charge from my general’s knights.  His bolt throwers killed 3 of the remaining knights, and so there was just the standard bearer, and my general left there.  He killed 3 or 4 of the greatswords and they stood, and killed 1 or 2 back.  The gobbos won combat, and my white wolf knights fled, and got away.
I rallied the white wolf knights which was really good.  My general charged the wolf riders, who fled and it was a failed charge.  The militia charged the side of the other unit of orcs left at this point.  The greatswords only lost two guys, and they rolled 4 to hits, and only needed 3’s to wound, and crap, I rolled 3 2’s and a 1.  I just laughed, and said, oh well, it had to happen some time today.  So I lost combat again, and I stood.  The militia won combat by 2 and he passed the leadership test to not flee.  Magic and shooting made his other unit of goblins run from the field.

Turn 4
(I think he forgot to take his animosity tests, and I forgot as well.)
He charged the mortar with his night gobbo’s, who lost combat and were pursued off the table.  He moved his gobbo riders up behind his general’s unit again.  Combat saw him use some special thing that gives extra attacks to each guy, so from 19 attacks, only 2 GSW died.  They held.  He killed a few militia, after he moved his unit champ and hero into the battle and they fled, he rolled not to pursue.  
I charged the wolf riders, killed 1 won combat by 2 and he passed.  Again, surprise that I didn’t smoke them all.  The GSW did some damage, and stood.

Turn 5
He charged my xbowmen with his orcs who had just beaten the militia, and smoked them, and then ran off the table.  The greatswordsmen were now down to 6 guys, and they stood.  The night goblins came back onto the board and faced towards my white wolf knights.  General was locked in combat that he never got out of.  My white wolf knights reformed to his night goblins for the charge next turn.

Turn 6 His orcs came back onto the board, and stood there.  His general killed 3 GSW and they were down to the command, and I rolled, and finally they broke, cuz I had rolled a 9.  Crap, so they were really run down.  My turn saw  my white wolf knights charge and cream the night goblins and then run them down and get their standard back.  That is about it.  

So all in all, the combat was a minor victory for me.  I made some mistakes, like forgetting to move my shooters up every turn, so that they could start shooting at the bolt throwers and killing them.  Other than that, I think the deployment went really well and it was a good game.  The points difference was only 300 – 350 difference, and it was cuz of standards and stuff like that.  Otherwise, it was a really good day.  I ended up finishing tied for 9th out of 22.  Not too bad for my second RTT.  
So, my opponent for the night was going to be the WAAAGGGHHH!!!
My Army, as always…
Grandmaster with Holy Relic and Sword of Sigismund
3 level 2 wizards with 1 dispell scroll each. (Only 2 dispel scrolls total)
25 spearmen with FC
9 Knights IC with FC (Grandmaster here)
10 White Wolf Knights IC FC
10 Handgunners
10 crossbowmen
10 hand gunners
25 Greatswordsmen with FC & Griffon Banner
12 militia detach
8 archer detach
2 mortars
1 cannon
1 hellblaster

Waaagghhh’s Army
1 level 4 goblin shaman
3 level 2 goblin shamans
1 goblin boss (or something like that.)
4 units of 30 night goblins
2 bolt throwers
2 chariots
2 units of 10 goblin wolf riders
6 squigs, with 4 herders

Yes, that is right, an all goblin army.

Well, to get to the basics of it, the scenario was that the sun was not fully up yet, so sight was restricted to 2D6 X 3 and then on turn 2, it was 3D6 X3 and so on.  Also, could deploy 18 inches up, but couldn’t be within 24 inches of the enemy.

Deployment for me was like this level 2 wizard behind my 10 crossbowmen, 10 knight with grandmaster, handgunners, a mortar sort of behind and beside the handgunners.  There was a river through the whole table, and it ended here.  There was also another wizard behind the handgunners.  I had also put the cannon behind the knights, because the knights were going to go onto the bridge the first movement turn, and be out of the way.  So on the other side of the river, I had a mortar, militia, greatswordsmen skirmish archers and my hellblaster hiding behind the archers.  Then I had White wolf knights, with the spearmen beside them, and the handgunners and wizard behind those 2 units.

My Turn 1: Moved up my knights onto the bridge, moved up the militia, GSW, Archers, WWKnights, and spearmen.  Magic did some damage to his squig herders killing 3 of them.  He passed his panic test with a 3.  Shooting was in effective, as per the rules, none of my stuff could see to reach.

His turn 1: 2 units of goblins failed their animosity, and stayed where they were.  He only moved up 1 other unit of goblins and one unit of goblins wolfriders on my left flank.  He moved his chariots up on the right flank, so as to wait for my spearmen to move out of the bushes.  Magic, he cast something that had a reroll and it went off.  His shooting, his bolt thrower crew could see my knights on the bridge, and he missed.

My Turn 2: moved up my knights a little bit, and the militia, and the GSW and the spears and WW knights and hellblaster and handgunners from right flank.  Wizard on right flank also moved up.  Magic saw me cast a couple of good spells, which killed a few of the little guys.  Now, the fun begins.  Cannon misfires and blows up.  Mortar 1 shoots short.  Mortar 2 gets the distance right, but then the template moves 8” to my right, landing on the squigs unit.  I proceed to kill 4 of them, and they take a panic test and fail, and end up running off the board over the course of the next couple of turns.  My crossbowmen also kill some goblins.

His Turn 2:  The same two units fail their animosity test and remain where they are.  He moves up the goblins on my left, and the goblin wolf riders on the left as well.  He moves up the goblins that are in the middle of the field as well.  His magic phase, his level 4 mage miscasts, and his head explodes killed instantly.  No other magic is cast.  No shooting either

My Turn 3:  No charges, but I did move up the archers 8” so that they would get the goblins to release some of their fanatics.  So needless to say, all 8 archers were killed, because the guy in it had a madcap mushroom as well.  Some of the other guys moved up just a little bit, and the 1st mortar moved 4: to the left, so that he could help with the oncoming goblins. Magic saw a few guys get killed.  Now, here is where the fun really begins.  The one mortar that could shoot, misfired, and couldn’t shoot next turn either.
My handgunners and xbowmen on the left flank, killed 3 or 4 of the goblin riders, who took a panic test, and failed, and ended up fleeing off the table next turn.  The hellblaster could not do any shooting, because line of sight was blocked.

His Turn 3:  His wolfriders made his two bolt thrower crews take tests, which failed, and they both ran off the table.  His wolfriders failed rally test, and ran off table.  He moved up his 3 units of goblins left and released the 9 fanatics.  Luckily, only two xbows died, and then unluckily 7 of 10 white wolf knights died but they passed their panic test.  The rest of them fell short, but one of the IC knights was also killed.  That was his turn.

My Turn 4:  Charged my white wolf knights into his right most unit of goblins, that was all the charges.  Magic killed two fanatics.  Shooting saw a few more fanatics go down, and his left most unit of goblins lose 10 guys.  I had a mortar shot, that had 13 full ones, and 7 partials, ended up hitting 17 altogether, and killed 10 of them.  They panicked and fled.  The other mortar turned around for next turn.  The hell blaster hit a bunch of guys which made that unit of goblins panic and flee.  At this point, there were fanatics everywhere.  My hand to hand combat saw one of his level 2 wizards go down, and two regular guys.  He hit one, and wounded one, and I failed the armour save by rolling a 1.  Crap, I lost combat by 1, but they held and he expanded the front.

His Turn 4: Everyone was okay from Animosity.  His left most unit of goblins failed rally test, and moved 11 inches away.  His other unit of goblins on the left moved up their march move.  His middle group of goblins charged my GSW, and the militia, who had lost 9 of their number last turn to a fanatic, counter charged.   Hand to hand combat saw him kill 3 of my greatswords, and then I killed a few of his guys.  We added it up, and then I mentioned that I had the griffon standard, and he ended up losing combat by 2.  He then says, “NOOO damn you griffon standard…” and people around us start laughing. They failed and fled like 9 inches, I rolled to pursue with the free company and rolled 6.   The white wolf knights lost combat by 2, and fled never to rally because of unit strength. They fled 16 inches, and the goblins pursued 9 inches.  Some of his fanatics killed themselves, and hit terrain, and some of my units, killing a few guys, but nothing to worry about.

My Turn 5:  passed test with hellblaster for panic. And charged the militia and GSW into those retreating goblins, who fled another 11 inches.  So a failed charge for me.  Magic saw me get 5 re rolls with 2nd sign of amul and kill some fanatics.  Shooting saw me get some really awesome hits.  The left flank all shot at the goblins coming up.  The mortar hit another 17 of them, and killed 8 or 9, then handgunners reduced that by another 3 or 4.  He passed his leadership test.  The other mortar had a hit on his other unit of 30 goblins by hitting the 2nd model in in the second row, which helped, cuz then about 20 of them were hit, and quite a few were killed.  The hellblaster was within short range, and they proceeded to turn the rest of the unit into green mush…  Haven’t mentioned the spearmen or the Knights IC, cuz they never moved that much, and they didn’t see a lot of combat.  

His Turn 5:  He failed his rally tests, and most of the units fled off the board this time.  He marched up his goblins on my left flank, and released his fanatics, who all fell short.  No shooting, no magic and no other movement.  Animosity didn’t do much.  

My turn 6: No charges, no movement, some magic killed some more goblins, and shooting was really good again, as I ended up killing a lot of the left unit of goblins, and they panicked and fled.  Hellblaster didn’t have any targets, so it just sat there.  Killed a couple of fanatics and stuff, so that is really cool.

His turn 6: Failed rally test and took unit off board.  Moved his fanatics, and that was about it.  

It was a good game, with me getting 1740 in victory points, and him only getting 510.  So it was a massacre in my favor.  So far against the Orcs and Goblins, I am 3-0-2, which is pretty damned good if I do say so.  It is the only army that I have not lost against, that I have played.  The best two units of my army today, were the two mortars, killing over 50 guys, and making 3 or 4 units panicking and fleeing.  So definitely happy with them.
May 21st, 2003

My List
BSB with Banner of Sigismund on mounted horse
Level 2 mage with 2 scrolls

10 handgunners
10 xbowmen
8 Knights with FC
8 White Wolf Knights with FC
20 Great swordsmen with 10 militia detachment, and 8 archer detachment
2 mortars
1 hellblaster

Wood Elf List
1 Level 4 mage
1 Level 2 mage
10 archers
5 archers
5 archers
15 Spearmen
13 dryads
8 wardancers
9 wardancers
7 warhawk riders
1 treeman

So we rolled for sides, and he picked the one side so I got the other one.  
I finished deploying first, so I rolled a 5, he rolled a 3, so I went first.  (The reason being, we usually only get to play 2 or 3 turns, so I figured we should start the killing early today.)  

My Turn 1:  Moved both knights, volkmar, Gswords and detachments, and hellblaster.  Magic was ineffective the whole game, so I won’t mention it any more for me. J Shooting saw some of his guys go down, but that was about it, because most everything was out of range.

His Turn 1:  He moved his warhawk riders so that they could shoot at the hellblaster and crew.  The wardancers, dryads, treeman, and spearmen moved up as well.  He shot lots of arrows, as his mage had a hail of doom arrow that he shot at the Volkmar, and another 5 archers as well.  End result, is that 2 wounds on Volkmar, and 1 on the chariot.  So his wounds regenerated.  Other shooting saw a couple of handgunners go down.  His magic didn’t do much, as I scrolled most of it.

My Turn 2:  My knights with BSB charged his wardancers on the right flank, and my white wolf knights charged the warhawk riders.  Volkmar charged the dryads, and they fled from terror, and were run down.  Yes, that was good news for me.  My shooting saw a couple of guys go down in the spearmen, and the other mortar misfired.  The spearmen took and failed their panic test, so they ran a little bit back, 3” to be exact.  The wardancers took killing blow, and I proceeded to kill a few of them, and he didn’t kill any of mine.  So he fled, but was not run down.  The warhawk riders lost two of their number, and fled, but were not run down.

His Turn 2:  Treeman charged my Gswords along with the wardancers, and his mage on eagle charged my militia.  He rallied everyone, and faced his spearmen towards my white wolf knights for a flank charge his next turn.  Archers did some more damage to Volkmar, but not enough.  Another handgunner and a couple of archers were killed.  Combat saw my militia do 1 wound to his level 4 mage, who fled, but was not run down.  The treeman held and killed 1, while the wardancers killed a couple.  I proceeded to return the favour, and kill 1 wardancers.  They held, and combat continued.  

My Turn 3: I charged the wardancers with my knights, and I charged with White wolf knights into the warhawks, who had failed to kill any of my hellblaster crew.  The hellblaster killed a few spearmen and they held.  It blew up after rolling a 1 on the misfire chart.  Shooting saw a few archers go down, and he failed the one panic test with his unit of 3 archers left, so they fled a bit 4 inches.  The warhawk riders had all of their 5 remaining models killed by the white wolves, who overran, to avoid the flank charge from the spearmen.  The other knights killed all but 2 wardancers, and were hit back and one of them was killed.  So they ran, and were overrun, and my guys were off the table.  I killed some of the other wardancers, leaving 3 models.  I couldn’t hit the treeman, as the 2 guys had gotten killed.  So my guys held, and I expanded the frontage against the treeman.  

His Turn 3:  He didn’t have any chargers, and he rallied the 3 archers, and the mage lord.  His shooting didn’t do anything.  Hand to hand, he killed 3 of my Gswords, and I killed all but one wardancer who fled.  That was pretty much his turn.  

So at the end of things, he only got points for my archer detachment, only because it was running, and for the hellblaster because it had blown up.  I had points for his warhawk riders and the dryads, and two units of wardancers, and ½ unit of spearmen.  With the 1 table quarter that I had, I had over 700 points, and he only had 189, so it was a minor victory for me.  Wahoo…

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