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historie of an outcast general. (fluff)
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His name was Acadian born in talabheim 21 years before the chaos invasion begone.
His father was a respectable knight of the inner circle and his mother was a housewife.
He did not had brothers but he had 2 sisters.

at 14 years old,
his father got promoted to join the army of Karl Franz champion Ludwig Zwarzhelm.
At this time, he only wanted to see his father more,
so he joined in a unit of talabheim swordsmen.

He obviously had a lot in common with his father.
When he was 17 years old,
he already became duelist of a talabheim swordsmen unit.
His unit was the best of talabheim finest men,
and was selected more then once to search for warbands and bandits.

One day in the big forests nearby, they met a warband of orcs.
In that fight, they lost the units captain, and Acadian was acknowledge for his bravery.
At this point he was 19 and became captain of talabheim, seeker of orcs.
With his new title, he became know in other states and surely in the nearby province of talabecland.
he wrote a letter to Karl Frans himself if he could join his father in Zwarzhelms army.
Being duelist and sergeant and after that even one of the youngest captains talabheim ever had,
he got selected.

The unit loved Acadian and they knew he was a hard badass,
but he would do anything to get as less casualty's as possible in war situations.
He saved a lot of his unit soldiers, as he saw him as close friends.
As a matter of fact, he trained with them since the beginning of his career as swordsmen.
Being reunited with his father, time went good.

At the age of 21, rumours where said that talabecland elector count was planning something to Karl Franz.
Karl Franz ordered Ludwig Zwartshelm to investigate the situation.
But instead of heading to talabecland, he needed to go North.
A large group of chaos warriors was invading they're allies 'Kislev's'
Catharina the ice queen asked for help to defeat the chaos warband.
So here they go, on path North passing the middle mountains and erengrad just to get to Praag.
It was in this event, a huge shock took place.
they already saw Praag was besieged by a huge army of chaos mortals.
"This is not a small warband..."
Eventhough, they need to speak to Katharina, but never succeeded in it.
They got ambushed by a group of chaos marauders and some chaos warrior knights.
Not knowing where they came from

Ludwig ordered his inner circle knights to charge the chaos knights and hold them off as long as possible.
Anything else, would have been slaughtered by the chaos knights on sight.
Only the circle knights could withstand them for a while just to get his army back organised.
The army received specific deploymentzones from Ludwig, But Acadian Did not Listen.
Seeing his father fighting to the death was to much for him.
He charged out his unit followed by the rest of his troops to help his father.
But it was to late. His father was dead.
His swordsmen killed the last chaos knights that were already wounded by the inner circles.
and they survived there rush.

At this point, a large spawn attacked the flank where Acadians swordsmen should have been.
killing a lot of Ludwig's troopers.
It was Ludwig Zwartshelm that eventually killed the spawn with a killing blow.

Acadian left the army of Ludwig, hoping Ludwig would not ask for his head.
He was the captain that left the flank open.
So begone the storm of Chaos

Getting back in talabheim, he was not welcome by the city state government.
The were scared for Ludwig reaction.
Informing his family he got invited by the talabecland elector count.
He did not liked Ludwig Zwarzhelm and Karl Franz either.
At this point Helmut current elector count gave him the title of general of Talabecland.
They became close friends, but they had orders from Karl Franz to join in the Storm of chaos campaign.
After archaon and his horde got slained bu a huge orc warlord called grimgorg,
The elector count got missing.

Acadian called himself saviour of helmut,
gathered his veteran swordsmen with him and some emperial knights he met on the way
for a search for helmut.
He also took a large deal of emperial money from the talabecland Treasury room,
to pay his troops on the search for the missing men.
A lot of Helmut's loayls thought acadian was running of with his money.
Was he betraying helmut?
Did he had anything to do with his missing?

Anyway General Acadian left for a search and brought him to a lot of places.
From Dwarf to elves to brettonia.
He stayed a while in bretonia an some archers and bretonian knights followed him
to a further exploration in the borderlands.
At a certain point,
the treasure chest got empty and they fought as dogs of war to get some food.
Even some tiliean fighters joined his swordsmen units, who came actually really big.

Now he is looking to get back with his army into Empire borders.
His searched failed, and his army was hungry.

So is the history of General Acadian and his brotherhood of the swords.

I know, this is actually a follow up of events, and not really a story.
I can make tons of stories of his events, but i don't think all should be posted.

Anyway what do you think of this fluff?

I have a army list that i will post later on.
Kind regards

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Re: historie of an outcast general. (fluff)
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Nice background!  I like the road less travelled that you've taken by having a conflict with the ruling house of the Empire.  Should make things interesting.

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