Author Topic: 2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe  (Read 2238 times)

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2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe
« on: March 14, 2009, 12:22:21 PM »
My first battle report please forgive the spelling and grammar that Word doesn't correct because I am dyslexic and my brain doesn't process that sort of thing that well.

Mercenary Empire Army
Arch Lector Big Mo
The Mace of Helstrum
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Pay Altar

Warrior Monk Kendel
Barding; Heavy Armour; Shield; Warhorse
Van Horstman's Speculum

Battle Wizard Pikey Mike
Level 2
Rod of Power
Battle Wizard Herbert Samuels
Level 2
Icon of Magnus

24 Swordsmen
full com
5 Detachment - Archer
9 Detachment - Free Company

10 Handgunners

10 Flagellant Warbands

5 Knightly Orders
5 Knightly Orders

Great Cannon 100 Pts
Great Cannon 100 Pts

5 Pistoliers
Outrider Repeater Pistol

Steam Tank

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 7
Models in Army: 88
Total Army Cost: 1998

O&G was something like this.
Grimgor Ironhide
14 Da Immortulz full com
Nogg's Banner of Butchery

Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2
Mad Cap Mushrooms

Orc Shaman
Level 2; Big Waagh; Choppa
Horn of Urgok

Night Goblin Big Boss
Light Armour; Shield
Nibbla's Itty Ring

5 Goblin Spider Riders
Standard, champ
5 Goblin Spider Riders
Standard, champ

20 Orc Big 'Uns
full com, Morks Spirit Totem

20 Night Goblins
Netters, Standard; Musician
3 Fanatic

2 Spear Chukka
2 Spear Chukka

6 Squig Hoppers

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 94
Total Army Cost: 1997

Set up

Empire: Rule of burning Iron, Commandment Of Brass, Rule of burning Iron, Commandment Of Brass.

Orcs : Brain buster, Gorkíll Fix it: Fist Of Gork, Bash em Lads

Turn 1
Empire Turn 1
I knew the orcs were going to make their way towards my lines in the quickest way possible so the plan was to move the middle of my army forward and flank the orcs with my stank warter and cavalry. As soon as I started to move I realised just how badly I had set up díoh.
Pistoliers marched forward to take out the bolt throwers, the flaggys moved forward along with the rest of my fighting infantry. The cavalry stood around so not to bloke the cannons line of fire. I wasnít too bothered with moving the stank forward atm so I risked 5sp and moved forward getting ready to fire its cannon.
my cannon on the left flank took out a bolt thrower, both other cannons missed rolling high for the first bounce and low for the 2nd shot, which was going to be their theme for the game.
Magic Went ok the orcs failing or allowing most of my spells Rule of burning Iron got through on Grimgor but failed to wound. Commandment Of Brass on the bolt thrower nearest the stank and Kendel makes his unit of nillas unbreakable which was to remain for the rest of the battle.

Orcs Turn 1
As predicted all the orcs move forward the two bolt throwers killed one Pistolier and orc magic kills a flaggy as I manage to stop everything else

Empire Turn 2
Pistoliers charge a bolt thrower killing it and hold so they can get busy on the other one next turn. Unbreakable Nillaís fail their charge on the hoppers. Flaggys get a face full of fanatics leaving one left to face the tide of green. My swordsmen take the higher ground on the central hill.
My two cannons open fire a short bounce saves the giant and 2 blorcs drop to the other. Handgunners get their points back doing 3 wounds on the giant. Stank kills a hopper with steam. Grimgor makes his save vs RoBI and not much else happens.

Orcs Turn 2
A green tide of death and bad breath moves forward only leaving a unit of night gobins behind to swabble about the finer points of abstract art. So thatís 2 PD and a bound spell less to deal with this turn. Gobo bolt thrower fails to wound the Pistoliers and seal their fate for the next turn and the thrower misses the stank.
Bad placement of my redirecting huntsman means that I have to flee the oncoming immortals. Giant charges the huntsman, but they move too far and he redirects into the single flaggy for some over runny goodness.
Da immortals and hoppers charge the swordsmen and I counter charge with my free company, but not before the blorcs lose 4 of their number to a fanatics
George the swordsmen champion in an act of inspired courage challenges Grimgor and is totally squished, but saved 5 of his fellows from orcy death in the process. My central line breaks but the swordsmen outpace the blorcs while the hoppers finish off the free company. The giant smashes the lone flaggy (Even though I was hoping for him to yell and brawl: P) His overrun kills the knackered huntsmen who just canít run any futher.

Empire Turn 3
Well so far things are going just the way I planned but only because the orcs seem to making as many mistakes as I made.
Heavy cavalry flee the scene not looking the like of things while the swordsmen rally to face the Da immortals next turn. Stank charges the orc bigunís and the decide to flee not liking the look of a flank charge unfortunate the 5SP it had spent this turn was too much for them and down they go along with the Orcs magic defence.
The walter moves forward with the unbreakable nillaís to charge the orcs in the flank when they have finished with the swordsmen next turn and casts phaís illumination on Herbert Samuels. While on the other side of the battlefield Pikey Mike in the hand gunners doesnít seem to notice that the spider riders are on for a flank charge next turn and carries on as normal. A short bounce from my cannon saves the giant for the 2nd time and the blorcs lose 3 more to the other.

Orcs Turn 3
Bolt thrower does 2 wounds on the stank and the Pikey Mike takes a wound from Nibbla's Itty Ring.
The spider riders slaughter the handgunners who pursue into the cannon who live to fight another round. Giant blorcs and hoppers charge swordsmen. Phaís manages to save Herbert who challenges Grimgor :p, but itís not enough as the swordsmen break and are run down by the hoppers.

Empire Turn 4
Stank tries to use 3SP and something goes wrong. Pistoliers charge a bolt thrower killing all the crew. Walter and unbreakable nillaís combo charge the blorcs in the flank. My cannon once again rolls low bounces and misses the giant. The orcs use all there DD to stop cleansing fire. Soul fire kills 2 blorcs and the impact hits and really hurt whatís left of the mighty immortals. As the orcy player moans that Grimgor should be able to attack while I explain thatís the point of flanking units with uber characters in. They break and are run down the walter finishes off the giant with impact hits and the game is over.

Well what a game of mistakes, but I guess thatís what happens when you donít play a game for ages. My set up blocked the movement of the heavy cavalry and in post analysis I really should have given them a game plan as I was setting up. Shooting was a strange one rolling 10ís for nearly every 1st bounce and 2Ē to 4Ē with the 2nd really didnít help my unpracticed range guessing, but Iíve never had so any shoots and missed so many times in a game before, but with no misfires I canít really complain.
It was my first game playing with the walter and stank and I thought the walter access to the whole lore of light with the Arch Lector Ďs 2 bound spells was very cool although with so many of them being RIP or very situational I didnít find my magic phase to be that much stronger than the orcs.

As for the stank what a pile of crap. Yeah itís got T6 +1 save but thatís jack even vs a 35pt bolt thrower that hits and wounds on 3ís and doesnít allow saves. Big woop 10 wounds but after taking 2 wounds its safe use of SP and effectiveness is HALFED! It did seem to have a psychological effect on my opponent, but I think I will be leaving it at home from now on, unless Iím playing wood elves. If you ask me it should either be able to always have a save or at least be able to take a few slaps before in turns into a paper weight.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: 2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2009, 11:51:15 PM »
Aren't bolt throwers Strength 6 and thus wound on a 4+?

Anyway, nice report, I want pictures of your army. If you have already posted them, I beg a thousand pardons.

Edit: Especially of what seems to be the most awesome combination to ever form a Steam Tank.
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Re: 2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2009, 02:45:46 AM »
Ja, I thought that was an f-ing house!

Thanks for the report! :::cheers:::
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Re: 2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2009, 02:49:51 AM »
Yeah I think he made a mistake there grrr I really didn't have my warhammer head on.

No I haven't posted my army I haven't quite finished converting it all from DoW to Mercenary Empire, but will take some snaps shortly and post them up with the fluff behind each unit.

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Re: 2k Battle report Merc Empire Vs Grimgor's Tribe
« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2009, 09:41:32 PM »
Please do post pics of you army - you have some interesting looking pieces at this scale. It would be nice to see them close up. Thanks for the report too. Nicely done.  :::cheers:::
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