Author Topic: Fixing empire core units...again  (Read 1523 times)

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Fixing empire core units...again
« on: June 15, 2009, 12:35:22 PM »
So many posts out there about the same thing that i had to make one too :happy:

Halberdiers:same cost.AP and:
"Step over the fallen":Halberdiers are especially trained soldiers of the empire to overcome even the strongest monster with faith and determination.Everytime a Halberdier dies in the front rank the model on the same row of the second rank takes his place to strike back.(This means that if they lose 5 models all halberdiers strike back, if they lose 6: 4 halberdiers strike back and so on)

Swordsmen:they are ok
Spearmen:they are ok
Pikemen:I dont see why they should exist really.But a lot of people like them so i leave this part open
Handgunners:Stand and shoot in 2 ranks (just like the way they actually did it when the handgun was in use around europe and USA.First rank fires then moves back and second rank fires)
Crossbowmen:Same thing
Knights:same thing but perhaps lower the cost(too many knights who kill whole units on the charge come to mind...Blood knights, chaos knights, Cold one knights with the attack banner, even saurus knights are hard hitters...not to mention the frenzied str5 boars)
Militia:same thing
Archers:same thing