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Re: 'All that Glistens' - A Story/Bat Rep Project
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Told ya the slann would be brutal!  :wink:

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Re: 'All that Glistens' - A Story/Bat Rep Project
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Where did you get the pymies from, Padre?
I've dumped the plans of using Bretonnians. They suck.

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Re: 'All that Glistens' - A Story/Bat Rep Project
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This is one threadomancy I am glad to see  :biggriin:

My bet is on the jungle halflings!  I just hope they don't lose so many men that they can't beat back the zombies!
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Re: 'All that Glistens' - A Story/Bat Rep Project
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Thanks for the comments guys.

@ Newguy - company called 'Kallistra'. I like 'em. Go to http://www.kallistra.co.uk/ and look at 28mm fantasy.

Final Part of the Battle at the River Fort

While Mostert turned his regimented ship’s company to face the screeching, reptilian flyers, every other Tabrizian company held their position, although the arabyan swordsmen did shift over a little towards Mostert’s band. Old Codgel the wizardly surgeon failed to command any magical harm or benefit from the etheric breeze. When the cannons fired they too failed to hurt the foe, for one ball fell short while the other could not harm the magically protected gorillas. The mortar and crossbows proved ineffective too. The last surviving leadbelcher, perhaps realising this would be his last act in this world, fired his own sangranel-charged cannon at the same regiment, and did manage to kill one. Such a weight of powder and shot, and only one gorilla felled. Many a Tabrizian pirate noticed this, and a new nervousness began to spread through their ranks like wildfire.

Thodrin’s Slayers fought on as only they could, three pygmies dying for the cost of two dwarfs, and although somewhat ‘occupied’ with the fight, several dwarfs did begin to wonder if the Tabrizian men were going to contribute anything to this fight beyond blasting away with firearms.

There was a momentary lull in the rolling thunder that was the Tabrizian’s gunfire, and a piercing whistle was heard from the jungle army, a sound which sent four of their fighting units charging forwards. Two failed to reach their targets - the Temple Guard and Pygmy boar riders aiming at the pirates on the hill. But the other two did hit home - the Terradons engaging the crossbows in their flank …

… and the huge Stegadon crashing into Thodrin’s already hard-pressed dwarfs. The mighty beast crushed five dwarfs before it had even employed its horns and teeth. Chief Si-Ta-Pon of the Putoo hurled a javelin into the skull of another, his fellow crewmen killing two more. Finally, even though one of the gorillagors was finally dispatched by the slayers, yet more dwarfs fell to the stegadon and gorillagors’ attacks, until only Thodrin and two of his comrades were left. The Stegadon now threw itself upwards to then smash down both its forelegs, crushing Thodrin himself into a pulpy mesh and pressing his ruining body into the soft earth.

Now one Slayer stood alone against the jungle monsters!

It would be blasphemy among the pygmy tribes to say what I am about to write, but seeing his army thrive in the fight, the great living god Do-Oda-Toh was getting ‘cocky’, an attitude which led to carelessness. He first conjured Flesh to Stone to protect his Pygmies and Gorillagors (hoping to reduce the harm which must surely come to them when three bodies of ‘firestick’ northmen surely shoot upon them). But then he tried a weakly powered spell, thinking thus to sap the foe’s magical defences, but forgetting the turmoil that would be caused if his weak spell failed. It did fail, and his concentration was so broken that he lost his mental grip on the winds of magic and could cast nothing else for a while.

The skirmishing pygmies in the centre of the field laughed as they peppered the last ogre with so many darts that he was dead before he hit the ground. Their laughter was echoed upon the left, as although one Salamander chose to consume three of his four handlers, the other belched such a spurt of fire that ten - yes, ten - of Pasterkamp’s crew died screaming horribly as the liquid fire burned through their flesh. The sound of it, the stench of it, the sight of it - all proved overwhelming for the rest, and they fled as fast as their legs could carry them, Pasterkamp joining them enthusiastically to lead the way!

Out upon the other side of the fort, the Terradons slaughtered every crossbowman, Old Codgel amongst them, and hopped nimbly forwards to charge into the crew of the mortar.

The crew surely had no chance? What with the enemy closing in all around them, even behind them, Zazzari Marwan’s sword and shield carrying corsairs decided that they might as well push on and attempted to charge the gorillas guarding the platform seated frog-monster, but they failed to reach, hampered (perhaps) by defences their own allies had constructed. The fleet admiral was still running towards the moored boats, with no intention of returning to the fight (Game Note: Failed to rally). Captain Wilfrid Mostert, entirely unaware of Pasterkamp’s flight, turned his men once again, this time to face the oncoming regiment of pygmy boar riders.

Chief Si-Ta-Pon had killed the last of Thodrin’s Slayers, while the mortar crew had been torn limb from limb by the Terradons. The flying lizards with their pygmy riders now swooped between the hills heading towards their next target - another war machine …

… the crew of which stood in utter confusion, for it seemed to them (even their comical little powder monkey) that there was nothing at all they could do. Death, painful and certain, was coming their way …

This was the mood along the entire Tabrizian line, with every pirate now thinking how they might escape, for fighting on was simply not a realistic option. When the jungle army launched another series of charges, the real flight began. First the swordsmen fled as the Temple Guard and the smoking-mouthed salamander came at them …

… but the scaly, green beast caught up with them and began tearing them to pieces.

Off to the flank, Mostert also ordered flight when the boar riders also charged …

… while in the centre of the field the Stegadon, Gorillagors and skirmishers swarmed at the gate.

Now taking his time to bring about the magics he wanted, the slann Do-Oda-Toh employed Dwellers Below to kill fourteen of Mostert’s fleeing pirates, then Awakening of the Wood to kill another four. So fast was Mostert running, however, that in truth he failed to notice that behind him only his standard bearer was left alive!

In their own ways, both armies’ commanders now looked to keeping their forces as strong as they could. While the slann Lord magically healed three of his Temple Guard, hauling them back over the boundary dividing life and death before they had passed too far away, Admiral Pasterkamp shouted encouragement to his fleeing pirates so that they might board ship and be off without the slightest delay.

On the far right of the broken Tabrizian defences two dwarfen matrosses and their gunner stood by the mortar. One dwarf was holding a cloth to his bleeding right ear, the other was lifting a grenado towards the mortar’s muzzle, while the gunner stared blankly at what was coming their way.

It took only a moment for the hopelessness of the situation to sick in, then they too joined the general flight towards the river and the boats.

End of Turn 4. Victory to the Jungle Pygmies.

Game Note:Thank you Tom for providing a commander for the foe. I suppose you wish you had picked the pygmies for this game, now? Still, good game, good story.

BTW, wanna see what a ‘real’ casualty looks like? Prepare yourself, for this is an upsetting sight for any miniature wargamer …

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Re: 'All that Glistens' - A Story/Bat Rep Project
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OUCH!  Always hurts to see that.  Hope the medics can put it back together.

Great report and photos!  Thanks for reviving this story.
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