Author Topic: High Elves vs Orcs Battle Rep (Pictures)  (Read 6478 times)

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Re: High Elves vs Orcs Battle Rep (Pictures)
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I can't get enough of your reports Padre...please post more!!!

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Re: High Elves vs Orcs Battle Rep (Pictures)
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Thank you goldcrown. Not sure if you already know, I have already done MANY of these sort of reports. And I do mean a LOT. In case you haven't seen them, I'll give you some links to the collection of Bat Rep threads, rather than loads of links to individual battles ...

A series of fully detailed battles called Joshua's Journey (from the A4 campaign):

'All that Glistens', a personal little story linking many battles, still ongoing:

A long campaign series of battles and stories from the A3 campaign (only joined together like this on Da Warpath):

Two of the battles I did for the Solland Effort (in the Border Princes off-shoot):

A VC versus VC oddity:

And they are just a tiny portion. There's loads more in this forum going back three years (I think) or maybe more.
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Re: High Elves vs Orcs Battle Rep (Pictures)
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Nice minis.  :eusa_clap: My money's on the HE, but perhaps for the sake of the Empire forums your ending should have the sudden appearance of a fresh army from Nuln with a steamtank to finish off the survivors.  :biggriin:
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