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I 'm from Belgium, so my English isn't perfect, I wrote this report of a battle I had last friday against my friend dark elves. It was the second battle I had with empire. I plan on writing more of these things, so feedback is appreciated.

Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elves

Empire list:

Maximilian Reichter: Captain, great weapon, armour of meteoric iron
Syrius Feuermann: Level 2 battle wizard, dispell scroll (fireball and fiery blast)
Karl Von Balder: Level 2 Battle wizard, dispell scroll (conflagration of doom and fireball)
5 huntsmen
7 Inner Circle Knights of the Lionguard, full command, warbanner
20 swordsmen of Stirland, full command, 5 crossbowmen detachement, 10 free companie detachment
10 handgunners
2 greatcannon
19 greatswords of Stirland, full command, griffon standard, 8 free companie detachment.

Dark Elf list:

Yeuron Blackblade: dark elf noble; Pegasus, great weapon, heavy armour, seadragon cloak, and heartstone of darkness
Hella Soultaker: level 2 dark elf sorceress, seal of ghrond, power dice ( soulstealer and chillwind)
Thaina Doomspeller: level 2 dark elf sorceress, darkstar cloak, powerdice (doombolt and word of pain)
16 spearelves, full command
10 repeater crossbowmen
10 repeater crossbowmen
2 cold one chariots
10 executioners, full command, wand of karaidhon
2 reaver bolt throwers

Terrain and deployment (from empire point of view)

Yeuron  COC1 Exe’s   Spears  Xbow1  Hella  COC 2   Xbow 2           RBT 1         RBT 2


Inner Circle                   swordsmen +     cannon1      Karl     Handgunners   Syrius     cannon 2
           Detachements                             Greatswords +    
                          Captain and detach  

Maximilan Reichter looked across the field at the dark host assembled there. He wondered how these vile Druchii could have moved so deep in the empire without being noticed earlier. Whatever the cause of them being here was, it didn’t matter. They had to be stopped at all cost. He knew he and his men would do all they could to protect Stirland and the Empire from these dark and twisted creatures. He put on his helmet and joined his elite unit of greatswords. It looked like the Dark Elves would be making the first move.

The dark elf army began advancing in disciplined formations. The Dark elf mages first tried to cast doombolt on the huntsmen, but Syrius quickly used a scroll to dispell the magic missile. The other mage tried to cast chillwind on the huntsmen, but her attempts were dispelled by the Imperial wizards. Unfortunately the wizards hadn’t counted on the dark elf banner unleashing another doombolt at the unfortunate huntsmen. Two of their number fell and they fled out of the forest. The Bolt throwers fired a hail at the human handgunners; killing five of them, while one of the crossbow units killed two more of the men. Being so close to their general, the remaining three held their ground.

The huntsmen rallied behind the forest. Maximilian signalled his knights to start advancing on the flank and they quickly obeyed his order. The Stirland swordsmen and their free companies detachment started to make their advance on the right side of the forest. Syrius tried to conjure a mighty fiery blast, but the evil sorceresses quickly dispelled his efforts. Karl tried to call a conflagration of doom upon one of them, but the winds of magic blew short and his spell failed. The remaining three handgunners took careful aim at the crossbowmen that had killed their friends and shot two of the black-hearted elves. The crossbow detachment of the swordsmen likewise took aim at the druchii crossbowmen, but failed to hit anything. One of the great cannons took out the Bolt thrower on the hill with one shot from its barrel. The other cannon hit the other Bolt Thrower, but didn’t damage it enough to destroy it.

The dark elf general and the cold one chariot both charged the Knights, but the men firmly held their ground. And the other cold one chariot started moving towards the empire line. An irresistible doombolt killed 3 of the free companies who were moving alongside the swordsmen. Word of pain was brought upon the inner circle knights, but was quickly dispelled by a scroll by the humans. The dark elf banner tried to cast another doombolt, but it was dispelled and the banner stopped working. Maximilian could see a hail of dark elf bolts coming through the sky.  The remaining handgunners were killed, three of his greatswords fell and the dark elf shooting pierced 2 crossbowmen. Sensing that panic could overtake his troops if he didn’t do something, he called out to them reminding what the dark elves would do to their families if they were victorious. This steeled the resolve of the men and they held their ground. In the combat between the knights and the Dark elf general and the cold one chariot, neither side could inflict a wound upon the other. The magic banner of the knights and their greater numbers caused the cowardly Dark elf general to flee, but the elves in the chariot were braver and held their ground against the knights.

Maximilian Reichter signalled his army to advance and the men started marching forward. The free companie who were moving with the swordsmen decided that the knights could use some help and flanked the cold one chariot. Syrius attempted to cast fiery blast once more and succeeded this time, unfortunately he could only kill one of the druchii crossbowmen. Karl Von Balder failed again with the conflagration of doom. The empire cannon did one wound on the bolt thrower and the other cannon misfired, but would be ready to fire again next turn. Although the Dark Elf chariot was seriously outnumbered and flanked, it refused to flee and now the free companie were in danger of being flanked by the executioners in return.
The elite Druchii immediately charged into the free companie and started cutting the men down. The cold one chariot advancing to the empire lines suddenly stopped, as their cold ones started bickering amongst themselves. The dark elf sorceress tried to doombolt the greatswords, but Syrius stopped her. The other sorceress however was successful on casting word of pain on the inner circle knights. The last dark elf bolt thrower and the dark elf crossbowmen took aim at the unit of greatswords, but luckily their combined efforts only killed one of the humans. At the same time, the executioners had already cut down 3 of the free companie and the humans decided they ‘ve had enough and fled. The greatsword wielding Dark Elves were unable to catch up with the panicking humans. The chariot remained in combat with the elite knights.

The free companie continued their retreat, not even the commands of their general could halt them. The remaining three huntsmen decided that the Dark Elf sorceress had to be taken out and charged her. The cowardly she-Elf fled from the battle, thus breaking the word of pain on the inner circle knights. The remaining druchii sorceress once again stopped the empire magic, but the empire cannon destroyed the bolt thrower. Maximilian had decided not to engage the cold one chariot with his infantry and advance on the dark elf units as fast as possible. He trusted that his other cannon could take care of the chariot. The crew of the other cannon took careful aim at the cold one chariot, but their shot landed just a little bit short. They knew that the chariot would probably charge them as soon as possible and they prayed for a miracle to happen. The fight between the inner circle knights and the cold one chariot was finally over. The knights damaged the chariot, destroyed it in their pursuit and ran into Executioners.

The Dark Elf noble charged the inner circle knights again, determined to kill some of them this time. The crewmembers of the empire cannon braced their selves as the cold one chariot charged towards them. It was obvious for all to see that there would be no escape for the unfortunate humans. One of the Dark Elf crossbow units decided to move a bit to the side, and they blocked the fire arc of their brethren. The remaining sorceress successfully casted chillwind on the empire swordsmen and killed one of their number. She attempted to cast soul stealer on the unit, but her attempts were thwarted by the human wizards. The cold one chariot predictably killed the crewmembers of the cannon and elected to stay in place and don’t over run. The Dark Elf noble smashed his sword down in a powerful arc and killed one of the human knights. His companions killed 4 of the executioners with the impact of their lances. Shocked by the martial prowess of the humans, the Dark Elf general fled once more, while his troops firmly held their ground.

The free companie finally rallied and were ready to obey Maximilian’s orders once again. Maximilian ordered his greatswords to charge the Dark Elf crossbowmen. The Dark Elves killed one of the approaching  humans and braced themselves for the inevitable impact. The empire swordsmen charged the Dark Elf spearmen. Once again the human wizards failed at casting their spells. The human knights killed 4 more of the Executioners and this time their spirit broke and the fled, only to be run down by the knights. Their pursuit took them off the battlefield however and it looked like they wouldn’t be taking part in the battle anymore. The greatswordsmen killed three of the Dark Elves, while Maximilian easily cut down two more of the Dark Elves. They broke and fled from the humans. The swordsmen failed to wound the Dark Elf spearmen and one of their number was gutted by a spear in return.

This time the Dark Elf noble looked for easier targets and decided to charge the huntsmen. The humans might be brave, but they certainly weren’t stupid and fled back through the forest as the Elf general approached. The crossbowmen that had fled from the greatswordsmen kept on fleeing to safety. The Druchii sorceress attempted to steal the souls from the swordsmen in combat with the spearmen, but her spell was stopped by the human wizards. The Dark Elf spearmen killed two more of the human swordsmen, but this time one of their number also fell. The two units remained locked in combat.

Maximilian ordered his men to reform so they would face the flank of the Dark Elf spearmen and could help their friends. The human wizards once again tried to cast their magic on the Druchii, but they failed once more. In the combat between the spearmen and the swordsmen, one fell on each side. The two units remained in combat.

The fleeing Druchii crossbowmen rallied, the remaining chariot charged the cannon and the Dark Elf general charged the unit of 4 free companie. The sorceress attempted to cast soul stealer but she failed to get past the magical defences of the humans. The other unit of Dark Elf crossbowmen took aim at the three human crossbows and killed them all with a hail of steel-tipped bolts. The Dark Elf general utterly massacred the free companie men. The spearmen however failed to do a single wound to the swordsmen and they lost one of their number to the sword wielding humans.

Maximilian and his unit charged into the flank of the Dark Elf spearmen. This time the efforts of the human wizards were too much for the Dark Elf sorceress and she was burned by a powerful conflagration of doom. Her ashes were scattered by the wind. Maximilian cut down two of the spearmen, cutting one’s leg of with a fell swipe of his blade, and smashing through another one’s armour. His men killed two more of the Elves. The Elves fled and were cut down by the swordsmen who had been in combat with them for a long time.

Maximilian looked across the field and realised he had achieved victory. The Dark Elves were utterly defeated and their few survivors made haste to retreat to whatever vile ships that had brought them there. The humans had certainly lost quite a few men, but the Dark Elf threat had been averted. Surely those men that had fallen had sacrificed their lives to save many innocent men and women from imprisonment and torture by the vile Druchii. He regretted that the enemy general had escaped with his life. Knowing the nature of those evil-hearted creatures he knew he would come back for revenge and he would have to be ready for him.
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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2004, 04:56:32 PM »
Great battle report!  I really enjoyed reading it in the format posted.

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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2004, 07:18:10 PM »
Yeah! Battle reps. in story format or battle reps. with pics are the way to go!

Congrats with your 1st or 2nd victory with the empire?
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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2004, 11:00:07 PM »
thanks a lot for the replies,

it was my second victory with empire, right now I ve got 4 victories out of 4 battles with empire and I'm busy painting them up like a stirland army
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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2004, 01:49:56 AM »
hey, another belgian guy! :-D welcome!

as for the report: well written, and conrats on the victory!

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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #5 on: June 07, 2004, 11:57:50 PM »
Good job but it sounded like this dark elf guy wasnt in with the dice gods so to speak. Keep the battle reps comin plz.
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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #6 on: June 08, 2004, 06:46:17 AM »
yeah, the dice were a bit against him.
I 'll see if I can get one of my brothers to play against me this weekend. If play do, I'll write another report. Should I post it here or in the elector forum?
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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #7 on: June 08, 2004, 05:22:34 PM »
post it here; posts on the Elector's forum disappear after a few days, whereas here it can stay, due to the lesser amount of topics.

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Battle of the calm plains: 1500 empire versus 1500 dark elf
« Reply #8 on: June 08, 2004, 07:04:14 PM »
alright I will, normally I will have a 1000 pt battle against my brothers orcs and I ll see I can post it here on sunday or monday
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