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The History of Ravenburg; Part 1
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About time I post some fluff.   :-D


Theodore Stryker stumbled into the crudely built tavern. It was dimly lit, but he could distinguish the long expansion of the bar. Where was he? Oh, yes, Talabecland. Pushing his way through tables and chairs, he flopped down on a creaky bar stool, utterly exhausted.

His entrance wasn't what one could call dignified. In fact, it was what one would call pathetic for a man of his stature. Theodore was born to a wealthy merchant on the River Stir. He had worked hard all his life, doing much labor; his father not spoiling him. Father always said he had grown up into a strong young lad, but now he wasn't sure.

Now he was sopping wet, nearly broke and in need of a very strong ale. Since Theodore had come of age, he left the beautiful Stir to travel north, in hope of finding a fortune, every man's dream. Of course his father had pleaded with him to stay; a life as a merchant was better than that of an adventurer.

The stout bartender interrupted his thoughts, "What cin I get ye me lad?"
"The strongest bloody thing you got," replied Theodore, dolefully.
"Righto then," the bartender responded. He reached to a tall, dark bottle, aged with dust. "Looks like ye need this."
With that, he poured the ale into a large pint, running it nicely to the top, and shoved it to Theodore. Looking at the drink cautiously, Theodore decided things couldn't get much worse and took a large gulp.
He later recalled he coughed half of it up all over the bar, but the bartender didn't mind.
"That'll cheer you up right good and proper!" he chuckled.
"What is this drink?" Theodore asked happily, taking another tingling gulp.
"That there's Bugman's, a very special drink." This was a different voice. An old and wise voice, not from the bartender. Theodore looked to his left and spotted an old man, sitting several seats away. Theodore had not noticed him when he had came in. This man must have been ancient. Grimy clothes, pure white hair, mysterious twinkling eyes and a very large drink. And more wrinkles than you could count.
The man stood up slowly, carefully, and motioned Theodore over to a booth. Theodore was confused. He glanced at the bartender, who nodded encouragingly. So Theodore stood up and headed for the booth, head woozy from the strong ale.

As he sat down across from the stranger, he noticed the old man was watching him intently, those eyes gleaming.
"I remember me first Bugman's," the man spoke, breaking the silence. "Right 'ere in this very bar I was like yerself, a wanderin' adventurer tryin' to find out what to do with me life."
Theodore was astounded. It was uncanny how the man could sense this!
"But how do you know?" Theodore asked excitedly.
"Ah, yes! I know these things," the old man gestured wildly with his pint, spilling ale, as if swinging a sword.
Theodore was intrigued. Perhaps this stranger could solve his problems, help him find fame!
"I'd like to hear more," Theodore said eagerly. The man took a large swig and drained his cup.
"Aye, that you would lad, that you would. But it will require you buying me another ale..."
Theodore called to the bartender for another Bugman's. As soon as he brought the mug over, the stranger snatched it greedily from his hands and took a long gulp.
"Now..." he said, wiping his chin. "Let me begin."

"I was just like you, lookin' for riches and happiness. I travelled all over the Empire I did! By Sigmar I swear, I was determined to find me fame." He paused for a sip.

" 'Course, you look young and restless, just like meself. I was born way back, me lad, farther than you'll ever remember. Born in the province of Ostland I was, made me pretty poor." Another gulp.
"Ah, great stuff. Where was I? Oh, yes. So when the beastmen took me father and the cold took me mother, Sigmar rest her soul, I had nothin' to live for, lad." No regret showed; time had soothed this man.

"Being only a mite fourteen summers old at the time, I was forced to the streets. No food meant no money, lad. That's how I came to stealing, I did. Took me a coupl' a years to master it, but damn I could pick a pocket clean!" At that point the drink was gone, so Theodore ordered another one, wetting the old man's lips.

".....so once I had the money, boy," the stranger leaned in close, excited in his memories. Theodore could smell the stench of ale. Yet the man's eyes were captivating - full of life. "I got me a nice sword and a good two shot pistol. The adventures I had! 'Course by that time I had made me way south, the cold weather gettin' to me bones." He drained the mug then paused as if he were trying to remember something. Theodore took the hint and another drink was on its way.

".....then the years came fast and I hadn't done anything with me life. Oh I had done things, such as takin' a mercenary job or gettin' in a good brawl now and then. Now I remember! A job went wrong along the way lad, with me getting bruised up. Almost got me life. See that scar on me leg? Hell it hurt! And this one on me neck? Well I was assigned to kill this corrupt...that the word? Yes. This corrupt official needed to die, boy, so I took it for some extra money. I was lucky I escaped alive."

"Well, you can call it escape. Way back then me target I was to kill jumped me when I was on the Old Forest Road. He lived in Talabheim, an' the bastard knew I was comin'. A sword to me leg and neck, left me for dead. Only one thing I could do, lad. I crawled. Couldn't walk. Couldn't talk. So I crawled I did. Didn't know 'ow long, all's I remember is finding a side road. So to get offa the main, boy, I crawled into the undergrowth and just slept. For hours, maybe days."

"Don't know who woke me...but they picked me up lad, and carried me for what seemed like ages. I finally fell 'sleep, and when I woke up, I was in the most beautiful bed! With servants who treated my like royalty! Best town I ever saw lad. Woulda stayed there, but I was just too restless, me boy. Don't hear about it much more, but I got news their looking for a commanding officer, now what was the name of th?...." The ale was taking its toll on the old man, he was drifting off.
"Wait!" Theodore shook him quickly. "Where?"
"Seek...you..must go to.." the man collapsed.
"What?" Theodore was now shouting. He had to find this place! A ticket to his fame! The few people in the bar looked up from their drinks, angrily.
For one last time before the poor man passed out, he opened his twinkling eyes, now a bit glazed.
"Ravenburg..O-...Old Forest Road...near..T..alabheim." And with that, he was completely drunk and asleep, a small smile etched on his face.

"Ravenburg," Theodore whispered excitedly to himself. As he got up to leave, he left the last of his coins on the table in front of the helpful stranger.
"Who is that man?" He asked the bartender as he turned to leave.
"No one knows, though 'e comes in 'ere often," he replied, then turned away.
Theodore left the tavern and slowly walked up the road in the pouring rain into the night, seeking the town of Ravenburg.

Part 2 coming soon!   :-D

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Artemis Krieger

"There is nothing that cannot be solved with cannons."

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The History of Ravenburg; Part 1
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Need. To. See. More!

Come with part 2! It's interesting and very well written!  :clap:
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The History of Ravenburg; Part 1
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Yes, very nice. Are all these nice fiction stories going into the library or whatever sometime or are they destinied to end their lives as forgotten discussion group threads?
EDIT: see Africa for more examples ...