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Has anyone used the victrix artillery models for their army? I would really like to know bout the scale of the guns before ordering and I can't even find an assembled picture of one. The best I found was:


--- Quote from: DariusZero on May 21, 2010, 05:21:27 PM ---Has anyone bought this miniature (- dragon lord)  yet? I wonder how big he really is?

The price is tempting thou...

--- End quote ---

It's more like the size of a really big pegasus or something, but still, not a bad model.

I'm thinking it'd be perfect for a high elf sun dragon, since the background says that they're younger and smaller.

Well my Black Tree "Warriors of Islam" turned up today and IMO - given the sale price - they are really good value .............

...... so as they are still on offer, I have ordered a few more.
I suppose if I forget about them then they will be a nice surprise when they turn up ......... in August.  :engel:

I notice Foundry had a 20% off offer over the UK Bank Holiday, running until Weds June 2nd - even at 20% I still find their stuff expensive though.

I also see GW are now Post Free for the future.  :icon_exclaim:

Well I'm still waiting for my second order from Black Tree - it was placed 3rd June - date of the above post.

One annoying thing I have discovered is that it took my money in english s on the site, and it has come through on my credit card bill exchanged into dollars to a Texas payment, and it has cost me another c.2.35

I think that is sneaky.

So we have them taking the money straightaway, when the website says when they dispatch.

They take your money in dollars and not GBP, and I cannot find where it tells you that on their site.

Go and complain at some official place (consumer institution etc.). That sounds like something they'd like to know.

Some retailers do stuff like that deliberately, because they don't expect people to make a fuss.


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