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Allright lads here is the EoW you may or may not have been waiting for from me. Most of this is basicly a continuation of my T&G fluff.

Year 2203: Dob van Dwi, former Captain of the Marienburg navy, and one time leader of the merc alliance known as The Creulan Leauge, became Speaker of Commerico, banishes the council and efectly becomes a fair, if extreamly harsh and miserly ruler. The tunnel city soon begain to see the peace it sought.

High Priest Cundlumar of Mrymidia dies in prison. Lord van Dwi and his people celibrate

Year 2204: As his first act on the throne in 2204 van Dwi reformed the Cliff Guard, the town guard of Commerico, in to a propper fighting force.
Sonn after van Dwi orders the founding of "The Knights of the White Cliff" a order of mercenary knights who not only served as guardians but also as frelancers in mercenary armys, with half their payment going to Commerico's treasery.

van Dwi apoints his five time cousin Otto van farsworth to be their leader in the latter part of 2204

Years 2205-2207: Over the three following 2204, van Dwi expanded the army forming it from rag tag mercenary bands, bandits and pirates looking to start over and others who simply wished to fight. It grew to shuch a vast size what was soon to be called the "Legion of Commerico" by her foes.

Year 2208: It was during this year that van Dwi's libral recruteing came back to haunt him.
Disgrunteled members of the Cliff Guard and the Legion begain to protest their poor wages of food and gold. Among the people of Commerico they quickly became known as the "Golden Bread Troop".

All this simmering hatered came to ahead in the latter part of 2208. The Exiled Council had made a stealthy return to Commerico and had begun to speard discontent among the people and the Cliff Guard. It was then that the "Five Days war" begain. Hundreds of pro council supporters stormed through the streets burning and looting the city for weapons and supplies.
At the head of the rebel forces was former Council member Giovani Cruso, a very experianced mercenary commander and statsmen who firey speached stirred up the people in to a frenzy for van Dwi and his loyalists blood, with new recrutes joining everyday many of them Legion and Guard.

It all came to a head on the last day of the rebellion. Hundreds of people and many Legion and Guard members, finaly tired of the poor wages and food and drink and tired of fighting their own people for van Dwi had left their posts to join the rebelion to join the fianal attack on van Dwi's forces at least hopeing that they would reseave mercy at the hands of their former foes for defectiong.

van Dwi, ever the pious man, had hold himself up in the temple of Manann in a last ditch effort to turn back the tide. With him, unsurprisingly were veterans of the Mercenary War and long time friends of van Dwi, the Priests of Manann, a number of loyalist militias, Loyalist Cliff guard and legion members. Each with undoubtubl loyalty to van Dwi.

Even though outnumbered van Dwi was, as ever, skillfull on the defence. Useing the side entrances to maxium advantages van Dwo posted his most heavyly armoured troops there, their armour and sheilds clogging up the entrances. While all this was happening van Dwi knowing full well he did not have any heavy troops left, formed a wall of pike and bow at the large front entrance, with crossbows on the upper levels. van Dwi himself and his fellow pious fellows, shuch as the priests and the rally militia formed the reserve.

Still with all this planning things looked grim. The rebles pounded their way in to the temple and the battle truley begain in ernist. van Dwi comitted the lasy of his forces, the reserves, in to battle. It is unknown how it happened, how the battle was won for van Dwi and his loyalists.
How the rebels came to a grinding halt, as van Dwi troops formed up around the alter of manann, their pure hatered getting the rebles to falter.
Some say it was grace of Manann pushing them onwards or that Cruso was killed in the battle and the rebles lost heart.

Whatever the case the rebels lost the battle and were quickly drivven from Commerico.

Years 2209-2210:After the rebellion van Dwi's personality saw a drastic change. He bacame ever more increasingly paraniod going so for to form a heavyly armoured, crossbow armed bodyguard called "The Speakers Guard" and begain to carry a short blade on him at all time wich he called "Heart Render

Years 2211-2212:The Speakers Guard's dutys extend to becomeing a Secret Pollice force.

Year 2213: With Emperor Joachim II's death, The van Dwi and Johannesson familys, despite being close kin, begain to work againts one aother with the former supporting Commerico and Merieanbug Empire and the latter Wissenland and the Sigmarite Empire

van Dwi promtly issues a decree that any Johanesson family member seen within or without Commerico are to be killed on sight.

van Dwi hires renowed Estalean con artist Raul de Soda as an spy and adviser.

Years 2214-2216: Uppon hearing of the Northern Leauge's demise, King Alfonso's blundder and the happenings in the Sigmarite and Middenland Empires van dwi deside it's time for action.

Dueing this tome van Dwi grows ever more paranoied, trusting no none. Not even himself.

The now heavly depleated Legion and the undercommanded Cliff Guard become one and renameing themselves the White Helms. Forming a "Standing Militia" for Commerico numbered at about 350 men.

Year 2217:With Death of Emperoress Duccia van Dwi plays his first card by slecting and putting up the now discharged units from the former Legion and Cliff Guard that didin't want to join the White helms up for hire in the Empires. Their fuction to serve as the arms, ayes and ears of Commerico abrod.

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Re: The City of Commerico and the Empire circa 2204-2217 (EoW fluff)
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This is my main char for EoW.

Edgar Johannesson: A bastard son of Lord Gunther Johannesson, he was once one of Wissenland's greatest riders, Edgar's path to greatness ended but one month of erning his Knightly spurs and joining the Knight's Panther.
During a simple parade drill in Altdorf, edgar's horse, Wilfred, spooked and slipped and came crashing down on Edgar's right leg crushing it.
In great pain Edgar's ordeal was just begining.
Wilfred pulled himself to his hooves and bolted. Edgar, his right foot still stuck in the saddle, was draged for about fifty feet, doing even more dammage to his broken right leg.

By the time the horse had been stooped the dammage had been done. Makeing a quick trip to the Johannesson family town house in Nuln Edgar was quickly seen too by his father's docters. Despite haveing skills only befetting a lord's houshold the, docters tried and failed to help. In a fit of anger Lord Gunther cast out his docters and called for the Priestesses of Shallya. They too did their best and though they healed the wound they said that Edgar would be forever wracked by pain and would never ride again.

Upon hearing of this Edgar drank and drank and drank untill two years ago. Only returning from the seedy taverns of Nuln and Wissenburg's back allys upon hearing of His father's death. Since then Edgar has become head of the family and suplamented the family be becomeing a well known timber merchant.
Now with the Emperoress dead Edgar has saddled up, so tp speak, himself upwith the task of poloticing and scrathing out new deals for the family and if it comes down to it, fighting for the Sigmarite Empire.

Char scratched. Rewriteing.
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I choose too keep "Old Warhammer" alive with my blood sweat and tears.

It's bad that warhammer might die but it would be a tragedy if it stays dead!