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Daemon Players: gather for SoC
« on: June 09, 2004, 05:00:12 PM »
- The Daemonic Legion –
The Daemonic Legion is a newly created forum for Daemon Players, since the release of the Daemonic Legion army list we need to gather and prepare for the incomming Storm of Chaos.

So support Be´lakor and the Daemonic Legion and join the Legion. The Legion need you join!

The Daemonic_Legion!

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To the Moderating team of this site: I apologize if I do not have permission to "advertize" in this discussion. And if I am allowed to share knowledge here then I thank you for letting me gather Daemon Players for SoC!


We are a very old race, some of us are elder then the Old Ones. We are but spirits or thoughs when we`re in the Realm of Chaos but when we enter the Mortal Realm we can take a pysical aspect if there`s power enough. Since we in our physical aspect is made of the raw power, called magic by the mortal races. Well anyway that`s why we are so resilent against mundane weapons, since we`re made of magic mortals can hurt us but a little. But magic and magic weapons can do us great harm. Always when the Winds of Magic grows stronger our Daemonic defences grow stronger as well, so if the winds have grown particulary strong not even magic will do much harm to us. We`re a race of immortals, even if you destroy our bodies our spirits will linger on and they will come back when they`ve got power enough. It`s our destiny to rule the mortal world, the weak mortal races don`t stand a chance against the united superior race of Daemons. But since the accursed day when the foolsih cattles of the Old Ones, the so-called Slanns and High Elven Archmages, thirteen bound the raw power of magic within a vortex far in the north. We haven`t been able to mantain in our physical aspects to far away form the Chaos Wastes since that accursed day, only when the winds grow stronger can we march towards the mortal lands, with hatred glowing in our eys as ember in a dying fire. Mighty Sorcerors of the northern chaso-worshipping tribes of men are sometimes able to summon forth energy enough so that we can obtain a physical aspect further south in the mortal realm, but then we have to be under the command of a foolsih mortal. And that`s not what we want, we were not meant to be slaves and servants of mortal sorcerors, we were meant rule over them. Now when the winds have begun blowing stronger and a strom of Chaos is approaching we shall march once more as an army of our own, united under one banner. The Banner of Be`lakor. The foolsih mortal civilizations will fall beneath our ´burning standards of hell. The righteous shall fall before the whicked and all shall be ours to command. We will feed upon the soul of the foolsih Archaon and our time has come.

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Daemon Players: gather for SoC
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2004, 05:34:20 PM »
May I ask you if your against the empire or against Archaon? Or maybe both.

If your against the empire I believe this is the wrong forum to post about other armies, especially our enemy armies.  :x

We should get Teclis and some Slanns to make a magical cannon ball that will never miss and kill the soul of the Demon it hits.  :twisted:

Or we can just start our quest for Mount Doom and get something that's bound to Be'lakor's soul.  :lol:
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Daemon Players: gather for SoC
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I say burn him  :dry:  :winky:

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Daemon Players: gather for SoC
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*calls for the Witch Hunters*