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  Raklym slowly unsheathed his sword and made a silent gesture to his private guards.  With replying nods they all gripped weapons and unsheathed them almost simultaneously.  Although Raklym didn't like to admit it, they were lost.  The road they were travelling upon had quickly lead them into a group of gnarled trees, which were not even on the map. 

  The map...

  Just the thought of it made him crumble it up and throw it to the side with a snarl.  Damned thing wasn't helpful at all and the countryside itself seemed to change with each mile.  And the fact that he was in Stirland seemed to make it so much worst.  The bastard, hick place.  In all of the Sigmar-forsaken Empire, Stirland was absolutely the last upon his list. 

  "Lord?"  One of the guards from behind asked. 

  "Yes?"  Rakym snarled.

  "Uhm...why do we have our weapons out?"  He asked awkwardly. 

  Rakym smiled, it was the Stirlander.  Right now, Rumfeld, was the only Stirlander amongst them.  With that he was also probably the most idiotic and untested warrior in the Empire.  There were soft chuckles of laughter from the veterans and muttered curses from the Order Guard. 

  "Because, you insolent worm.  We must be prepared at all times in this hole of feces you call a province!"  Rakym yelled, turning around in his saddle to face the dumb-struck Stirlander. 

  The plump, red-faced giant that was Rumfeld cowered under the onslaught of the Wizard.  Many more curses were uttered from the Order Guards.  However, they were quickly drowned out by the sheer laughter of the veterans.  Rumfeld stared into the hardened face of the wizard, muttering a prayer under his breath.  Satisfied, Rakym turned around to resume his trod down the road...and into the forest. 

  "Are you sure we are going the right way, Lord?"  Another voice asked from behind. 

  Rakym spun around again, hoping to crack his fist up against the annoyance's skull.  He halted dead.  It was one of his Order Guards.  The Colleges of Magic were not only home to Wizards, they dually housed the Order Guard.  A group of dedicated servants signed solely to the protection and well being of the Order they served.  Regardless of this, these men were not his own.  The ornate gold armour they were marked them as warriors of the Golden Order. 

  "No, Captain.  I am not,"  Rakym muttered with forced politeness. 

  Although it had not been said, he knew they were his overseers.  Sent to guide a wizard that was not there own.  Such a thing was unheard of in the Colleges.  And if it was heard of, it was a very rare and shaming thing. 

  "Perhaps we should check the map again?"  The Captain, Veltin, replied.  His voice muffled behind the golden war-mask those of his order commonly wore. 

  "With all due respect, Captain.  The map isn't worth a bag of bones,"  One of the veterans chimed in. 

  Rakym tried not to grin.  The loyalty of the mercenaries was unnerving.  With only four days of travel between them they had already greatly taken to the Wizard.  Which played to his advantage, as they greatly outnumbered the few Order Guards amongst them. 

  "I see.  Well...we have a guide amongst us.  Shouldn't we be using him?"  Captain Veltin asked, undoubtedly smiling under his emotionless warmask. 

  "Yeah.  I know countryside very good,"  Rumfeld said, desperate to gain respect amongst the hallowed warriors surrounding him. 

  "Very well.  Take the lead with Rumfeld, Veltin,"  Rakym ordered viciously. 

  "I cannot.  I have been sworn to protect Wizards,"  Veltin replied staunchly. 

  "Wizards from your OWN order,"  Rakym corrected. 

  "I make know exceptions in duty, lord"  Veltin argued. 

  "Just admit it,"  Rakym snapped coldly, turning his sword to point at the towering Veltin. 

  "This is madness!"  Veltin argued, gripping his over-sized mace even tighter. 
  The whispering fell quiet amongst the veterans.  And the Order Guard circled in around Rakym threateningly.  Rumfeld fell silent into the shadows.  Unaware of what he should or shouldn't do. 

  "The madness is you watching like a prison jailer!"  Rakym growled. 

  "Lord, I swear we were sent in the best interests of the College to protect you,"  Veltin shouted hurriedly.

  "Damn the College.  Damn you.  And damn your Golden Order!"  Rakym yelled boldly. 

  Veltin kicked his hard and sent it charging towards the enraged wizard.  With his honor besmirched he raised the mace as high as he could.  His golden armour gleamed menacingly in the shining light.  There were a dozen howls between the veterans and Order Guard as they each took up there own weapons.  The veterans falling in with Rakym and the Order Guard devoutly following Veltin.  Before the two forces met, Veltin, horse and all fell to the ground without even a sound.  Blood sprayed the oncoming forces of veterans and Order Guard, forcing them both to a halt. 

  But, it was far to late.  A dozen unseen ambushers leapt from the shadows and trees around them.  Rakym turned his horse as fast as possible, but they were trapped.  No matter how heavily armed they were cavalry without a place to manouvre were automatically dead.  The Order Guard were first to go pulled from there saddles and ripped to shreds.  There golden, majestic armour was stained with dark crimson as the blood flowed.  The veterans, having seen dozens of campaigns all across the Old World, put up a more heated resistance.  Pistols, cross-bows, and even the occassional blunder-buss were fired at the enroaching horde.  At such close range dozens were killed, but the horrid enemy would not be discouraged.  With blades in hand the veterans were torn limb from limb showering each other with there bloody entrails.

  Rakym was hit with such force from one of the ambushers it took him minutes to realize he was off his horse and sprawled across the ground.  He tried to mutter a spell or grab his weapon.  Neither came to him.  With the blackness enroaching all around he flopped back onto the cold ground, lifeless.