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Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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My T&G stuff (so far) collected up in one. BTW - the turns haven't started yet! What is happening to me?

Gabriele Condlumar, General Villeteschi & the Compagnia del Sole

The Myrmidian Quarter in Trantio

In this part of Trantio the church of Myrmidia has temporal as well as spiritual power, for the entire district is owned and ruled by churchmen. They collect taxes and tithes (utilising a very complicated system riddled with combinations, exceptions and other factors that requires a staff of scriptors and lawyers to interpret, monitor and untangle) and provide what public services there are - mostly military costs and a small handful of charitable institutions (a hospital and a workhouse). The grandest fortified palace of this district is that of the High Priest Gabriele Condlumar, the supreme authority over the church of Myrmidia in Trantio.

High Battle Priest of the Church of Myrmidia Gabriele Condlumar  (Wizard Lord)

To the outside world Condlumar presents a dignified demeanour, but in truth he can be a hot-head as he is filled with great hatred towards the Trantio's enemies or the church of Myrmidia. Such enemies might even include any nobles and officers of his own city state who he considers traitors or fools. He is descended from a line of High Priests who have grown in secular power, able to field small armies of their own and with estates sufficient to pay for mercenaries when necessary. He is a learned man, and a patron of the arts as well as scholars. He also looks to the care of the poor, seeing the defence of his realm and its people as the religious duty of the powerful, able and rich towards those in their care.

Grey bearded and quite advanced in age, he is nevertheless a fairly vigorous man, with a health bolstered by driving ambition. Whilst in Trantio he wears the decorated robes of a High Priest of Myrmidia to go about his ceremonial duties, but whenever he takes to the field (and as a priest of Myrmidia he is expected to) he rides a barded horse and carries a mace as have many a priest of Myrmidia in the past. The padded jerkin he wears for campaigns does not interfere with his magical conjurations, though nor does it provide much physical protection, apart from inclement weather. He has in his possession a finger bone of Castriccio della Scara, an ancient Tilean hero who according to legend faced an army of shimmering, magical demons and personally struck down fifty before perishing himself. This can provide added protection in the form of increasing his ability to dispel the enemy’s magic. He hopes (soon) to retrieve the rest of della Scara’s corpse and inter it in the temple to provide what he believes will be a holy blessing for Trantio.

Condlumar is the power and money behind General Villeteschi’s Compagnia del Sole, with authority over it. The general is happy to serve the High Priest, for he sees himself as a soldier first and a Tilean second, and the two mesh together very well when serving a representative of the holy church of Myrmidia. Condlumar’s estate and church revenues, as well as the income generated by successful campaigns, have so far provided sufficient funds to keep Villeteschi satisfied. More than this, Condlumar believes he has skill in intrigue and espionage, bringing other tools to the table when it comes to war. By covert means he has secretly hired an army of greenskin raiders (Guldag’s Waagh!) and by subtle enticements he has added a level of control over them that is rarely achieved, working through a powerful and cunning goblin lieutenant of the warlord Guldag. Condlumar intends to employ this greenskin force to soften up foes before the Compagnia attacks, as well as to disrupt enemy supplies, to harry or distract their forces, as well as to sow despair into the hearts of his enemy’s subjects.

Condottiere Lord General Giovanni Villeteschi   (Lord)

A Tilean by birth (from Pavona), of minor noble family stock (with brothers and cousins in the church of Myrmidia), Villeteschi  has served as a soldier throughout his life and risen assuredly through the ranks. He has such a frightening reputation for stern discipline, and ferocious bravery that few dare to contradict him - his soldiers would obey no-one else, and his past masters have occasionally been somewhat afraid to command him. He now commands the Mercenary army known as the Compagnia del Sole. For many years he was merely a captain, but he has proven himself in battle as a leader of men and when a commander was needed he was the natural successor.

The Compagnia del Sole’s emblem is a white baton topped with the rays of the rising sun, an old symbol of Myrmidia.

(Notes: Myrmidia is more commonly represented by a golden eagle or a spear, and in fact the baton and golden sun in the Compagnia’s emblem is a version of the same imagery - the white command baton being the badge of a field marshal rather a soldier’s spear and the golden rays being the sun’s light over the field of battle rather than the spreading wings of a giant eagle. The baton is an old Reman badge of office, showing the right of a commander with an authority that none could challenge.)

For four months now Villeteschi and his legion have served the High Priest Condlumar, preparing themselves for the likelihood of war. Much recruiting and training has been done, but the core of the army is still made up of the veteran condottieri of Myrmidia’s Legion: pike, crossbow, light horsemen, heavy cavalry and a large company of longbow archers. Added to this strength, recruited by Condlumar and placed under Villeteschi’s command, are Estalian handgunners and Arabyan light horse, as well as the high priest’s own retinue soldiers: several regiment of Men at Arms and a chapter of the Myrmidian Order of the Knights of the Blazing Sun (known as the ‘Dogs of War’).

Villeteschi carries a magical blade that has been in his family for some time (with occasional losses in battle and subsequent retrievals by various means). It imbues him with bloodthirsty ferocity in battle. His shield was been gifted by Condlumar for this campaign, and carries the protective blessing of Myrmidia. He often fights on foot, in the front rank of his pikemen, but occasionally (as he used to do often) joins a knightly unit. Coincidentally he has been made an honourable member of the Order of the Blazing Sun and as such would be welcomed in their ranks should he so wish.

Captain Frederico Matallesta
Second in command of the Compagnia del Sole

A loyal friend to Villeteschi, Frederico has a reputation as a stern warrior in battle. He once ordered the murder of every citizen in a town that stubbornly refused to surrender and had thus (in his opinion) put the company to far too much trouble in the taking of the place. The order wasn’t completely carried out (some women, aged folk and children were spared by the more decent soldiers) but the order is remembered with fear. As such few places have subsequently thought to deny his offer of surrender if their situation is in any way tenuous.

Condotta Captain Niccolò Forteguerra   
Compagnia del Sole army standard bearer

A young soldier of very good repute, who spurns gambling and womanising and seems to embody the ideals of a godly soldier: a truly disciplined warrior of Myrmidia. His skill in teaching battlefield drill is renowned, and he has played an important role in improving the discipline of the Compagnia in the field.

Brother-Captain Francesco Adentalo
Commands the ‘Dogs of War’ chapter of Knights of the Blazing Sun (Templars of Myrmidia)

Francesco has only just become the brother-captain, after the previous commander finally succumbed to the gangrenous wounds suffered in as minor skirmish several weeks ago when brigands foolishly raided lands under the chapter’s protection. Being the most veteran warrior in the chapter, Francesco was chosen for his years of service rather than any particular command qualities, yet since he took command the knights have found his steadfast nature to be inspirational.

Captain Giacomo Pigitliano
Commander of High Priest Condlumar’s retinue of Men at Arms 

Well known throughout Trantio for his easygoing nature. His soldiers love him as a commander - he drinks and carouses amongst them with flair. His fleur-de-lys helmet crest and large warhammer make him instantly recognisable. He is often seen at Condlumar’s side during public events, perhaps as much a bodyguard as an officer.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The Army Parades

As much as to prove the army’s fighting strength to their employer, Condlumar, as to impress the populace, the Compagnia del Sole and attached units parade through the Trantio Myrmidian Quarter. Here they pass the Hall of Heroes where Condlumar and several officers have gathered. [Author’s note - I stupidly took these parade photos before re-basing many figures to make them all match.]

First to ride by, taking pride of place in the parade, are the ‘Dogs of War’ chapter of the Myrmidian  Knights of the Blazing Sun …

Several sport the dog-skins of their chapter and some (in the spirit of common cause) have recently added the same shield emblem of Myrmidia as the Compagnia del sole.

These are followed by the recently recruited heavy cavalry from the wild lands of the Border Princes - the sons of newly settled feudal lords, or even nobles who have been forced out of their lands by overwhelming enemy forces…

Such mercenary knights are a way of life in the Border Princes and Tilea. They might have the trappings and appearance of Bretonnians, but they don’t have the ‘nobility’ (i.e. closed minded attitude).

Behind these two units of heavy horse ride a very different kind of horse soldiers - light horse archers from the realm of Araby. These have served in Tilea for several years now, and in fact include a good number of Tileans who have adopted the dress of their southern comrades in a spirit of community!

Next march the solid core of the Compagnia, the massive cohort of pikemen, with the Myrmidian sun-crested baton banner at their head. These are veterans of many a campaign, even though they are made of a hotch potch of many different units mustered together, including the battered fragments of units mauled in battle. What should have broken these men, however, has made them harder. They are keen for war, and glory, and especially loot!

Behind march a body of men who are not actually a part of the Compagnia, even though they are joined with them to form this army - Condlumar’s halberd wielding, full plate armoured Men at Arms, bearing the flag of the Myrmidian quarter (a weird amalgamation of several older designs from past conflicts).

A large company of mounted crossbowmen follow the men at arms, each man bearing the Compagnia’s badge emblazoned on the rear of their surcoat.

And finally the massive horde of Longbowmen, scoundrels all, march at the rear - outcasts from Bretonnian lands. Some peasants turned brigands turned mercenaries (is there any difference between the latter two?). Others the survivors of old crusades into southern lands, abandoned in Tilea by their knightly masters when there was insufficient room in the boats home!

Watching the parade are even more soldiers, having marched down from their garrison duties on the walls and towers. Here you see the two companies of pavaise carrying crossbowmen, though here they have not yet painted the Compagnia’s symbols on their pavaises (the pots of paint are currently sitting in their barracks awaiting use this very night).

And also watching is a body of Estalian handgunners, hard men indeed considering how much Tileans seem to hate their kind. Still, they are willing to put up with a bit of verbal abuse for a regular wage - and as garrison soldiers they have indeed been receiving pay on a satisfyingly weekly basis.

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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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A meeting of minds

“And your own lodgings, General, they are to your satisfaction?”

“Yes, your grace,” answered Villeteschi, beginning to warm to this priest if only for the fact that he did not waste words, going about the matter at hand in a very business like manner. This was something the general had always respected in a man.

“Then we should discuss immediately the matters of supplies, patrols and sentinels,” said Condlumar. “As well as how your men should conduct themselves.”

The two men began their work, and the more Condlumar spoke the more Villeteschi’s insight was confirmed. The priest conducted the conversation as if military matters were an exact science in which set procedures ought to be followed and specific issues addressed in order of regulated priority. The parchments, vellums and tomes on the high priest’s table added to the proof. Then again, what should one expect from a priest of Myrmidia? Maybe, thought the general, not all clergymen were as corrupt and venal, wealthy and lazy as he had previously believed?

The Myrmidian quarter of Tranti had not exactly been peaceful for some time. Gangs of brigosi had long ruled the streets, wild youths with blades who spent their time in acts of rivalry and petty vengeance, caught up in perpetual shouted arguments and bloody brawls, and very willing to engage in theft from citizens when opportunities presented. Condlumar had long yearned to put a stop to their activities, but his own men at arms had had more important things to do - his fortified palace to guard, his family and fief to protect, their feudal duties in the service of the Prince of Trantio. Now, however, the time of the brigosi seemed to have truly passed, for there was a new armed presence in and around the quarter, of a strength and skill that the brigosi could not hope to contend with - the Compagnia del Sole.

Condottiere Lord General Giovanni Villeteschi was entirely happy to quarter his men in the inns, taverns and domestic houses of the quarter. He thought they deserved a chance to recuperate and gather their strength in more civilised lodgings than the earthen huts and canvass tents they had so often found themselves camped in. His men were just as bloodthirsty as the brigosi, if not moreso, but they were disciplined, and much less liable to fight amongst themselves. Also, while they were paid and fed, they were happy to wait for the opportunity to take legitimate loot arose, and chose not to risk the wrath of the provost. They were quite willing, however, to put the brawling mob in its place, to quieten drunken louts and to show bragging youths what real martial skills are.

And so a new rule now held the streets and alleys of the Myrmidian Quarter under its sway, a martial law. Some brigosi even accepted the change and enlisted for the Compagnia or the Myrmidian Church’s men at arms, but most just seemed to slink away. Some folk immediately began to wonder whether the brigosi were just lying low and would burst forth again as soon as the Compagnia left.

Once the matter of fact concerns such as garrison duties, fodder for horses, supplies of shot and powder, etc, were out of the way, Condlumar paused. Better a pause, thought Villeteschi, than a stream of babbling niceties. Something about the priest’s demeanour, however, revealed he was concerned about something. Finally he spoke.

“General, there is the matter of the nature of rest of the Legion. I know you have none amongst your own ranks, and so they are not lodged within the Myrmidian Quarter, but the lands around swarm with them: the crusading Sigmarites Count Bolle and Rawlon Falken, Novskian Kislevites - I have even heard rumours of Ogres with little greenskin masters, a strangle little lord called Vine has come to my attention! Can such as these really be trusted? Will they not be the cause of more ruin than an invading army, never mind youthful brigosi? Speak plain in your answer.”

In light of the rumours he had heard of Myrmidian church dealings with greenskin forces, as well as tales of the Trantian Red Warden and his subterranean undead army, this outburst came as a surprise to general Villeteschi. Nevertheless he shook his head and set about reassuring the priest.

“Do not trouble yourself, your grace, for the Compagnia del Sole has served with these allies for many months now. They don’t merely fight well enough - they fight well. General Voyovnik is a brave warrior, and an honourable one. And Lord Falken is keen for battle against all wickedness. He might be a stern Sigmarite, but I am sure he does not see wickedness in the other lawful gods, or those that worship them. Even Sigmar himself, when a mortal man, was a follower of the gods.”

Condlumar smiled for the first time in Villeteschi’s presence. “I am reassured, general, by your knowledge of these warriors. All Myrmidians know that there is a place in war for every kind of warrior, each have their uses, their own specialty. I am sure that if they perform well in the field of battle, then they will come to be respected by friend and foe alike.”

Ah, thought Villeteschi, then there might well be some truth to the rumours. He made sure not to smile at the revelation.

"Now, general, let us discuss the matter of Castriccio’s bones and how we might obtain them..."
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The inn of Biscione

Out on the street before the inn we see some drunken youths staggering to their feet as a captain addresses a sergeant and two soldiers of Condlumar’s men at arms.

Inside the inn

Captain Frederico Matallesta’s tongue was loosening as a consequence of the quantity of wine he had imbibed. Niccolò was surprised to discover that he was a talkative drunk, even a storyteller. This was not a behaviour one who had only ever met Matallesta sober would expect of him. The stories he now told, however, were neither fairy tales nor bawdy tales but replete with the brutality of war.

Now he drank a very deep draught of the sweet red, wiped his hand across his bearded chin and grinned. “Let me tell you another story,” he announced. “It’s a lesson, this one, about how folk treat soldiers when they are given a chance.”

Captain Niccolò Forteguerra, the Compagnia's army standard bearer, fixed his gaze on Matallesta and prepared himself for another blood and guts tale of brutality.

“There was once a soldier, a Condottieri of renown. He was a good commander and a successful one. He could outwit a foe that outnumbered him two to one, and could lose a battle to win a war if needs be. But mostly he just won them, and his men loved him for it, as one might expect, for they had wealth enough to satisfy even the greediest amongst them. He was the best Condottieri of his time, maybe of all time. Like all Condottieri, however, he fought often not for himself but for a paymaster…”

Niccolo raised his hand to signal his need to speak. “What was the name of this Condottieri? Surely I know of him?”

“Oh yes, young captain, the fellow is well known. I’d say revered. But you shall hear the story before I speak his name. This Condottieri is contracted by a rich town to defend them against rapacious and bloodthirsty foreigners, and he does so without delay. So all the citizens of the town, the best amongst them anyway that thought themselves of gentle birth or wealthy enough to wield a say in affairs, they gets together and decides that they must reward this man. There’s only one problem - every reward that they can think of, even the gift of the Lordship of their town, seems entirely insufficient thanks for the work done by the Condottieri. They cannot thank him enough. They cannot pay him enough. So what do they do? They say let us kill him, inter his remains in our most splendid temple and worship him as our patron saint. Thus we will have his spiritual protection for ages to come, and shall not have to embarrass ourselves by paying him too little. And this is what they did!”

Niccolò frowned, then saw that Matallesta was waiting for his opinion on the tale. “Aye, that’s a lesson, I’ll grant you. Don’t trust the natives, they have funny ways. But who was the Condottieri?”

“He was the hero Castriccio della Scara."

The young captain looked surprised, so Matallesta went on: "I know most will tell you his death was caused by wounds received in battle. But this is the truth - those wounds came from the surgeons sent by the townsfolk to dress what was nothing more than a cut and a scrape. Surgeons made into assassins.”

“Sad story, that,” said Niccolò. “Yet I see you have a purpose, for it’s Castriccio’s bones that our patron Condlumar wishes us to retrieve, to gain holy protection for Trantio. Are you saying that there is no power in the bones? That we will be upon a fool’s errand risking battle for a holy relic of no worth? That Castriccio’s spirit is a vengeful one and not a protective one?”

Matallesta laughed. “Of that, young captain, I have no doubt. Vengeful indeed, and restless in death - though not quite as much as The Duke of Mordini or the Red Warden..."

Several patrons nearby fell quiet and turned to stare at the pair. Matallesta grinned and shouted at them, "They're only soldiers like us. Difference is they happen to be on the other side of the divide. They fall as quickly as any foe when a blade is thrust through them."

The watchers looked away again, returning to their own conversations. Matallesta also went back to the topic at hand. "But lad, you've missed my point entirely. Think on it. A fine young soldier such as yourself, brave and fearless, might make a better spiritual guardian for Trantio than a bitter old saint like Castriccio.”

Niccolo shook his head as Matallesta continued. “All I’m saying is watch your back, even in victory. You don't know what the people might do. The folk of Trantio might not kill us and make us saints, but they could decide upon some other way to avoid payment.” He stared into the empty goblet before him, ending with a mutter. “That’s all I’m saying.”
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The Hunt (Conversations with Generals)

The huntsmen left the city of Trantio just before dawn, the iron-bound gates closing swiftly behind them. The keeper was in a hurry as by law the gates should never be opened until full daylight, but his Grace the High Priest Condlumar had paid him well to make an exception this morning.

Of course Condlumar was not attired in his ecclesiastical robes. As was appropriate for a hunt he wore an arming doublet. He also carried a shield (a tradition of the Myrmidian priests), a battle mace, and rode upon a barded steed emblazoned with the Myrmidian badge of the Compagnia del Sole. As was appropriate for a man of his office, his personal standard-bearer rode by his side encased in full plate armour (a knight of the Dogs of War chapter of the Blazing Sun Order), while for more practical reasons his squire followed carrying Condlumar’s hunting bow upon his shoulder. The next rider was the high priests official bodyguard, a champion of the Dogs of War chapter, his sword drawn (being the custom when exiting a gate and emerging onto the road beyond).

Perhaps one might consider this unusual company for a hunting party?  Yet behind the riders came a band of hunstmen, armed with bows and crossbows. Here surely was certain proof of the company’s business? There two riders at the back, however, one might not expect upon such an expedition - being two mercenary battle wizards of some experience, as white haired as the high priest, and nobly mounted.

This particular ‘hunt’ would last the full length of the day, for Condlumar was to circumnavigate the the city at some distance from its walls. In truth, despite appearances, he was not looking for prey. Quite the opposite, in fact - one might say he was looking for predators. He intended to visit several mercenary camps and speak with a number of generals of the Vermillion Legion. The huntsmen were there to keep an eye out for trouble, the standard bearer to reveal his identity to his fellow warriors.

The first camp they visited was that of Count Bolle’s company. Bolle was a mercenary general from the north who apparently clung to the Old Faith - perhaps this was the reason he was now so far from home? He had camped his army by a village and its manor, both of which also housed soldiers if the banners flying hither and thither were anything to go by. The first works the party encountered was a guarded gateway of stone-fashioned bastions mounting impressive pieces of artillery. There a captain and a drummer came striding out to meet with them …

Condlumar spoke: “Good day to thee, fellow soldiers of the Legion. Your lord general and I must speak. If you would take me to him I would be thankful.”

The two men took him to the manor house, and there he was well received and spoke in confidence with Count Bolle for nigh upon an hour. As far as the soldiers nearby could see, the two men embraced like brothers in arms and parted as friends.

(For more on Count Bolle's army, see http://treacheryandgreed.com/forum/index.php?topic=84.0)

The Legion’s Sigmarites of note - General Casper and Rawlon Falken - were camped a little further afield, perhaps too far for a day’s hunt. Or perhaps Lord Condlumar had no need to speak with them?

Nevertheless they did apparently still have much distance to cover and began a three hour ride of a kind which made Condlumar’s men wonder whether he really knew where he was going. The trek involved meandering through the hilly region to the north of the city, with Condlumar stopping several times to scan the horizon. Finally, he raised his hand to halt the rest of the company, and as they turned to see what he had noticed a band of riders appeared. Each one wore an upright wing of feathers that emitted an eerie sound as they galloped in a somewhat circling manner down the slope towards the hunting party.

Once they were within hailng distance, Condlumar shouted, his voice eager and lively as if there was no time to waste.

“Well met, friends from the far north. I am Condlumar of Trantio. Take me to Lord Vovovnik. I wish to speak with him.”

(For more on Kossar's army, see http://treacheryandgreed.com/forum/index.php?topic=58.0)

The next stop on this eventful ride was to the west of the city, just as the sky was growing dark. It was of a kind that the High Priest’s companions could not have foreseen. Condlumar halted suddenly, took a horn that until now none had noticed hanging beneath his barding, and gave vent to a strange flurry of notes. Suddenly the trees nearby shook as three huge, grey monstrous men appeared, the foremost of which clutched a banner mounting a giant beast’s skull. The huntsmen flinched then hurriedly prepared their bows, while the two knights closed their visors and drew their swords. But Condlumar did not move, nor did he look at the ogres. It was this that made his companions reconsider the situation, which was when they noticed the ogres seemed to be in a daze, two of the three were even drooling, as if simple or addled by some potent drink.

Then just as unexpectedly someone else emerged from the trees: a goblin, very small of stature, wearing an oversized, horned helmet. Several other similar creatures came close behind him.

These two surprises seemed small in comparison to what happened next. His Grace, Lord Condlumar, bowed his head to the little greenskin and spoke, “Well met, servant of Vine. I would speak with thy master, for I am upon the Legion’s business.”

Only the two knights were permitted to go with the high priest, and all three on foot, as for half of an hour they went about the secret business of meeting with perhaps the most unusual servant of the Legion. Both knights were sworn to secrecy concerning what they had seen, though they had not actually heard what words passed between their lord and the unexpected master of an ogre army. Being honourable men the knights would no doubt hold their tongues - though both realised now why the other members of the party were not allowed to come along. Who could trust commoners to remain silent?

(For Lord Vine's army see http://treacheryandgreed.com/forum/index.php?topic=80.0)

There were to be even more surprises on the way home for the hunting party (if not for Condlumar). Big surprises indeed!

Upon a cloudless night they returned, Mannslieb’s glow lighting the way. Having ridden almost all the way around the city (if at some distance) they were now approaching its southern districts, drawing close to the ancient necropolis which formed the entrance to the city’s underground crypts. Most would fear to tread there upon even a moonlit night, yet Condlumar seemed heedless of the danger and rode much closer to the ruined cluster of mausoleums and tombs than was necessary. There was a perfectly good route a little further eastwards, upon the far side of a hill that would hide the shadowy ruins from fearful eyes.

Slowly it dawned on the Huntsmen that Condlumar’s choice of path was not due to carelessness or even fearlessness - he was deliberately approaching the necropolis gateway to the crypts!

Once the crumbling masonry hove into full view, the entire party halted. Apart, that is, from Condlumar, who rode on alone. Movement was first heard then seen amongst the ruins, as dreadful banners were raised by long dead arms and the shambling, armoured forms of undead soldiers began to emerge into the suddenly awful moonlight.

Condlumar halted. “I, Condlumar, priestly servant to Myrmidia, greet thee Night Warden, general of the restless army of Trantio's night. I humbly ask that I might speak with thee, for there is war brewing and I have need of your advice.”

The huntsmen heard no reply, for it was delivered in a croaking whisper that seemed to come from inside Condlumar’s own head: “Come forward. Sspeak your wordsss.”

With his back to the hunting party, Condlumar knew that none would have seen how his eyes widened and the colour drained from his face. After a deep breath to steady himself, he began to dismount, unable to take his eyes from the blackness of the Night Warden’s eyeless sockets.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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His Royal Highness Piero Condlumar, the Prince of Trantio

Piero was trying not to fidget, but the golden crown sat uncomfortably upon his head, and one of the jewels, set too low for practicality, dug sharply into his skin. He had not slept a wink the previous night, his mind racing with the prospect of today’s coronation. Yet now the long ceremony was over and the still his nerves had not left him. He knew why - he was still yet to meet his father, the High Priest of Myrmida, for the necessary church’s blessing to complete his transformation into a royal prince.

His father: the real power in Trantio, not just Myrmidia’s representative in this realm; the employer of the Compagnia del Sole and thus de facto military ruler; chairman of the council of the Myrmidian Legion, and thus in league with an array of warriors either foreign, monstrous, dangerous or a combination of all three; a wizard of might who could conjure death in a hundred ways with mere spoken words and a gesture of his hands. His father - the man who had got the crown for him.

For Piero was a mere nipoti, whose office was a gift given him by his father, and who was now expected to play his part correctly, or suffer he knew not what consequences.

The Hall of Heroes sported the Prince of Trantio’s giant Royal Standard - a huge, decorated ‘T’ with the Myrmidian sun buried in its midst and a Royal Crown at its head. Piero had arrived with his polearm wielding palace guardsmen, his wife (and first cousin) Giulia, the mayor, his abbreviator and his younger brother Pilocomini. His father, as ever, had a military escort, his own men at arms, and an officer and standard bearer from the Compagnia.

It was the custom that Piero speak first. He had already begun reciting the words once, as soon as his father hove into view, but had stopped when he realised he ought to wait until the High Priest was close enough to hear him.

He started over. “High Priest of Myrmidia, protector of Trantio, well met! I, Piero Condlumar, hereby humbly ask for your blessing that I may … that I may …”

Take on the mantle of Prince of Trantio, boy,” his father said. “Speak loud, speak clear, and for the gods' sake, remember your words!”

“Yes father,” said Perio, then cleared his throat. “That I may take the Prince’s mantle in Trantio.”

Gabriele Condlumar laughed. “Close enough, son! Now my part, eh? Provided you serve the state of Trantio, its nobility and people, bettering their lot and protecting what they have, by military skill and politicial cunning, I give you my blessing.”

“I will, father,” he said, his voice somehow revealing a sense of ‘If you help me’ too.

In his right hand Piero clutched the sceptre and in his left the orb. An ermine lined cloak fell to the ground from his neck. Every part of him looked to be a prince Except that is for his face. There, an almost childish expression could be found, his head bowed just a little before his father as his eyes looked pleadingly at him. Just the way a prince ought not to look.

The high priest seemed not to notice. “Now, let’s feast in the hall, and I can tell you everything you need to do. I’m glad you brought your abbreviator, for it is best he write it down - lest you forget.”

Thus begins the glorious rule of the new Prince of Trantio.

‘The gods save our prince!’
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The day after the hunt

There was to be little rest for the High Priest Gabriele Condlumar, for had as yet only met a handful of the Legion’s many commanders. He knew full well he must speak soon with more of them, before the marching and fighting began, for then it he would have his duty of command over the Compagnia del Sole and could not go chasing off all the time after other companies to have words with their generals.

So once again in the morning he left his fortified palace, this time accompanied by the captain of his men at arms, Giacomo Pigitliano, and made his way beyond the city gates. He was on foot, however, this time, for he had not far to go. In the faint light of dawn he arrived at the supposedly abandoned ruins of the southern quarter. The wall no longer encompassed these ruins, and although many of the hovels had been cleared away so as to provide a killing field in front of the city defences, there were still some tumble-down dwellings a little distance away.

In truth the ruins were no longer empty - temporary roofs had been constructed, and huts and tents squatted inside the shells of broken barns and crumbling cottages. Here was quartered Fredrick Guderain’s brigand army from the vaults. No banners or artillery were visible, but Condlumar knew they were here somewhere. In fact, apart from a few faces belonging to what appeared to be vagabonds and outcasts, peering from door-less portals and shutterless windows, there was little sign of life at all, never mind an army.

Then suddenly they appeared: a motley band of armed men, women and even halflings, some on foot, others on wiry riding horses of the sort that scouts might use. Within a moment they swarmed boldly out of the camp, over the tumbled walls, and headed towards the high priest. Captain Pigitliano began to draw his blade, but Condlumar signalled with his hand instructing his bodyguard to sheath it once more.

“Do not worry, good captain, for this raggedy band are soldiers of our Legion too. Do not be fooled by their attire, nor their apparent indiscipline. They fight well, and bravely, excelling in the sort of place that our rank and file soldiers struggle even to march through.”

“My Lord,” said the captain, merely to show his understanding.

“Look there,” said the priest, “at their head. That is Guderain himself.”

A black-cloaked man led the advance, his face obscured by a peaked hat of leather. He wore a smile of an almost mocking nature, as if he could not know fear. Closest to him were two unusual companions. The first was a bloated fellow with a head tightly encased in a leather hood, carrying that simplest of weapon, a club, though this one made more deadly by the addition of a nail. The second was a halfling, shoeless like so many of his kind, and waving a little sword around as if about his exercises.

“The little warrior on the general’s right,” said Condlumar quietly to his man so that none in the advancing party could hear, “is one Heinz von Keppling. Beware his crossbow, for they say he has the eye of a young hawk and the aim of a sober elf.”

The strange army halted close…

… and the priest now spoke much more loudly.

“Fredrick, friend. I come to speak.”

The cloaked man laughed. “About time. You spent all of yesterday gossiping with northerners, goblins and even the dead. About time you shared your news with me.”

Condlumar looked slyly at the brigand general. “It seems you are rather well informed of my movements! I have a feeling you might already know what I have come to say.”


Once the two men had spoken for night upon half an hour, Condlumar rushed back to his palace. There he demanded his horse be saddled and his men prepare for another ride. Well before noon he was on his way again, and this time he rode much, much faster than the previous day, and stuck to the old trade road to the west. By nightfall, having stopped only twice and having left three riders behind with horses too tired to go further, the Trantian churchman and his party reached a small coastal village, where wooden docks had recently been constructed.

Several ships were moored there, and soldiers and sailors (as ever in this land in this time) milled all over, about their duties. These men were not brigands like Guderain’s company, but many did have the look of sea-pirates about them. After questioning a guard, Condlumar rode along the dock towards one of the largest ships. There, by a pile of crates and other supplies, were three armoured men sported plumes in the colours of Marienburg (white, orange and blue). They looked almost out of place amongst the sea dogs, yet at the same time they were armed in a very modern manner with pistols as well as swords, which was one habit they shared with the seamen.

Condlumar doffed his cap, something the knight by his side was surprised to see, considering a high priest would normally show little deference to any other man. Perhaps it was merely respect being shown, or maybe it was because he knew this man would serve other gods and so see his priestly office of little consequence?

“General Novogord Vivendi Van Aalst,” said Condlumar. “I see you have almost disembarked fully. You waste no time, and I intend not to keep you too long from your business. But we must talk.”

The Marienburger glanced to his right, then answered. “I see the bordellaux has been brought ashore. Come, your Grace, I shall have my men broach a barrel and we will drink of the best as we speak.”
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The Compagnia del Sol's first battle

Part One - Armies and deployment

The High Priest Condlumar had given his first battle orders, sending the Compagnia del Sole to attack a force of Sea Elves who had encroached upon his realm in an obviously threatening manner. The Condottiere General Giovanni Villeteschi led his men personally, which was what they all expected, and although he mustered a strong fighting force, he did leave enough soldiers behind to continue garrison duties.
Villeteschi took some of his best officers with him, including his right hand man, the Condotta Captain Frederico Matallesta, and the Compagnia’s standard-bearer Captain Niccolò Forteguerra. The latter was given orders to stay by the general’s side throughout the battle, for that way the soldiers would know where there general was at all times. The bulk of his force was made up of a massive cohort of pikemen and two large companies of crossbowmen, as well as the huge body of recently recruited longbowmen the general had yet to commit to battle. The Compagnia’s regiment of sturdy dwarven mercenaries added to the fighting power of the force, while its artillery train comprised of three mortars, a great cannon and a ribaudequin.
This was not all, however, for there were soldiers in this force other than the Compagnia’s mercenaries. The famously obstinate Captain Francesco Adentalo commanded a company of the ‘Dogs of War’ chapter of the Myrmidian Knights of Blazing Sun. These well-born gentlemen loyally served the High Priest Condlumar. A regiment of the city’s Men at Arms, well equipped professional soldiers who formed the small standing army, marched out too. These were to be commanded by Captain Matallesta in an attempt to ensure that they did exactly what Villeteschi desired (the captain had the uncanny knack of knowing just what his commander intended).
COMPAGNIA DEL SOL Mercenary Company List (T&G) 3482 pts
Characters = 844 pts
(I mistakenly thought that in 8th ed. it was 25% for characters, not for Lords & Heroes separately!)
Core = 1678 pts
Special = 595 pts
Rare = 365 pts

Condottiere General Giovanni Villeteschi  199 pts
Full plate, Sword of Bloodshed, Sacred Shield of Myrmidia. Command Skill = Tactician
Condotta Captain Francesco Adentalo  132 pts
Warhorse, barding, lance, shield, Armour of Mystic Refraction. Skill = Hopelessly stubborn
Condotta Captain Frederico Matallesta  128 pts
Full plate, shield, Obsidian Amulet. Skill = Contempt
Condotta Captain Niccolò Forteguerra (Army Standard Bearer)  130 pts
Battle Standard, Cuirass of Perfect Safety. Skill =  Precision drill
Battle Wizard Level 2       130 pts
School = Alchemy. Robe of Cathayan Silk & Dispell Scroll
Battle Wizard Level 2 125 pts
School = Sorcery. Graf Martin’s Finger-bone (loaned by Condlumar) & Ruby Ring of Ruin Total
48 Tilean Condotta Pikemen 419 pts
Light armour, pike. Full command. Banner of Respite
Two companies of 18 Tilean Condotta Crossbowmen  369 pts
Light armor, crossbow, pavaises. Full command. Pavaise.
40 Condotta Marksmen (Bretonnian Longbows)  345 pts
Light armour, long-bow, full command
35 Men-at-arms  340 pts
Full plate, shield, halberd. Full command.
12 Tilean Border Horsemen 205pts
Warhorse, light crossbow, full command

Great Cannon with one additional crewman 105 pts
Three Mortars  each with one additional crewman   240 pts
25 Dwarf Mercenaries    250 pts                                                       
Heavy armour, shield full command
10 Knights of the Blazing Sun   (‘Dogs of War’ chapter)  305 pts
Full plate, warhorse, shield, lance, barding. Full command
Ribaudequin (organ gun)  60 pts
The Field of Battle
(Game Note: We used the BRB terrain rules, replacing all results if necessary with a ‘Tilean’ equivalent. We decided woods would only be ‘mysterious’ on a roll of 5 or 6, and neither wood was. Also we decided woods blocked LoS - it just seemed sensible. Not sure it we'll continue assuming to in future games.)
The Sea Elves had made a camp for themselves in the form of a neatly crafted wooden stockade with a guard tower giving a good view of the land around. Nearby were the ruins of an ancient chapel and the abandoned hovel of a hermit who claimed to be a descendant of the chapel’s ancient priests and thus the rightful owner of the ruins.

Two copses of trees flanked the field of battle, and beyond the Compagnia del Sol’s right flank was an area of enclosed fields and vineyards - but Villeteschi had no intention of losing troops in them.
The Sea Elves drew up in three main bodies of Lothern Seaguard, each one uniformed in robes of a different hue (white, green and blue). The only mounted elf amongst their ranks was the army standard bearer, whilst the rest of the army’s leaders were on foot in the front ranks of the Seaguard - two princes, an archmage and a mage.

Bolt throwers flanked the army, two in the camp and three upon the other side of the field, while a lone company of Swordmasters were concealed behind the trees near the camp. Two little bands of Shadow warriors slunk through the trees behind the chapel ruins, their arrows already nocked and ready to be loosed.

As Villeteschi surveyed them he noted that the three main bodies were arrayed ready for combat, and yet they had carried bows upon their backs, which they were already removing and stringing as if they had decided to use them after all. (Game Note, BurtX admitted he had deployed mistakenly in a combat formation, and was intending to reform them so that they could shoot - and receive mortar grenadoes - better!).

The condottiere general sent his mounted crossbows off to the far left to ensure that nothing crept unhindered around to threaten that flank of his force. He placed his ribaudequin there too to give a further surprise to any elves that tried that particular manoeuvre. His two battle wizards were ordered to stand with the pavise-protected crossbowmen, a company of which would flank his main force. On the left of his real fighting line were his dwarven mercenaries, a body of warriors he believed he could trust to protect the side of his massive pike unit.

Both Villeteschi and Forteguerra (carrying the army standard) took their place with the huge pike regiment, and immediately to their right stood Condlumar’s men at arms with Captain Matallesta commanding them. The noble Captain Adentalo and his chapter of brother-knights stood next in line.

Behind this solid centre the three mortars sat ready to lob their murderous missiles over onto the massed ranks of the enemy. The second company of crossbows stood to the right of the centre (another battle wizard amongst them) and finally out on the far right was a veritable horde of Longbowmen.
(Game note: I used my general’s ‘tactician’ skill to swap the crossbow and knights so that the knights wouldn’t have to gallop across the crossbowmen’s line of fire. I also changed the facing of the crossbowmen in the hoping that they wouldn’t have to move to gain a good number of targets.)
Thus were the two armies arrayed for battle, the Sea Elves brightly clothed in silken cloaks and fine damask surcoats, the Mercenaries in colourful linens and wools, slashed and patterned in many different ways.

Battle to follow
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Looks very beautiful, both armies are painted very well! Looking forward to the report.

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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Villeteschi now stood at the front of his regiment, peering across the field as the Elves began swiftly re-ordering their lines.

Meanwhile his light horse crossbowmen edged back behind the cover of the hovels crumbling walls in an attempt to avoid harm from the elven scouts’ bows.

The three large regiments of Sea Guard were indeed reforming their ranks and files, hoping thus to minimise the destruction that the mortar battery’s murderous grenadoes would do against them. (Game Note: ‘J’ was annoyed that he had deployed in such a manner, and now struggled to change the frontage the three due to the 1” between regiments rule!)

The white regiment did manage to change its frontage drastically, but the two others were too busy shifting over to allow this to sort themselves similarly. Being very disciplined soldiers, however, all were still ready to shoot their arrows upon the command. (Game Note: if they had been in range - bows, not longbows!) As the main battle line performed its drill manoeuvres, the shadow warriors on the right flank all moved to hide in the woods as the Swordmasters advanced to hide behind the same woods.
The elven mages now set about the business of conjuring magical harm on the foe (dice = 9:6) but a mercenary wizard’s dispel scroll prevented their Piercing Bolt while their Fireball failed to manifest in the physical world. The elves’ more worldly weapons, however, proved a little more effective, with four Knights of the Blazing Sun falling to the hail of Bolts hurled from either flank of the elven force. The brother knights refused to panic however, but instead steeled themselves for as quick an advance as they could manage. Every other arrow launched, including an array of magical arrows shot by the elven commanders and mages, failed to harm the foe. Villeteschi thought himself lucky, and thanked Myrmidia that the Sea Guard had not advanced to within range.
So it was that the knights made their desperate dash …

… whilst the three regiments of foot soldiers marched forwards almost in line (dwarf legs are a little shorter than a man’s!). The crossbow horsemen reformed themselves into two ranks to improve any volley they might loose. The Mercenary wizards’ magic proved as ineffective as the elves had just been (dice = 5:4), though the fact that the elves had an mysterious means to leech magical energy from the mercenaries had something to do with it.
Suddenly every warrior on the field of battle was almost deafened by the roar of the mercenary artillery barrage. One mortar, no doubt ill-maintained on the march here, tore itself to pieces, while another killed fourteen of the Sea Guard, while the third was a little off target and killed only four. The cannon targeted a bolt thrower very accurately but somehow failed entirely to harm it. The two elven crew were momentarily stunned by the passage of the large iron round-shot right between them. Although three more Sea Guard died from crossbow quarrels, their line still looked intact and threatening.

This is not to say that the elves were not worried about the power of the Compagnia del Sole’s artillery. Their army standard bearer left the green regiment to take a position to the rear of the line. On the right flank the elven shadow warriors now made their move, one unit heading into the ancient ruined temple, the other creeping up to its side. The Swordmasters made a more bold move, heading straight through the woods and out the other side (though halting just short of where the ribaudequin might aim at them).

Now the elven mages’ real power was revealed (dice 7:5) as Flames of the Phoenix was cast irresistibly on the Compagnia’s pike regiment, slaying twenty two of them. Powerful indeed, so much so that some of the magical forces got away from the archmage and killed eight elves standing next to him! The Bolt Throwers killed every knight, including Francesco their captain, while a hail of arrows and bolts, magical or mundane, killed three men at arms and ten more pikemen.
Thirty two pikemen had fallen!

This was a terrible blow to the Compagnia del Sole. Yet these men were veterans of several conflicts and made of stern stuff. The Pike reformed themselves to increase their fighting depth, while by their side the men at arms kept their guard and the dwarfs wheeled to face the advancing Swordmasters better.

Unwilling to malinger in cover any longer, the crossbow horsemen galloped around the hovel and prepared to let loose their quarrels.

Once again, faced with the magical mastery of the elves, the mercenary wizards could achieve nothing of consequence with their spells (dice = 10:7) But it was with missile fire that the mercenaries were hoping to further weaken the foe. Two shadow warriors in each little company fell to the ribaudequin blast and the mounted crossbows, but they would not flee. The crossbowmen on the left felled only one Swordmaster (their armour proving very effective) but the other crossbowmen and the massive archer horde managed to kill five blue Sea Guard between them. All this faded in comparison compared to the next mortar blast, which slew six green clothed elves and fourteen of the white regiment. The elven fighting line was looking much thinner, yet not one elf fled - nor showed any sign of discomfort, even though they were each and every one now spattered with the blood of their fallen comrades.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Wow. Bloody already, and the lines even haven't made contact yet.

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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Yeah, this was my second 8th ed game and the artillery and magic were proving a whole new kettle of fish. So to speak. Bloody is the word for it.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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great as always. glad to see some of your artillery is keeping up the trend. ::heretic::

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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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To an elf, the army from across the great sea decided to charge before receiving any more punishment from the enemy’s black powder. The two tiny companies of shadow warriors tried to reach the ribaudequin - one failing to close the gap, the other being blown to pieces by a countershot. The Compagnia’s left flank was looking decidedly bare of enemies …

The Swordmasters smashed into the dwarfs, while the green and blue sea guard, led by two Princes and a mage, charged the other two mercenary fighting foot regiments.

Behind this onslaught the mounted army standard bearer joined the white sea guard and ordered that they reform themselves into a better fighting formation, thus to await whatever enemy might break through the warriors ahead. The mages themselves looked to helping the warriors now battling the mercenaries (dice 6:4), gifting the green sea guard with the shield of Saphery and the green guard with the Flaming Sword of Rhuin.
As spear, pike, halberd and axe clashed, the bolt throwers looked for new targets and sent a flurry of deadly missiles ate the crossbow regiments sheltering behind pavaises, killing nine in total. Yet even when a magical bolt from the Archmage slew another two, the men of the Compagnia del Sole, however, refused to run away.  The combats proved bloody as well - General Villeteschi himself was wounded and four pikemen fell as four of the enemy also were slain. The outnumbered elves fought on. Four men at arms died also, and five elves. When the men at arms’ champion was brutally slain in a challenge, his severed head bounced over the distraught men behind, the fight began to look like it was going the elves’ way - the men at arms perhaps beginning to falter. The dwarves fared much worse than the men, losing ten warriors and their champion to the dizzying sword skills of the foe whilst only bringing down three elves in return. Being dwarves, however, and still having fresh warriors in the rear rank to fight, then stood their ground.
The horse crossbow now began to ride between the ruined temple and the woods in an attempt to get to the enemy’s flanks, while one brave wizard  broke from the ranks of the crossbowmen on the right and ran forwards hoping cast a hurtful spell on the Elven prince. He failed, although the other wizard did slay the last three shadow warriors with a fireball. Crossbow bolts and mortar grenadoes brought down eight more of the white sea guard, while twenty nine longbow arrows failed to put a halt to one of the bolt throwers deadly work.
The dwarves did not have a chance against the superior fighting skills of the Swordmasters. Eight more dwarves died and the last few fled away (the elves standing and letting them go). (Game Note: I warn all players out there who, like me before this game, did not understand - 19 dwarfs died taking only 3 swordmasters down with them. Do not mess with these guys in close combat!)

General Villeteschi and Captain Niccolò, along with the few remaining pikemen, continued the fight against the green Seaguard. Villeteschi’s magically imbued flurry of seven attacks failed to kill even one elf, and the good captain could not outfight the elven mage, though the men did slay one. Three pikemen fell and the fight went on. To the right of this struggle Captain Frederico Matellesta had fallen to the elf prince’s blows. Six men at arms suffered the same fate losing but three of their own. Somehow the men at arms stood their ground.
 Villeteschi and his pikemen had no idea how lucky they were, for the Swordmasters were unable as yet to launch a charge on them (Note: out of charge arc - very lucky for me!) and so went after the fleeing elves, failing to catch them. Flames of the Phoenix now killed two men at arms but at a terrible cost to the elven mage - uncontrollable extra magical energy coalesced around his head and left him unable to think, never mind cast magic.
Two Bolt throwers hurt enough of the crossbowmen on the right to force them to flee, while another two killed a battle wizard putting two giant bolts right through him! Villeteschi failed to notice this, for he and his pikemen finally put the green Seaguard to flight, having slain four of them and their mage.

The leaderless men at arms could not do so well, killing four elves at a cost of six of their own number, but their the elves stood and the fight went on.
The Tilean mercenary light horsemen now made a foolhardy move (Don’t know why I did it, but sometimes you just go with the flow!) and galloped around the woods to form a line before the enemy camp - staring a pair of bolt throwers in the face and hurriedly preparing their bows, cursing that the elves were hiding behind a wooden barricade.

General Villeteschi now led his army standard bearer and his pike in a desperate charge against the white Seaguard. The fight was swift and deadly, with all three remaining pikemen cut down, the elven Mage injured and Villeteschi himself hurt in single combat with the Elven standard bearer. (Game note, only gaining 2 hits out of 7A!) The condottierri stood their ground.

The elven Swordmasters found themselves the attention of the Compagnia’s wizards. One used every bit of magic he could summon from the etheric winds to cast Burning Head at them - killing five. When the ribaudequin  tore another three to pieces, the last two noble elven warriors could not take any more and fled away. The mortars managed to destroy a bolt thrower, but neither the archer horde nor the crossbowmen could hurt the others. (Game Note: Didn’t realise that you must destroy a unit to get any points for them in 8th ed. Otherwise would have finished the Swordmasters. But neither did my opponent, otherwise he would have aimed at my fleeing dwarfs and crossbowmen.)
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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The Men at Arms were once again outfought by the impossibly skilful elven Lords, and this time they fled from the two Princes when five more of their number fell. The two Lords were too proud to pursue. Looking around they saw enemies they considered much more worthy of their attention, and so charged into Captain Niccolò’s flank. Villeteschi and his battle standard bearer now realised they were very likely to die, and both hoped for a ‘good’ death, the sort fit for heroes.

The brace of bolt throwers in the camp now killed three of the crossbow riders and sent them fleeing away.

Elsewhere archers died to other bolts, but much more importantly, Captain Niccolò was slain by the elven lords (Note: not overkilled). General Villeteschi was so disheartened by this that he stumbled backwards, distraught to see his young comrade in arms fall. The elven Lords ran after him and knocked him senseless to the ground. (Note: killed in flight, not overkilled).
The crossbow riders now rallied right in front of the two impetuous Lords, who found themselves also staring down the barrel of the ribaudequin, as well as facing seventeen crossbow foot soldiers!

When the ribaudequin fired, however, the Lord’s magical protection proved very effective. They only slightly injured one of the Lords. The cannon sent a ball into the other Lord, but he was magically warded and somehow batted it aside! The crossbowmen stuck one bolt into the already injured lord - yet still he lived! The last two Swordmasters proved less invulnerable than their masters and died to a man when the recently rallied crossbowmen on the other side of the field shot at them. Finally, even though twenty six arrows rained down from the horde of archers (Note: after 29 + 29 shots already!) they could not destroy the elven bolt-thrower before them.
The crossbow riders fled away from the white Seaguard, running into the ruined temple to escape (with one being thrown from his horse in the proecess) …

… while the two elven Lords nearby ran to hide in the trees, both doubting their luck would hold against another massive volley of bolts and bullets!
Three giant bolts failed to quieten the ribaudequin, and another missed the cannon. Finally the archer horde let loose its last desperate volley on the bolt thrower ….

… and this time put an end to its bloody operations. (Note: 5 wounds, at last)
The ribaudequin blasted again and this time tore an elven Lord to pieces. The elven Lord general, however, even though crossbows, mortars and canon balls were all sent his way, somehow survived. (Note: He failed his ward against the cannon - yippee! Then I rolled a 1 for D6 wounds!)
(End of turn 6)
As the Elven Lord disappeared into the trees, the battle came to an end. The white Seaguard hastily made their way to the camp to defend its gate, but few other elves had survived. The Compagnia del Sole, on the other hand, and on the other side of the blood soaked field, still had a large battery of artillery, lots of crossbowmen, and several dwarves and men at arms to rally.

We both thought the elves had won, until we tottied up the VP using the 8th ed rules that is. Elves 1793 VP, Mercenaries 1972. Victory to the Compagnia del Sole by 179 VP!
General Villeteschi was rescued from the field, as well as his standard bearer. Miraculously both were still breathing, though badly wounded. The Compagnia quickly reformed into a marching column and carried its commanders ‘home’ to Trantio.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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A New Livery
(Several weeks before the events of turn one

1. Material

Lady Adalina could not make up her mind - stripes or checks? Which would do? The colours she knew she liked, and both cloths sported the same combination, but the choice of pattern was what perplexed her.

“Well, I do like them both.”

The rotund merchant Master Biaggio, sweat dripping from the end of his nose and a stubborn smile fixed to his face, was trying not to fidget. He felt he was close to a sale, and after all the effort he had put in was desperate not to lose it now. He had been holding both samples of
fine linen before him for nigh upon a quarter of an hour - long enough for the pain in his arms to have transformed into an absence of feeling, while a new pain coursed through his back up to his neck and threatened soon to topple him.

“They are both most excellent ch .. ch ..choices, I have to say, my lady. Both would adorn your c … castle magnificently, whether it be table cloths, hangings, curtains or b … b … bed covers, and just as importantly they are both the height of fashion in Luccinni and Remas.”

The Lady, who still gave no sign that Master Biaggio might rest, squinted once more and stroked her fingers for the umpteenth time upon both cloths. As a member of the merchant class it would be most impolite for Biaggio to make any move without her permission. Mercopio, he prayed to his god, make this woman decide.

“No,” Lady Adalina said suddenly. “It is impossible to decide …”

Biaggio could not help himself - a groan began to issue from between his lips.

“… so,” she continued, “I shall have both. Checks shall adorn one wing, while stripes shall rule in the other.”

The merchant (cunningly, he thought) now transformed his groan into a satisfied sigh. “Aaah, my lady, you have of course settled upon the wisest course of action. Of course I would need to know what quantities you require, and there is the base concern of the price …”

Lady Adalina silenced him with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Speak to my steward, he will make all arrangements with you. Now go, and leave me the samples.”

“As you wish, my lady, “ said Master Biaggio, handing over the cloths with a flourish and a bow, then turning to leave. While Adalina held the cloths aloft in the sunlight streaming through the windows so that she might bask in their pleasant patterns, the merchant was already calculating what price he could get for them, and what profit would be made once all necessaries such as transport and such like was accounted for.

2. Materiel

Once more Capitano Duilio found himself having to push his helmet back on his forehead so that he could rub his eyes. Whatever was loaded onto the wagon immediately in front of him was dusty – perhaps unthreshed grain or some such thing - and every time the wagon bounced over a pothole a cloud of particles descended upon him and his men. This time there was a big, itchy lump of the stuff in his left eye. He raised his hand to halt his men …

… and took a moment to demand a flask of water that he might pour onto his face.

The convoy he commanded was carrying all sorts of cargos, from basic commodities such as grain to military supplies such as black powder; from casks of fine wine to bales of fine cloth. He had been travelling with it all the way from the port of Ebino, and until yesterday had ridden upon his horse. When he overheard his men grumbling about the hard pace he set for their foot-slogging the previous night, however, he decided he would show them that he could do it. He had always thought of himself as a man of action, an officer who led by example.
Yet now, with granules scratching at the inside of his eyelids and his skin red raw where his armour had scraped all day, he wondered whether he really ought to have stayed on his horse.

At least he had not heard his men complaining. His standard bearer, Sergente Ezio, marched proud and tall by his side, while four of his best halberdiers marched immediately behind. More little companies of his men were interspersed along the convoy, so that in all he had
thirty soldiers with him.

They were travelling through the hilly region to the west of his lord’s domain, where the road cut through a small forest and provided a little shade. Perhaps it was this relief from the shining sun that had improved his mens’ mood? Or maybe it was the thought that by
nightfall they would be home?

3. Plunder

Entirely unbeknownst to the Tilean soldiers, wagoneers and coachmen, they were being watched - beady, red eyes peered down from a hilltop obscured by the trees. These eyes belonged to creatures with green tinged flesh which improved their concealment - a band of hill goblins.

Having struck deeper inland than ever before, these particular greenskins were part of Guldaar Bestbasha’s army of raiders whose main body was still much closer to the sea from which they had come. Having landed upon a relatively uninhabited stretch of the Tilean coast littered with ancient, ruined settlements from a time even the men who dwelt in Tilea had almost forgotten, the Waagh Guldaar was hungry. So Guldar had sent this band of goblins, watched over by an orcen scout called Burntogg, to raid for supplies and, in the orcen warlord’s own words: “Bring ‘em back real quick or I’ll serve you lot up for supper instead.”

On the crest of the hill was the hill goblin’s big boss, Derkid the Sneakster, with his trusted warriors about him. Unusual amongst goblins for his tuft of black hair, Derkid had always assumed that it was his talent to be different in other ways too, and it was this belief that had led him to acquire the repeating pistol he now had in his hand. He had yet to try it out in anger (for to be honest he was entirely unsure whether he had wound it up right) but it nevertheless
proved a marvellously effective instrument for encouraging disobedient goblins to do as he wished.

“Der’s a lot of wagons, but how many mens is guardin’ ‘em?” he asked out loud, without really expecting an answer. Still, it was worth a try. “Can any of you scummin’ pus bags see?”

“Aww, Sneaks, ya just put me off me countin’!” moaned the axe-wielding Radget. “An’ I nearly ‘ad it - I was up to six.”

Derkid hefted his axe and glanced at the shiny barrels of his pistol, proud of the lack of rust, thought for a moment and then announced, “It don’t matter how many, as long as there’s more of us. Besides, they’z not knowin’ we’re here, an’ I reckon they’ll be spooked good
an’ proper when we hit ‘em. I reckon’ they’ll all be runnin’ before they can count us.”

He knew full well, what with the limited view of the column afforded by the trees that he could not trust any number Radget came up with. So his mind was made up. Just one last thing to do, he thought, and that was get the nod from Burntogg. He turned to look down the rear
side of the hill and catch the orc’s attention. Burntogg was standing beside the pirate goblin Boat-Boss Kaggly Moldwip …

… which meant he already knew about the column (because Kaggly had been up on the crest with Derkid moments before). When Derkid gestured, chopping with his axe in the direction of the Tileans, Burntogg grinned and raised his choppa. He brought it down in a manner obviously meant as a signal, even as he began to lope up the hill himself. Before he had taken two full steps, Derkid’s hill goblins were already streaming silently down the other side
towards the edge of the trees.

Down in the woods today, Capitano Duilio was certainly in for a big surprise!

4. Division

“All of ya,” screamed Warlord Guldar Bestbasher, “an’ I do mean all of ya, hold yer wagglin’ tongues.”

Silence descended quickly and satisfactorily, as goblins and orcs gave their leader their undivided attention.

“I gets to decide how we’re sharin’ up da loot. I don’t care wevver it’s da fairest way, but I’ll tell ya’all it’s da safest way - ‘cos if any of yer thinks yer’s not doin’ things da way I wants ‘em, den dat’s gonna be yer lastest thought ever. Gettit?”

The silence continued. Several of the goblins nearest to Guldar wondered if there was a way to be more silent than they were already being, but couldn’t think of any.

“Now listen close an’ listen good. For a start Derkid gets a share, ‘cos him an’ his lads did the findin’.”

Derkid stepped forward, with whispers of “Go on, Sneaks!” from the goblins nearest to him. Guldar grinned at him, bearing his massive, broken, tusk-like teeth in the process. Unnerved by the visage before him, the goblin hid his fear well: “What’s I getting’ den, great lord of us all?” he asked.

“You can have a wagon and as much of the food as you can put in it. An’ choose something shiney fer yerself as well.”

Derkid nodded, then scuttled off to do exactly that, while Guldar glared at the many who remained.

“As for the rest of you, what were you arguin’ about when I got here?”

No-one dared speak at first, then finally Burntogg piped up. “Dey was discussin’ how to share up da fancies in da first wagon?”

“Fancies?” said Guldar. “What fancies?”

“Cloth, lots of it, prettified up with lines and criss-crossings.”

Guldar was surprised. He’d known his lads fighting over all sorts before, but never over pretty cloth. “Let’s see it,” he demanded, a touch of confusion in his voice.

The boys led him to the wagon in question and showed him its cargo: bales of cloth in two different designs, though both blue and grey in colour. Having tested it by trying to tear it, and finding it of good quality (he actually had to expend a little effort to rip it) Guldar made his mind up.

“Dis stuff is too good fer little uns. Dey can have any other cloths found. Dis is for da orcs. Give da stripes to Haggjie’s lads and the criss-crosses to Big Boss CrackJaw’s Big Uns.” The vicious grin reappeared. “We is gonna ‘ave uniforms, fancy ones like Tilean soldiers, so I can see who is gettin’ up to what, and so you can all do me proud, eh lads?”

And so began the chaotic process of tugging and pulling that greenskins call sharing out.

By the next day, the two biggest regiments of orcs were already sporting the make-shift shirts, kilts and breeches they had hastily sewn up using bone needles and twine. Guldag inspected them just after noon, and was pleased with what he saw.

“Very pretty, lads,” he laughed, “Now we ‘av colours to call our own. ‘An I reckon blue is suiting every one of yer!”
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Orcs stealing cushions! Excellent.

I look forward to playing you.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Glad you like it - I had to come up with something to explain why my orcs were dressed in what looked like tablecloths!

Now I'm back from my travels, I will be in touch ASAP re: possible dates for a battle. I have loads of stuff to organise (after being away) but should still have plenty of time available for a game. PM me to tell me whether you're a weekend only player (as in work commitments). Oh, and mention your height in your PM. It's kind of important. Uryens and especially DamoB will understand!
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Great. I'll PM you.

Oh, and mention your height in your PM. It's kind of important. Uryens and especially DamoB will understand!

Uh oh - you have one of those buzz-saw traps from Indiana Jones, don't you!
Hey, I could still beat up a woman!
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Lovely Loot

“Ow much longer do we ‘ave to pull this lump of a wagon?” came Hafdi’s complaint for the fourth time, though this time with an added twist, “’Cos me back ain’t gonna hold out another mile. Maybe we oughta stop?”

Toggler didn’t bother looking at Hafdi, for he had grown tired of two things in the last hour - the first was the physical effort of lugging the wagon in question, the second was the orc’s nigh on incessant complaining. He didn’t look, but he did answer.

“Oh, I see how it is. You’ve got a gammy back, and yer feeling tired. That’s a shame, ain’t it, ‘cos I reckon it means we is gonna have to leave all this loverly loot ‘ere an’ get off back to the camp without it. Still, what’s an evenin’ glugging on the red stuff and countin’ up all the shinies we gets for our share compared to having a bit of a poorly back? No competition there - I’d much rather get told off for leaving the wagon and spend the evenin’ drinking stinking puddle water and being clouted by every bad tempered orc in the camp than have you a bothered a tad by yer achin’ bones. Better yet, Guldag could ‘ave us both hacked into likkle pieces and served to the boars for their supper. Aye, yer not wrong, better that than you suffer a twinge or two above yer nether regions…”

His rant was cut short by a squeaky scream issuing from behind them. “Keep movin’! Go faster! Wheeeeee!”

Toggler acted all surprised by this outburst from the drunken Snotling Doodo, who was riding on the wagon due to the fact he couldn’t even reach the pole.

“Now would you hear that, Hafdi?” said the goblin. “It seems Doodo don’t share mine and your enthusiasm for getting beaten to a pulp fer disobeyin’ orders. Seems he’s castin’ his vote against our joint opinion. Now there’s an unexpected turn!”

Hafdi was frowning, an expression he adopted whenever he was trying to follow what Toggler was saying. This is not to say he pulled the expression often, because normally he did not bother listening too close. But this time he was listening.

“You reckon dat dey is all gonna beats us up if we leaves it behind?” he asked.

“Oh, you heard that bit,” said Toggler. “Yeah, that’s what I think and that’s what they’d do. Beat us good and proper. Might be a good cure for your aching back, ‘cos I reckon you’ll stop noticing the back-ache what with all the new pains up and down yer body.”

“All I was asking was how long….”

Toggler shouted his response before Hafdi had completed the question: “As long as it takes, you hear, ‘cos if we don’t do as we is told then we is in so much bovver dat it will be well and truly over for all three of us.”

The words came too fast for Hafdi, so the exact meaning was lost. It did not matter, however, because Toggler’s raised voice was meaning enough.

“We pulls da wagon, den.”

Toggler gritted his (remaining) teeth, and wonder how long it would be before Hafdi forgot the entire conversation and began asking all over again.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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How Guldar Fared against the True Might of Ogres
Battle Report - 3,500 Ogres versus Greenskin Raiders. This was the game I played during the July Yorkshire W-E ‘Minibash’, which Rufus, Uryens (Mighted Sturmbrow), Fr1day and DamoB attended. Must do that again, guys – it was great.
The mighty orc warlord Guldar Bestbasha had gathered all the strength he could find. This did not mean he had every goblin and orc who (supposedly) now served him, for his raiders had a habit of scattering far and wide in their foraging and looting, and so it took a lot of time to round them all up. There was no more time, so this lot would have to do. He reckoned it was enough.
3559 Greenskin Raiders list
Orc Warboss - Giant Boar, Hvy Armour, Intimidator, Sharp Choppas, Bartock’s Heaviest Armour, Da Def Blow Cleava  = 309
Orc Great Shaman Lvl 3  = 180
Two Goblin Shamans, both Lvl 2  = 180
( Note: I misunderstood 8th ed composition  rules and thought it was 25% for all characters, thus my pathetic showing of characters.)
50 Orcs with additional choppa, plus full command = 370
30 Orc Arrer Boyz with full command = 300
10 Orcs with xbows plus musician & champion = 100
50 Common Goblins with short bows plus full command = 195
30 Common Goblins (Hand, Light Armour) plus full command = 110
25 Hill Goblins with goblin pikes and full command = 170
25 Hill Goblins with additional hand weapons and full command = 170
16 Boar Boyz with full command = 308
10 Goblin Wolf Riders with Short Bows & Musician = 135
9 Ogres, light armour, extra hand, Rangers’ Standard (Strider), full command = 412
2 Spear Chukkas = 70
3 Boar Chariots = 240 (Think I left one in the box! Can’t see it in the pictures!)
4 Leadbelchers with Bellower = 225
1 Hill Goblin Cannon = 85
Happy to be advised by his somewhat ad-hoc council of war (something that many a greenskin warlord would consider a sign of weakness) Guldar decided to make a bold move and advance into the barren land before him. His scouts had informed him that an army of Ogres was marching through it, and Derkid the Sneakster had seen Rhinox’s amongst them. Everyone knew, the wily goblin had announced, that Rhinox furs were worth a fortune - the sort of thing the Tileans of Trantio would pay vast sums of gold for. That was enough for Guldar, for it would mean pay on top of pay. Besides, he wanted to see what his massive mob could do. He had Ogres of his own amongst the rank and file of his army, and they did not seem so bad to him. Why then should he be afraid of any Ogres?
The field of battle was to be just to the north of a little dusty settlement, entirely abandoned by whatever Tileans had dwelt there. The dry earth had been heaped into several mound-like hills, and a large patch of rocks rivalled some ancient ruins to the west. A desolate enough place, but one which would provide a good camp should the greenskins prove victorious.

Guldar began bawling his orders, bullying his boys into shape. The wolf-riders were sent out onto the far right flank where they were supposed to keep an eye out for any trickery. Some of his own goblins had said that there were little greenskins with the foe, and everyone knew that such goblins must be tricky ones, for they would surely have been eaten already if they were not.
The rest of his forces he arrayed in one huge vanguard of fighting regiments, with goblins in reserve and his massive regiment of orc archers on one of the hills behind to give them a good view of the filed over the main line’s heads. His artillery he mounted on a hill on the left, so that they too could join in the archers’ fun. He himself would lead the Boar Riders, mounted on his giant boar, while his shamans were sent to join various bow regiments where they might have plenty of time to rain Gork and Mork’s magical anger on the enemy.

His main strength, the horde of boyz and the ogres, he commanded to march side by side, and although he was tempted to add to their punching power with his Boars, he instead decided that he and his riders would form a hammer head swinging at the enemy’s flank.

The best of his missile troops, those with the sort of bolts and bullets that could penetrate deep into the ogre’s leathery flesh, he sent to the right: orcen crossbows and ogre leadbelchers. Derkid the Sneakster was behind these with his bodyguard. Some might think this was an act of cowardice, but Derkid had said he would thus be ready to strike at any foe that somehow broke through the line. Always a sneaky one, thought the warlord, he was quietly glad the cunning goblin served him.

The enemy force proved to be a large one. Three regiments of bulls and ironguts flanked the main, terrifying, focus of their power – three huge, shaggy-haired monstrosities with horns longer than an orc is tall. These were the famous and feared Bull Rhinoxes. Looking at them, Guldar almost wondered whether he had bitten off more than he could chew. But it was too late to back away now for the fight was well and truly on, and the cautious thought was lost amongst the overwhelming surge of battle lust that gripped him.

Two less vicious monsters were shuffling up on the enemy’s left – a pair of scraplaunchers – while the main line also included a pair of hunters. Altogether a tough proposition for Guldar’s horde. Yet, maybe, if the crossbows and machines played their parts well enough, and the sky could be made to rain arrows from the goblin and orc bows, and if Gork and Mork smiled upon his enterprise, just maybe the odds would have been evened a bit by the time the forces closed upon each other.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Suddenly the Ogres began to move forwards at a pace, their ironguts and bulls very neatly keeping in line with the bull rhinox’s, and amongst this line came a Tyrant, a Slaughtermaster, a Bruiser carrying the army standard and a butcher.

One of the hunters made his way onto a flat topped building, while the other stayed behind the ruined temple. A wave of Ogrish magic emanated outward, but it dissipated without doing much harm at all. The scrap launchers on the far left proved chaotic in their ways, for one failed to fire at all while the other ran right into its side, killing itself and wounding the first. At least the gnoblars creeping up on the rear managed to wound a chariot, as did the hunter with his spear.
The other regiment of bulls marched as best they could down the little alley formed by two of the buildings and began to wheel out of the end, watched by the hunter on the roof by their side.

Surprisingly it was one of the regiments of goblins, the pike armed bunch, that allowed bloodlust to send them out of the line towards the foe. As they had thus got in the way of the Boar Riders, they decided it would be best if they carried on with their impetuous advance and so charged the ironguts before them!

Behind the line the wolf riders, who were also suddenly keen to join the fray (animosity turned them around!) also launched a charge – at the gnoblars annoying the chariot from behind.

Guldar led his boars forwards, hoping to launch a deadly charge at the bulls emerging from the settlement, while the chariot tried to get around the rear of the riders so that it too could find a foe to face.

On the right, the Leadbelchers moved as far as they could, but the orcen crossbows (with the orc shaman amongst them) were too busy squabbling about what they should do next to keep apace.

The greenskins’ magic proved less than impressive, as they only managed to cast ‘Gork’ll fix it’ on the ironguts. If that was bad, then the hoped for arrow storm proved equally so. The cannon, crewed by incompetents, misfired, while 33 short bows and 23 bows joined the bolt throwers to only wound the Rhinox’s slightly (a measly 3 wounds caused in total)
The pike goblins failed even to fell one ogre (though two iron tips did at least draw blood) …

…but the ironguts unleashed a hellish torrent of blows and stomps to squash or smash eleven goblins. Aghast at the destruction so easily done to them, the goblins fled. No-one expected them to do anything else. So much for their unusual impetuosity.

The goblin wolf riders did not shed much blood when they charged into the pesky gnoblars behind the lines, but they broke them nevertheless and ran them down with red-spattered glee. As they did so, on the far side of the field, two ravenous monsters also with blood on their mind, came loping onto the field. The gorgers had arrived!

Yet it was not towards the massed ranks that these hungry creatures turned their attention – instead the scattering of goblins crewing the machines on the hill caught their eye! If the goblins in question had been paying attention they might have been afraid, but they were too busy trying to work out what had gone wrong with the cannon – one of them even peering down the barrel.
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Excellent report so far!

Quote from: Padre
…but the ironguts unleashed a hellish torrent of blows and stomps to squash or smash eleven goblins

What, even with -2 to hit them thanks to the phalanx rule?
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Ahh, you may have something there. Although we have used the phalanx rule in our more recent games, I have a feeling we may have forgotten here. The goblins did charge the Ogres, so no impacts, and one less rank. Haven't got the rules here, but doesn't the phalanx rule only apply when Ogres do the charging. Also isn't there an issue re: the goblins 'failing' animosity in the turn, well, 'failing' in the sense that they rolled a 6 and moved forwards?

If none of these things apply, then put the mistake down to the fact that we were both struggling to apply the new rules for the first time, and I was somewhat by the other games going on. Erm, yeah, I like that last excuse: it was the other games distracting me - so you yourself are to blame Rufus. You and your fancy friends playing with you fancy armies all fancy down the other end of the room. If it weren't for you darn kids we'd have got everything right on our table!
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Re: Condlumar & the Compagnia del Sole
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Now came the moment where everything began to go wrong for Guldar’s army. He had relied on him and his boar riders delivering a charge, and given no thought to the fact that the Ogres might charge him before he was ready. (Game Note: I really hadn’t got my head around the new charging rules in this my first 8th ed game.) It was not even the bulls he had been heading for, but the ironguts, with a butcher amongst them and an army standard bearer.

Oomph! This hurt, and badly: ten boars were brought down by a combination of the impact, the great weapons and a mash of stomping feet! Guldar did wound the Bruiser, but his boys failed even to notice his small personal success. They broke and ran, taking Guldar with them. The ironguts pursued and smashed into the chariot behind, while Guldar and his few surviving riders escaped.

Perhaps even more dramatically (in fact, what am I saying – definitely more dramatically) the Rhinox Riders now thundered into the horde of orc boys and the centre of Guldar’s line. The bulls attempted to join this charge but they could not keep pace and were left behind. Still, they were not needed. The beasts’ impact alone killed eight orcs, their horns and riders’ weapons hacked another ten to death, and their stomping feet killed six more. The orcs did manage to inflict enough hurt to finish one of the Rhinox’s off, but at such a cost. Two dozen of Guldar’s best were dead. (But, thankfully, still steadfast.)

The Bulls bursting from the alley tried to reach the fleeing goblins and failed, sending them running right through the massive body of bow-armed gobos, while what little magic and missiles the ogres could bring to bear made no noticeable impact on the greenskin force. Not that it was necessary, for their mighty charges were effective enough.
The raiders were not quite ready to give up the fight yet, and so it was that the ogre mercenaries launched their own charge into the Rhinoxes’ flank in an effort to save the orcs and maybe the day!

Their impact alone managed to bring down one of the Rhinoxes, and although the last one (its fighting ability hindered by a greenskin magical curse, Gork’ll fix it) managed to kill three orcs, the end result was that the Rhinox turned and fled away, to be killed in the pursuit by the orcs. The Ogres stood their ground and reformed, expecting a charge from the foe any moment.
The chariot on the right was not so lucky for it failed to reach the bulls in the centre …

 … but Guldar did at least rally his boar riders and reformed them to face the gorgers.

The ironguts easily destroyed the chariot they had caught by surprise, and ran on to hit the bolt thrower crew. Thirty seven short bows now managed only one wound against the bulls emerging from the alley, while four leadbelchers wounded both themselves and the Bulls with the enemy Tyrant. They were not wrong – the Tyrant led his bodyguard right into them …

… and bloody mayhem ensued. Many a mercenary ogre dies, and yet, emboldened for some unknown reason, they stood up to the punishment and fought on (I scored snake eyes on the break test!).
The bulls who had emerged from the settlement now charged the remnants of the orc boyz, who decided that surviving the battle was a better option than being butchered right there and then – and so fled voluntarily away. The sight of this did more than unnerve the goblin horde nearby – it sent them running too!

When the scrap launcher charged the or boar chariot on the right and destroyed it, the leadbelchers decided they too had seen enough of this battle and ran away.

Leadblechers, orcs, goblins – a large portion of Guldar’s army was now in flight, and to be honest had no intention of rallying and returning to the fray. (Game Note: This was the end of turn three and although the other mini-bashers had played full games, we had run out of time. I blame my enemy general for dithering about with the dice …

Only joking, that’s my boy visiting to see what we were up to. The truth is we were delayed by trying to apply 8th ed rules for the first time ever.
The gorgers now began clawing and stomping at the boar riders and Guldar, but found themselves equally matched. (But being unbreakable, the gorgers weren’t going anywhere)

End of Game Time ran out at the end of turn 3! I concede a win to the Ogres
(Thanks again Burtx, or ‘J’ as I sometimes call him, for a great game, and tricking your ladyfriend into painting ogres the night before!!.)

Story continued:

Guldar now saw his chance, and considering the rest of his army was in flight (and still surprisingly intact) he took it. Ordering his riders to ‘Get stuck in!’ he treacherously and suddenly broke away from the fight and galloped hard away, leaving his dumbfounded guards to their fate.
It was without doubt a defeat for Guldar’s forces, but much of his army was still alive, and he knew he could rally them to him a few miles away and still have command of a sizeable force – especially considering he had reinforcements scattered all around that had not come to this particular field of battle.
Leagues away and a day or so later, the ‘power behind Guldar’s throne’, his employer and cunningly guiding hand, the high priest Gabriele Condlumar was pleased to hear the news of the battle. The mighty heart of the Ogre force had been destroyed, the three huge Rhinoxes. Now, it seemed to him, he could risk employing his other forces against these Ogres.
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