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The Sacking of Sylvania
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I have decieded to move my focus away from Sylvania and more into a dedicated witch hunter force from Ostland. To do this I need to return Sylvania to the Vampires and so the tale begins. Feel free to comment if you so wish and if you'd like to make a suggestion as to how this should go at any stage please feel free to ask. I will run a poll later as to who should die so stay tuned.

The Sacking of Sylvania

The morning was cool and crisp and steam rose up from the South Stir river. A swirl in the dark water told of a fish hunting insects in the early morning light. Ironfist was undecieded as to how to spend his morning. He had duties that required his attention but today was so perfect that common sense dictated a morning spent fishing. It was then that the count first noticed it, a huge balloon with a small ship hung underneath it. It was painted in Sylvanian colours. Realisation dawned as the count recognised the mad genius of his chief engineer Mathi.

The flying ship drew near and Ironfist could see the wonder close up. A huge silk balloon was ensnared within a fishing net. The ship a small wooden schooner hung suspended with numerous large hemp ropes. Fire periodically belched into an opening in the silk balloon. As Ironfist stared in amazement Mathi appeared with a larger than life grin and a enthusiastic wave.
“Look out below” he yelled, “we're coming down”.
There was a splash and for a moment the count thought that the ship would roll, but the silk balloon still held some of the ships weight in check and it settled on the water  like it had been sailed there.

The balloon deflated into a large wicker basket, the fire went out and slowly she turned towards the jetty. It was obvious that Mathi had designed the ship to move on water as well as through the air. As the engineer stepped onto the jetty Ironfist for the first time found himself lost for words. A large crowd moved towards the manors jetty, some with torches and pitchforks. Peoples superstitions never ceased to amaze the count.
“Better secure that” Ironfist paused “what do you call it Mathi”?
“I call it An Amazing, Ambiguous, Amphibious Aircraft” replied the glowing engineer.
“Bloody amazing is what I'd call it, begging your pardon sir” the Captain of the guard added.
“Call it what you will captain, just see to its security”.
“Yes Milord” the captain snapped to attention before gesturing to the rest of the guards to join him on the dock.

Mathi and the count were engaged in excited conversation as to the possible application of Mathi's airship when there was a knock at the studies door. A messenger entered and presented Ironfist with a sealed scroll. Mathi watched the counts face turn white and contort in concern.
“The Emperor has requested our aid, seems Nordland is under attack....it's a demonic incursion. Go and make your flying ship ready we will test her in battle yes”?
“Sounds like a plan” replied Mathi “Can I use your stores”?
“Of course my friend, take what you need, ask the guards to help you”.
With that Ironfist sat at his desk and composed a hasty reply before sending the messenger on his way. Moments later horns called men to muster for war.
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