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The Foresters
« on: June 24, 2004, 07:58:53 AM »
Hi all, I just wrote this short story. It is based on my own Empire army.

Baron Wilhelm Holzmann took a bite out of a leg of roast mutton, wiping the grease onto his leather jerkin. The day was strangely calm, eerie. He looked around his tent and reflected on tactics. Picking up his glass of ale he took a small sip of the alcoholic substance. He was jolted from his thoughts by his forthright red-bearded friend and Standard Bearer Markus von Wurtbad “Sorry sir, there is a column of Knights approaching camp. They are bearing Reikland colors.” Wilhelm picked himself, “Sigmars bones! Those Reiklanders know when to disturb the right person at the right time!” Markus grinned, “Aye!”
He walked out of his tent with Markus behind him. His men stood and saluted him, hearing of the approaching knights, donning armor and presenting weapons. The knights got close. The knight’s musician then began to play on his trumpet. The knights dismounted and led a finely dressed man to the Baron.
The man was an effete fop, his moustache curled and clothing silk and velvet. Markus gave Wilhelm an amused look. “Baron Wilhelm Holzmann of the Stirland 5th Free Foresters. Here is a message for you. It was written by the Grand Theogonist himself.” The messenger bowed, “Thank you Herr messenger. I see you do not favor wearing riding clothes.” The Baron added in. “No, they do chafe my skin rather horribly. Good day sir!”
The man mounted, along with his retinue. They rode off leaving a cloud of dust. Markus burst out in laughter, “The amount of money that man spent on his clothing could convert every Ulrican in the Old World to a Sigmarite.” Wilhelm pat his friend on the back laughing hysterically.
After the laughter ceased, the “Green Baron” Wilhelm went inside his tent and opened the message.

To Baron Wilhelm Holzmann of the Stirland 5th Free Foresters,

Greetings. There are serious issues for me to discuss with you. On the border of Talabecland and Stirland there are strange happenings going on. We have heard from a farmer that there are Beastmen around the forests, raiding farms and livestock. He said he saw a glowing oval shaped stone. A warpstone. You are to clear the area and destroy this warpstone and all Beastmen. Is that clear? The town you must go to is called Forsterheim. If it is as bad as it looks you will take up defences in the town and hold out against this threat.

Grand Theogonist Johann Esmer

Wilhelm buckled on his armor and donned his dark-green and white feathered hat. He then gave the order to abandon camp and make ready to march. Markus looked over the message. “Warpstone! Sigmar’s name! And we are meant to destroy it!” Wilhelm replied by saying, “Yes, this will be a dangerous mission indeed. No mindless herd of Ungors friend. Countless numbers of gors and Chaos shamans. Besides, Johann Esmer is no real Theogonist, not like Volkmar. Make ready to leave.”

To Be Continued…
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The Foresters
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2004, 01:00:12 PM »
I must say this is going to be rather entertaining. :-D
Good story so far holding the Imperial athmosphere in it. ;)

I like the comical parts too, make it slightly more interesting.

Next part please.
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The Foresters
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Cool story, builds a great image of a imperial camp. next part please.
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« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2004, 05:41:49 AM »
Thanks for the replies guys! Glad you like it. THe next part should be posted in the next few days. I just didn't have time for it, being sick, then going to a campaign. In the next story I will include a pic of my standard bearer Markus and you guys can criticize two things at once :wink: . I just need some time for inspiration.  :bonk:
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