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New Tournament Play For OK 8th edition
« on: November 08, 2010, 07:32:09 PM »
I was come to that tournament to learn new edition so that 1st match was my 1st in new edition and it was well
1st Day
1st match was vs VC and win in direct cc with 2500 points for me :)
2nd Skaven only to die in try slaves with LD 10 & stubborn with warp lightning canon
3rd DE I was loss because I forget thunder stomp
2nd Day
1st that day vs HE I did not forget stomp this time and destroy HE
2nd one more HE this was interesting  because I was in defending position all HE units around me and win
3rd was against TK ( great play from both TK players ) I was in clash and he didn't have luck in cc and his stone throwers didn't make a kill I was with attitude saying you hit my BSB , Lord , Butcher and unit Champion I will not take a look out rule and I was take no wound first time second and third time my Champion take one wound and Ironguts take two wounds and make panic with -1 and charge in him to kill him and eat him
My Conclusion from tournament was I must always to have BSB next time to take gnoblar trappers and regeneration  rules ( not against TK catapult ) and I was take a 5th place and the end  :happy:
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