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[WFRP 2nd ed] Tilea
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Posting this here as I know more than a few people are interested in Dogs of War

After many moons of searching our man in Tilea has compiled a fascinating document on the place.

You can download it from the Liber Fanatica website
Hopefully you can get some pleasure from his insane rantings :D


Consists of 75 pages (colour) or 77 pages (black and white)

Part 1 - An overview of Tilea, its geographical makeup and the poltics and habits of its population
Chapter 1: The Land
A Tilean Lexicon (Table)
Chapter 2: The People of Tilea
Cultural Treasures
Chapter 3: Tilean History
Tilean Timeline
Chapter 4: Religion
Views from the Street
Chapter 5: Magic
Spell Lists
Alternate Chaos Manifestations
Chapter 6:  Politics

Part 2 - A look at the most important cities of Tilea
Gazetter of Tilea
Map -
Chapter 7: Luccini
Burial Customs
Isabella Marconi: NPC
Luccini Gazetter 
Chapter 8: Verezzo
Colour Pallazi
Urgrim Grimlock: NPC
Verezzo Gazetter
Chapter 9: Remas
Benito Valente: NPC
Remas Gazetter
Other Areas

Part 3 - Guides to running a campaign in Tilea and new careers and rules to setup characters
Chapter 11: Playing a Tilean
Chapter 12: Tilean Careers
Chapter 13: Diplomatic Relations
Chapter 14: Tilean Adventures
Daedadlian Art
Themes & Plot Hooks 
Appendix I: Alternate Origins
Appendix II:Tilean Names
Appendix III:- Alternate Spell Lists
Astral Magic
Way of Body
Way of Mind

edit: Fixed link, also not sure how it ended up in Brush and Pallete, was sure I was in the Imperial Office...
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Re: [WFRP 2nd ed] Tilea
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Thanks at the end it is one of my favorite systems  :happy: :engel:
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Re: [WFRP 2nd ed] Tilea
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Can a kindly mod move this over to the Imperial Office?