Author Topic: A collection of Short Stories written by myself....enjoy!  (Read 565 times)

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A collection of Short Stories written by myself....enjoy!
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1. Omega Squad

I had been unable to contact Omega team for just over 3 minute now, the beam from my flashlight lit the hallway infront of me, the light reflecting off the dark pools of blood that covered the once prisitine floor tiles with a coat of dark ...red gore. SSgt Fenno was in command of Omega team, a shrewd leader, and a dear friend. Every moment that past my heart began to beat harder, as it was another moment that he may have needed my assistance...i had to find him. i unclipped my holster and ran my hand own my laspistols grip, i pulled it out and checked the las-clip, the small digital dial read just over 10% charge...."f***" i should have checked it before we left base camp...to late now. I approached a T intersection at the end of the hallway, i readied both my laspistol and my torch, then hit the wall. My back slid along the cool, smooth metal-alloy walls, i was no more then a metre from the T intersection when i heard a horrendous squeal, i froze, it was coming from behind me, echoing up and down the long narrow hallway, i spun around and shone my torch back the way from which i had come, and there it was! bounding an leaping towards me, a twisted concoction of tangled claws and vorracious teeth, i opened fire... *CRACK CRACK CRACK* my trusty laspistol lit the hallway in a quick succession of brilliant red light, the superheated las rounds punctured the pustulant abomination and tore through its flesh...but it was not enough to stay the beast...and as the dial reached 0%...i made my peace with the emperor..

2. Trapped

the gas began to seep through the ventilation shaft on the wall, everyone in the room began to scream and panic. Children were trampled as people tried in vain to reach an exit...but all the doors were sealed. 30 seconds after the gas had been dispensed, the symptoms began to show. Bulborous, red lumps rose out of their skin and large pustulant sores began to appear all over their bodies. People were coughing up blood, others started to vomit. Stomach acid and bile accompanied by various internal organs were dumped all over the steel floor...the test was a success, catergory 8 Sinomex nerve gas, the weapon i, Dr Karl Von Blacke...was responsible for!!
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