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PistolKorp list
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I didn't know where to post this, so I thought this was the best place.  Sorry if it isn't.

I have recently started empire (this year) and despite my plan to make an infantry horde I have fallen in love with the pistolkorp.  I love the idea of a training college designed to teach young upcoming knights the way of horsemanship and valour, by giving them a load of pistols.  Alas I couldn;t get a real pistolkorps army from the empire rulebook (without a stupid number of knights).

So I decided to make my own armylist for the pistolkorp.  The idea behind it is that it is the korp working in a grand scale, rather than sending out small units attached to other armies.

The background of the korp is that it is sponsored by knightly orders and the engineering colleges, so knioghts and engineers were in.  Since the core is cavalry based fixed artillery is out and all characters have to be mounted.  This also left the engineer colleges with only their steamtank (with a slightly crazed engineer in the top hatch reliving his days of glory.

The list is lacking in banner carrying units, which is a problem, and core choices.  The lack of core led to the introduction of dismounted dragoons as a skirmish unit.  Though I am also tempted to split off the explsove lance outriders from their special choice and make them a core choice lancer unit, with theoption of a banner, to help increase the banner and core choices.

Anyway enjoy.