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Re: A Wedding In Wissenland: Suitors Thread
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Is there still any room for a late comer? I have a character that would be of some use, and he has good reasons for it.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Yup go for it, this will be open until I say so, so get an entrant in and feel free to write an introductory piece. These pieces are optional, and are mainly to please the fluff hungry fanatics we have chomping at the bit to write  :icon_lol:
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Name and Title: Graf Johann Bieter

Johann at 35, graciously made by friend and confidante Myrmidian

Motivations: The Graf of Steingart, Johann has long looked with longing both on the holdings of Sonnefurt, and her beautiful Baroness. Not the young knight he was a decade ago, Johann is both in need of an heir, and someone to share what has increasingly become a lonely and burdensome life. While he has had many loves, none have lasted, and he feels it is time to settle fully. In addition, it is Johann's greatest wish to leave Steingart stronger and better than his father did, and he hopes that by furthering the ambitions of his heart, he can further the ambitions of his people as well. While he has never met the Baroness, he has seen her on many occaisions, and has friends that have spoken well for her character.

Baroness Gains: The Bieter family has connections throughout Wissenland, and Averland as well, the family having a large branch there in the form of the Grandmaster of the Knights Aver Hans Bieter (Johann's cousin), his son Maximillian (2nd cousin), a member of the Order of the Black Bear, and many others throughout the area. In Wissenland, Johann himself has coveted mining interests with the dwarves of Karak Wyr, as well as great connections to the ironmongers of Karak Angazhar, who deal greatly with both their ancient friends in the Knights Aver, and with Bieter Better Ores and Metals in Pfeildorf, where Johann's other Uncle Herman heads the home office.

Between these, his stake in Ironfist Steel (the Knights Aver ironmonger), his great friendship with Berek Ironeye, lord of Karak Wyr, nephew of Gramrik Thunderhead of Karak Angazhar, his ties with Prince Giuseppe Asfazzio of Trantino, his ally Aldgraf Rudolf von Walsch of Pahl, and his estates in Steingart, Mendelhof, and Jengen, he can offer a substantial partner in both business and politics.

Baroness Loses: The main thing the Baroness stands to lose is her peace of mind, for while the Bieters have long kept their enemies at bay, they do still exist, and have tried to hurt others close to them before. The strange rat-things that poisoned Johann's parents, the cultists who have corrupted his people in the past, and were not removed easily, even the orcs seem to have a personal hatred of the family.

Other possible losses are a more far-flung partner, one with contacts far away who can expand the horizons of opprotunity, or that, as a Sollander, though not a militant one, he may excite factions that would have been silent.

Nuptial Agreements: Johann requires nothing less than an equal partner, some one to share in his power and his troubles. He would become Baron of Sonnefurt, she Gräfin of Steingart and the lands attached (Mendelhof, Jengen). They would share names, Bieter in Steingart, von Heisenburg in Sonnefurt. He wants a competent adviser as well as a wife, something he is sure the Baroness can offer. Their first son would rule Sonnefurt, as the more significant realm, while their second would rule Steingart. If their is not sons, or no second sons, if the people will allow he would be content with daughters to rule. If only one of either is born, s/he will rule both lands. No children would return the lands to their closest kin.

Johann's Personality: Kind, grim, thick-skinned, and with a rich sense of humor, he is nonetheless still a knight, formerly of the Blazing Sun, and has courage and intellect to match his former Chaptermaster status. That Knighthood does give him a bit of an arrogance that is somewhat off-putting, and he generally believes he is smarter than most people, however he is well aware that he does not know everything, and tries to keep up a modest front. His four years in Nuln University give him a good understanding of most topics, and his time travelling about the Old World during his Knight's Journey (the two years spent travelling by every Knight of the Blazing Sun, in order to learn the basics of tactics and command. Travelers often organize the defenses of small communities under siege or lead expeditions to rescue captured peasants or slay marauding beastmen) gives him a cosmopolitan flair. Still, he has demons, and often scowls without cause, giving off a haunted demeanor. His love of dwarves is representative of this, and his manners in court, while fine in the stone halls of Karak Wyr, seem out of place in the manors of the Empire. Still, he has seen enough of such engagements to not seem the bumpkin, and he has often been complimented as an excellent dance partner.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Igor Waster van Dwi sat in the armoured wagon that he used to travle the world and watched threw one of the port holes as the Sonnfert plains rolled by.
"It's a stunning land" Igor thought "It's allmost like Tilea! No wonder the Baroness lives here"
A bump made Igor allmost fall out of his chair
"Ranald must be laughing his ass off at me for building this thing" Igor thought

The Wagon was a huge wood and metal monster that needed at least 16 horses to pull it. Igor took no chances however and normaly used 18 horses but just to impress the Baroness he had hitched up 24 horses
The thing's body was made out of Darkwald Oak and it's axels and wheels were made from the extra strong rare wood that the Dwarves knew as Wutroth
Covering it's whole body were half a cm thick steel plates forged in Nuln. Only a cannon ball or magic bolt could penatrate the thing's monster like hide
Inside things were sparse. On the floor was a cheap but well made Tilean rug that over the years had become rather ragged at the edeges over the years.
At the front, inclosed in a small room was a small but well used bed just big enough fot two.
In front of that was Igor's writeing desk with built in book shelfs on eather side where Igor kept all his books, jurnals and contracts and just to the front of that sat three chairs where Igor could talk to his heirlings and bosses.
On the left and takeing up most of the left wall, was a weapon rack and it was covered by weapons as it's namesake.
Pistols of all sorts, swords, blunt weapons, axes and all matter of other strange weapons were there and near there and takeing the rest of the space on that side was an armour rack that held Igor's armour
On the right side were a number of paintings and a wine rack and a small tabe and cabnit where Igor could serv food and keep glasses, forkes, knives and the like.
On a good day he could cramp six people inside if he wished

Looking at it now however Igor felt small. This was no pinncess' coach, no kingly carrage. It was just an armoured wagon as, despite the fact he cheaped out and saved like no one els he was still not the richest man. Why would the Baroness choose him?

He took out the letter, stroked his thick moustash and begain to read...

Dear Igor Waster van Dwi
You are here by invited to a ball at the country home of Baroness Katarina van Heisenburg of Sonnefurt, who, wishes to meat you in person and here of you and your adventures. Should you come you will be chosen for a possable hand for marrage for the Baroness

Thank you

The People of Sonnefurt

Strange he thought as he put the letter down. Why him? He had only accepted as it was about gods damned time he found a new lover and maybe even, if things went well that was, a wife
Well it really dose not matter he thought If this woman is a pretty as they claim her to be I really don't care about her people's reasons for inviteing me, oh how nice it would be to have a nice girl again

His thoughts then turned dark as he thought about Franka, his last and only lover and her long and grusome death at the hands of the Skaven
Nigh on ten years now old beloved he thought. He then gave a deep sigh I should have gotten you out of the business sooner, I could have saved you from that damn Skitterclaw Sigmar rot his fur covered hide
Shakeing his head he smiled
Tis a new day though, Franka would want me to do this, to be happy as i was before her death and even if the Baroness will not have me I am sure there are many other grils in Sonnfert...
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Some time later, after the dinner plates had been taken away and the wine had been uncorked, Derek and Elayna Contyre sat near the fire, hazy with drink and food.
The day had gone rapidly after Elayna had arrived, while she had disappeared into her private rooms to shower and sleep off the journey, Derek had spent nearly five hours in his office pouring through the work that he needed to finish and send out to his estate manager who had just departed for a tour of the Barony to inspect everything.

The warm smell of burning wood was comforting and the two simply relaxed and talked of simple things, life in Wissenland, farming and the peace that reigned over this part of the Empire.
"Well I still don't see what my father is thinking sending you down here Elayna, if he wishes to replace me..."
"No, no Derek." She smiled. "Nothing like that, he wants you to marry. This Baroness of Sonnefurt, her letter to you intrigued him and he made some enquiries with his contacts in Nuln and beyond. "
"She is a cousin of the Countess von Liebewitz, third in line for the Electoral seat, or so he was told."
"So a political marriage it is then? All to gain Stattenland its hold on an Electoral vote." He looked at her plainly, annoyed it took her this long to come to the subject he had been dreading.
She smiled entreatingly at him.
"Don't think of it like that, think of it as an adventure you have never experienced before. The fun you could have, raising your own children, allowing me to spoil them rotten for you." Elayna gained a far away look in her eyes and began staring into the fire and smiling.
"Elayna, come back to earth. I havent even met the Baroness, not once, how can I be expected to marry someone I haven't even met before?"
His sister looked back to him and laughed, a cold hard laugh.
"You do what every daughter of a nobleman does throughout history Derek, you force yourself to get used to it.
"Have not I been courted by half the nobles in the Northern Empire? Yet my father has his eyes set on Konrad Ludenhof, Aldebrand's son and heir to the throne of Hochland. Did not I get the choice of Husband?" Derek avoided her gaze for some minutes afterwards.

He had hit upon a sore point, Konrad Ludenhof, almost seven years younger than her was still a child in her eyes and yet she was expected to marry him when their father eventually forced Aldebrand's hand to the negotiating table for her.
"Elayna I am sorry, I know how much pressure you are under by father to marry, I am still surprised he let you come down here though."
She gave him a look that told a thousand words.
"He didn't did he? Thats why you came down on Caspian, because you ran." She nodded and bit her lip.
"Oh Derek, I had to see you, you know me more than anyone else, I needed to tell someone who would listen about how terrified I am by this. "Father and Brother Lillerman won't even listen, he keeps preaching about Sigmars will and the 'betterment of the empire'. Like that isn't a load of complete horse shit."
Derek's eyes opened wide at that, he never knew where she got her language from but it certainly had never been him.
"Elayna you can't hide here forever, you know eventually the river will bring the Armoured Guard and with them a letter for you  about how terrible and what an embarrasment you've been and how you have to come home." Elayna shot him a frightened stare, but he continued;
"But until then, have fun and relax here. I wont tell father you came, not unless he is here himself looking for you."
Her relief flooded her face fully and she almost let a tear run down her cheeks, he had forgotten how young she was sometimes.

"And what about my own arrangement, can I run away from that?" He said half jokingly half serious, in an attempt to lighten the mood.
She laughed at him.
"Yes Derek, like I won't be in enough trouble as it is coming here, you want me to sabotage fathers plans too? I would be flogged for such a disobedience." They both laughed at that, knowing full well that a flogging would come no where near Elayna or her back.
"But seriously, you need to leave and go see this Baroness at least and find out if she wants you to marry her, until then you aren't allowed back here." Though she was smiling, Derek knew she was serious in her threat.
"Alright, I will ride there tomorrow, the Ball isn't for a week at least anyway, so I should go there on business, I have some dispatches here from our trade contacts in the Border Princes, they need a closer staging point than Nuln for our goods, as the taxes imposed by von Liebewitz is crippling their profits."
Elayna thought about this before answering.
"Well as I came through Nuln on my way here I did hear talk of tax impositions of Sonnefurt too, although they aren't nearly as bad as ours in Nuln, maybe you could work out a deal with the Baroness regarding trade while you are there trying to court her?"
"Always the businesswoman aren't you?" Derek said.
"I managed to sweeten the deal for our supply of Kislevite vodka didn't I, that Baron was being surprisingly stubborn about it."
"Yes Elayna, because a bat of your eyelids and a choice corset doesn't give you everything you want?"
He smiled and knew it was true. She had after all wrapped most of the courtiers in Hamburg around her little finger doing that, although it had never worked on him, mainly because he had stopped falling for her eyelid batting and pout when he was seven.
"You are no fun Derek, always seeing through my intrigues." She batted her eyes while smiling stupidly.
"It won't work, your not coming to this Ball Elayna. You would offront the host and probably get me nothing. Actually, why don't you come? I could use a thing or two going wrong to stop me getting married."
She looked offended.
"I would neve come between you and true love Derek Contyre, now get out of here and get some sleep, I'm waking the household up at first light to get rid of you."

Derek sighed and stood, stretching. "As you wish sister. Goodnight, on the morrow then."
She nodded at him as he turned towards his private chambers.
"Oh Derek!" He turned; "Don't forget those trade papers, we need a solid trade route down here, make sure you at least get that."
Rolling his eyes, he plodded off to bed.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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"37," thought Johann, "I am a 37 year old, unmarried nobleman. What does that say about me?" He was moving at a good clip, his small, almost dainty feet and long legs carrying him swifter than his fastest porters. "Knud? Are you coming?" Behind him, moving slowly but steadily, puffing as he went, was his best friend, mentor, and almost adoptive father Hardeknud Knudsen, the old Norscan who had taught him how to rule since his father's death. "You might not be young, Johann Fritzsen, but I'm 64! I couldn't race like you when I was 20, and I won't now. *pant, pant* So you slow down, that damned thing will wait for us!" Johann smiled, he was right of course, Giuseppe's monster would wait for them, but he was excited. He had waited for this day for a long time.

*a gust of steam erupts*"You sure about this, boy?" "Come on, you old ox, it's only for a couple of days before we reach Pahl, then it's a carriage to Wusterburg, and a ship to Sonnefurt." "I just don't like it, does it have to smoke like that?" " You'd think you were scared, Knud, Giuspeppe promised his engineer....*scratches chin* err...Miliardo was a good one. I think it will be alright." "So you said when you tricked me into coming with you on this goosechase." *from above* "Hello gentlemen! Ready for our little trip?" Johann took the rope ladder presented and climbed up, Knud following, albeit with a face that looked eerily like a dog in wagon on a bumpy road, just knowing that something bad is going to happen, but without any proof.

"...and You said it would be fine!" "It was fine Knud, Giuseppe's leg is going to fine, your hand is fine, and my bruises are nothing serious. We're here, and that's what matters. End of Discussion." "Alright, but you won't catch me on that thing again."

He liked Sonnefurt, it reminded him of Giuseppe's home near Trantino, so light and airy and carefree, it had nothing but smooth sailing ahead. That was how he always felt, even the few times he had been there. It made him feel so much less...heavy. It took the weight from his shoulders for a little while, and he forgot the way Wilheim had always shaken his hand when they met, instead of the more appropriate bow, or that lilting tone Louis had in his voice when he was angry. He forgot his old friends, and his old troubles, and just looked forward to a new day.

The room in the Runic Tankard, a large, dwarf-run inn in the Market District, was large by Dwarven standards, but small by most others. Not Johann's, however, he enjoyed the spartan setting. Some old friends from the Border Princes had asked him to stay with them in a suite above the Broken Lance, but he had an older and dearer friend sitting across from him. "So, how have you fared since Berek's feast all those years ago?" The dwarf looked up and chuckled, "Better than that night, I can tell ya! But in truth, munlin', things have gone well for me. I'm a Vein-Captain now, at the mines near Tierhugel, and I have a place in the Guild. Couldn't ask for more with two hands." Johann was happy for his friend, still, there was something he had to ask that might ruin his good cheer. "Sorry Ton, but you know what I have to ask." "Oh no! You're not dragging me into another mess like in Mendelhof, everytime I introduce you to an Elder, something bad happens. I won't do it." "Don't worry so much Ton, sure I messed up with Folke, but this is different, I need to get a foothold here if I'm ever going to get anywhere. I need to meet Herr Stromsson. My Borderlands friends can get me into Prince Lanke's confidence, I have my ways of getting merchant and noble support, but I need your help to breach that damn iron wall into the dwarven community. I promise if you do this for me, I'll never ask another boon of you." 

He liked this area, and he was ready to spend some time there. Hopefully a long time.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Awesome stuff guys  :eusa_clap:

So looking forward to reading tons of your stuff when I get back, hopefully there'll be a library to read by then  :happy:

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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The next morning Derek awoke at dawn, the feeble sunlight bringing him out of his sleep instantly, his years of soldiering not forgotten.
The villa was quiet, like it always is in the minutes preceding dawn before the servants begin making the tumultuous noise associated  with a country villa. Derek slowly walked out of his room, his brown and green travelling clothes well made to suit his style of travel, light and swift, fitted him still.
He wore the sabre that had been given to him by a grateful Kislevite lancer after he had saved his life in the Storm of Chaos five years ago. In his belt were two loaded pistols and in a long leather case over his back was his longbow and arrows. His boots were made of brown leather and came to his knees, they too were made for travelling and hunting.
Even with all of his gear he moved silently and swiftly through the villa, the last thing he needed was to awaken Elayna.

Outside was an honour guard of fifteen mounted men, they had been well prepared for the journey south since yesterday and their saddlebags were full of expected equipment, from food and sundries to extra tents, pegs and weapons.
Instead of the usual full plate armour these greatswordsmen wore they had padded jackets with maille over the top, their tabards sported the Contyre coat of arms; a quartered red, white, blue and yellow field with a green griffon.
To protect their arms and legs the guard had taken steel greaves and pauldrons, and each had a circular cavalry shield and light lance. But in the saddlebags behind them could be seen their signature weapon, their huge Zweihanders stuck out at odd angles. Sallets protected their heads.
Derek looked at them all and recognised their faces, all these men were his personal bodyguards and had fought with him for over five years. At their head, sitting like a perched falcon, was Dietrich Hemmler, Captain of the Greatswordsmen and close friend and mentor to Derek. In his late forties, Dietrich had been a career soldier for over twenty years. A scar ran down one cheek, a gift from a chaos warrior in the north, his black hair he let grown long and he tied back when on duty. He was armoured in the same way as his men, but wore a steel currais.
 Dietrich nodded to Derek as his eyes settled on his young charge.

Derek nodded and accepted his red woollen cloak from a nearby porter.
"Keep my sister company, and farewell. I hope to return with a wife!" Derek said as he leapt onto Caspian his Pegasus and twirled him around and through the lines of men. Two at a time the guard followed him until they had all disappeared out of the gate of the villa.

The company rode hard at first, to put the villa over the horizon, and of course to act like they were in an important hurry, but once out of site the company slowed to a canter. Derek rode at the fore of the party, the road being eaten up by the horses.
The company rode south, along the border of the Barony of Wusterburg and around the hills, the day was warm, the sun shone and the birds sang.
Feeling completely at ease, Derek allowed his guards to relax a little and tell bawdy jokes and do some singing to lighten the mood and make the time go faster. Dietrich rode to his side and sat silent, brooding on the next strand of trees to come into view.
"What troubles you Dietrich? I have never seen you this sullen before." Derek probed.
"My lord, permission to speak?"
"I have not given it? Well then, permission to speak captain."
"In the years after the war, we have been peaceful neighbours, cooperating with the rest of Wissenland and trying to forget the past, is that not so?"
"That is a correct observation yes." Derek frowned in thought, his guard captain was never this skittish before, usually as blunt as his fighting style. Up close and personal.
"Then why have bandits been plaguing the different baronies all last year? I thought the leaders of both sides agreed to help each other and cooperate to destroy such bandit nests." Derek frowned more now, the bandit activity had increased in recent months. They especially upped the ante after this marriage was declared across Wissenland. Merchant caravans, peaceful travellers, noblemen, peasants and freemen, all have been stung by the banditry across province.
"What troubles you Dietrich, the bandits have not struck Nuestaat hard yet, thanks to your own efforts and that of the De Crux to the west. As I thought, the situation was being kept under control excellently. I was even going to write to my father and request that you and your boys get a pay rise in addition to some leave."
Dietrich's chest swelled with pride as he took the compliment, his huge black moustache twitched as he smiled.
"What troubles me you Grace is that I don't think the late bandit activity is what it seems. Someone is pulling serious strings in this part of the Empire and I don't like it when people begin robbing other people with an ulterior motive."
Derek looked long and hard at his trusted friend.
"You are sure about this? What is your evidence?" It wasn't that Derek didn't believe him, it was more that he didn't want to.
"Several bandit groups were ambushed and trapped by a company of our scouts and men of the Wusterburg Barony, though the men put up a desperate resistance, the cavalry of Wusterburg rode them into the ground." Derek nodded, he had fought with the soldiers of the Barony before and he knew what their cavalry could do to a group of lightly armed bandits.
"But when we inspected the dead afterwards it was strange, they had no personal effects that bandits in this region carry with them. Things like plunder and modified weapons, trinkets and other religious items. Nothing. Just a haphazard collection of clothing, armour and weapons. Although we did find something, several strips of cloth with the inscription SS inside a sun. What could that mean?"
Derek shrugged, he had no idea of the dirtier politics in Wissenland, seeing as he was buried in work and that this was a very new Barony, even the neighbours had only just started talking to each other through the thin walls of the Town of Nuestaat.
"I don't know my friend, but if it is against the common man's peace, then I promise we will do all in our power to prevent a tragedy taking place."

The company rode past the forest on their left silently, at first at a canter, but as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, they broke into a gallop. The trees looked friendly enough, but after the conversation Derek and the captain had just had, the veteran soldiers took no chance of their lord being attacked so far from the security of reinforcements and medical help.

After ten minutes of galloping, Derek called a halt several miles from the border, in a small strand of trees. Grassland stretched all around them, and if it wasn't for the enormous Black Mountains range in the far south, they probably could of gotten lost. Dismounting from Caspian, Derek brushed him down and gave him some feed from his feed back, the Pegasus whinnied gratefully.
Captain Dietrich oversaw the watering of both horses and men, while several saddle sore soldiers sighed audibly as they lay flat out on the shady ground. Though it was a cool day, the sun still beat down mercilessly. Derek rested his head on his folded up cloak and soon fell into a doze.

The border approached rapidly, it was close to sunset and the company were galloping hard for the river crossing of Ertingen. Shouts from men and women walking the road receded into the distance as any who got in the way of this group of horsemen were almost ridden down.
"Your grace! The lighthouse, it is lit!" Gunther yelled out from behind Derek and to his left.
"The ferry makes one more trip before sunset, if we push hard we can make it before it goes!" Derek shouted and pushed Caspian to his galloping limit on the ground. Caspian whinnied and renewed his effort.
The troop thundered through the gate, causing the group of four town watch to shout in alarm and begin chasing after them.
"There, listen, the bell!" Dietrich yelled over the din. Derek could hear the tolling of the ferry bell, so close he could almost see it. People shouted and cursed as the men rode through the town like a thunderstorm, people dove out of the way of the armoured riders, their pennants bearing the Contyre coat of arms fluttering with the speed of their traversing.
Suddenly the buildings ahead of them cleared and the river exploded into view in front, and there, fifteen meters out from the shore, the ferry began pulling into the current of the Sol and drifting towards Sonnefurt on the opposite shore. Derek pulled on Caspian's reigns hard, the Pegasus floored his hooves and pulled cobblestones out of the ground, the horsemen behind him barely stopping before falling into the river.

Derek cursed and turned to see thirty men armed with spears and swords behind them, pointing them at him.
A large, fat man with a minuscule hat on his huge head stepped forth, he held a baton in one hand and a cudgel in the other.
"You sirs are under arrest for disturbing the peace of Ertingen, almost running the chief of the watch down and, and. . .
AND FOR DESTRUCTION OF PUBLIC PROPERTY!" The fat man screamed at Derek and pointed to Caspian's feet where cobblestones had been ripped from the ground.
The watchmen advanced on the mounted soldiers, they lowered their lances in anticipation of combat but Derek waved his hand in the air.
Lances resumed their skyward watch.
"I believe I have the right to know who attempts to arrest me and my men?" Derek asked patiently, looking at the large, fat man as he did so.
"You do at that sir, I am Mayor Walter Heim, and I accuse you of these crimes in Ertingen."
Derek paused thoughtfully, he knew that name from the invitation he carried in his pocket and knew that to ostracise one of the council would hurt his efforts with the Baroness.
"And I demand to know the names I will inscribe on the stocks for your crime of disturbing the peace and destruction of property." The mayor looked like he was sweating with fear, although it could be from anger.
"You have that right my friend, I am Derek Contyre, Duke of Nueremburg and Baron of Nuestaat, come from a long and hot days ride to earn and hopefully win the hand of your fair Baroness. I must apologise to you and your townsfolk of coming through here in such a rush, but we stopped several miles outside of town and slept a little too long in this lazy sun. Here," Derek reached into his saddlebags and, pulling out a pouch, shook it and smiled as the silver inside made a satisfying tinkling, chucked it to the mayor, " That should repair the damage I have done inconsiderately." Mayor Heim caught the pouch with a practised eye and opened it. His eyes opened wider than he pouch and he hurriedly closed it and stuffed it into his pants.
"Your Grace! I never knew you had arrived, otherwise I would of stopped the ferry for you."
"It is of no matter, this gives me time to see your beautiful town." Derek smiled at him and looked at the ferry disappearing into the distance. He could see a man looking back at him, he appeared tall and well built, early thirties. His dark red cloak fluttered in the breeze and as the sun set behind him he could see the man's black hair shot with grey. An old Norseman appeared next to him and the two sat back down on the ferry.
Derek turned his attention back to the Mayor as he was explaining how his grace could stay at his house for the evening.
Derek accepted and followed him, a nagging feeling that he had just missed one of his rivals...
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Hmm, I believe ill join this affair with Eowold Von Mahler, second son of the noble family in Hohenburg.
Had a few ideas which could pose interesting.
Will knock up one of them character sheets tonight if another suitors allowed.

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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I see the fluff writing has begun! :::cheers:::

Oh and Chev ... LP has mentioned its ok for additional suitors to partake in the event, so you're good to go. :icon_cool:
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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I thought it better to post up about thw change as, according to my last post, I'd be using a warrior priest type chap and not a suitor.

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Dear Mother

It is with my greatest hope that this finds you, father and Anita well and in good health.

Our journey is almost complete. Yet I am afraid to inform you that the yacht sustained some minor damage when we were beset by rogues from the woods, no doubt after plunder. Alexander and myself are perfectly fine, as are many of our company, It was great luck that Doktor Kohler is with us, for his skills have been put to good use.

All about us the signs of war are evident in a much higher proportion than that we witnessed downstream - the rebuilding work from the Solland Effort well underway. The newer battlescars across the land are due as you know to the recent armed invasion of Sonnefurt by its Sollander neighbours - it was Alexander's and father's Volunteer's actions which saved the day in the eleventh hour and for this my brother gained his Knighthood from the Council of the City.

I am excited in seeing the town, for I have had many dealing through The Company with it, yet never having set foot there myself. My contacts tell me it is a veritable jewel of the south, a bastion of learning and industry. I shall see how it rivals great Nuln.

Your Loving Son

Folding the letter away, Leopold carefully picked up the small scrap of dirty cloth he had found amongst the dead. The star emblem, was of course obviously a symbol of Old Solland, but the monogram within of the two 'S' was most unusual. He had not informed Alexander about this, for he was afraid his brother's boorish attitude might not only ruin Father's plans but escalate the situation from a number of bandits to a full-blown war.

The yacht had stopped to take on supplies at the town of Wusterburg. The town itself was quite a surprise to Leopold as he stepped off the yacht, instead of the sprawling mass of hovels he, as a city-bred Nulner expected, he saw a thriving town of merchants, traders and fishermen. The docks were large and well populated with river ships and sheltered from the currents of the river even great bridge span over to another small town on the far bank, a marvel to behold.

The townsfolk however, were not welcoming to the large ship bearing the Red Lion of Nuln. Alexander along with the majority of the rowers and sailors immediately marched off into the town to find a decent tavern, leaving Leopold to oversee the purchasing of supplies, something he did not mind at all - he haggled with relish, all his shyness and insecurity forgotten in those few minutes. With a decent price squeezed out of the dockyard merchants, Leopold settled into an armchair on the deck of the ship and gazed at the bustle of the river port.

Tomorrow they would arrive in Sonnefurt amid a fanfare, Father had ordered several of their agents to the town in advance, the leisurely pace of Galloper giving them enough time to organise proceedings.

His insecurities returned after the brief exchange with the trader, Leopold ran a hand through his hair, anxiety written across his face.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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"Welcome to Sonnefurt, gentlemen!" Johann boomed over the assembled horseflesh and steel in front of him, "I hope you are prepared for a lengthy stay!" He smiled wryly at his men as they cheered, 20 of the best and most loyal knights from his old Chapterhouse at Pahl, aurous pennants flying and the black and gold of their order emblazoned on every surface, the Blazing Sun rose that day in Sonnefurt.

He led his men to the house he had rented(they would be instrumental in his official entrance into town before the ball), after the first few nights in the Tankard, he had accomplished his goal. The Elder had been a hard dwarf to crack, but enough ale greases the door of the most stubborn mind. He himself had declared never to touch ale in such quantity as long as he should live, shuddering slightly at the memory. Still, he was sure the old dwarf would support, him, and that would have weight. This house on the other hand had been an easy acquisition, and as he drifted off to the memory, the jingle of harness and of mail almost put him to sleep.

"... very pleased to meet you, Lord Bieter." "Indeed Lord Zell, I hear great things of you from my friend." "Oh, indeed? And who might that be?" "An employee by the name Ton Greyhammer, a Vein-Captain in the copper mine on the east end." "Ah, Master Greyhammer, I do indeed know the name. Stopped a cave-in a few weeks ago, and has led his section well, I was thinking of making him an overseer of his part of the mine, he has the head for it easily." "I'm glad you think as highly as I of him. As I say, he speaks highly of you, and I simply wished to meet with this great personage, while I am in town." "You are one of the Baroness's suitors, are you not?" "Indeed, Lord Zell, that I am. She has captivated me for years, and I have long thought her decisions wise, and in keeping with the best of noble tradition. Wouldn't you agree?" "Oh indeed sir, indeed. So few outside the court are willing to say that in this age. You couldn't imagine the number of parties and lobbies trying to curry favor whilst whispering behind her back. They are small, rat-like things still, nothing worth worrying about, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing for it." "Oh, indeed Lord Zell, I quite agree." Their glasses chink together with a satisfying ring, each drink but lightly from the cut crystal glasses, the wine fine and aged, a bottle with the Baronial vintage stamped upon it sits on the desk, the two nobles eye each other from behind their cups.

After that, Lord Zell, or Lord Herman, as he had requested, had been most able to offer the use of a small country house of his in exchange for a nominal rate. His men now slept in a long barracks adjacent to the house, setting their fine burnished armor on the collapsible stands he had had made for them. It was another of Milliardo's ideas. He chuckled at the thought. Knud had a chamber nearby him, and now that his leg was recovered, Giuseppe had joined them, the dashing Tilean demanding for a suite, and so while he was lord of the house, it was Giuseppe that took the master's rooms, and had quickly filled them, for the pampered prince never traveled with out his "necessaries" as he called them. Bookshelves, globes, vanities, wardrobes, a piano, paintings, an easel and other painting equipment, a harp, his mistress Liona, her bed, his bed, and a host of other pointless and useless items that only a Tilean could imagine. Indeed, due to his friend's excess, Johann had been forced to fit the large master bed into his much smaller room, meaning that his room was essentially a bed, with a couple of small chests beneath it for his lesser clothes, and his fine clothes had had to be kept in Giuseppe's room, for there was simply no more room. He already installed a cabinet above the bed on the wall for his own necessities, a few books, a few half-written treatises, armor polish, sword polish, gold wire, less any should be damaged on his armor, and a small group of lesser items like keepsakes, letters, and trophies.

Johann was pacing that small room now, after Zell, Lanke, and Stromsson, he wasn't quite sure who to meet with next. It seemed obvious to him, that from his talks with Zell, he needed Merchant support, but that would be hard coming, as Sonnefurt had no need to open trade with his graviate, it had been so for years, so he needed a new angle for that group. He couldn't offer them more power, he couldn't offer more money, but there had to be something he could do...Suddenly there was a knock at his door, annoyed he opened the door to find Giuseppe Asfazzio leaning rakishly on his door, curling his black mustache in  that pompous manner. Even with all the irritations he had made for Johann, all the trouble, it was all he could do not to leap at his old friend, hug him tight, and dare the world to take him away, "What are you playing at, Han? I still can't believe you're trying to get married." "You're married, you've married twice." "And both times it was to unlovable dogs with a lot of money and very little sense. That's what a man like you should be doing. A pretty noblewoman is a dangerous one, never trust them my friend." "I don't trust her, I don't know her yet, but from what I understand she can be what I need, and I be what she needs." "Really, and what do you need, because I promise I can find a combination of whores and friends that can do it better." "I need an ally, a partner, someone just as competent as I am who can run a land as well as I. I need someone who is smart, loyal, popular, and above all, secure. I need someone who won't die, and will be there to catch me if I fall." "I have got to say Han, you are depressing to be around. You wallow in self-destructive philosophy, I'm going to have some fun with Liona. If you need me, just whistle." He laughed as he walked away, a series of short, ringing sounds not unlike the clink of glasses. The clink of glass...He knew what to do.
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Name and Title: Marshall Eowold Von Mahler


Their motivations for the marriage:
Eowold is the second son of the ruling noble family of Hohenburg, Hochland. As such, he stands to inherit little on his father’s death, Most of the estate will go to his brother.  Eowold looks to make connections in a step up the nobility ladder. Although Eowold takes the revenues from Flussdorf, A small village between Hohenburg and the Flaschgang river, He has little land to his name.

What the Baroness stands to gain:
 Little land, Some solid trade connections to northern Hochland. Military connections and reinforcements. Eowold commands many who’ve follow him through various campaigns,and although not all of them would be able to travel to Wissenland and back at his beck and call, Many would.  These men consist of various troop types, not just your typical town militia.

What the Baroness stands to lose:

Possible face infront of other nobility, Marrying a lower class of nobility would likely offend some families which could result in lost connections.

Nuptial Agreements on the leadership of Sonnefurt:
 The Baroness would take the Von Mahler name for all occasions outside of Sonnefurt, There she would be able to retain her previous name. Eowold would choose those in charge of Sonnefurts military efforts and have approval of all campaign propositions.


A reserved character, Eowold would be considered the “Strong silent type”, Keeping his opinions to his private quarters unless his opinion publicly required.  He has recently developed an independent state-of-mind, partly forced by his father’s favouritism of his brother, Normal in nobility with multiple heirs. Eowold hopes to gain enough estate to setup family and gain an heir for himself. He is proud of his home-state, Hochland, and would continue to serve it’s elector count, Aldebrand Ludenhof.

Didnt fill in too much information as i'd like people to decide his personality and such via his methods and actions throughout the storyline.
(And i'm lazy)
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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The Galloper, all fifty foot of her breezed into Sonnefurt harbour, its sleek lines giving the impression that it simply glided over the choppy river waters. Its pennants of the Nuln Red Lion and the Von Plauten Bronze Key on Blue background flew merrily from the masts for all to see that the suitor from Nuln had arrived at last into Sonnefurt.

The bank of oars on both sides raised themselves in unison, a salute to the town. This brought an applause from the crowd of  townspeople packed down at the docks for the festivities - for Leopold's father's agents had done their job well, spending a generous amount of money on free ale for to everyone, various stalls for playing games of dice, a couple of games of 'Turnip Shy' and various jugglers, acrobats and entertainers. The smell of roast pig floated about the air.

As the yacht floated alongside the pier, the crowd gave another cheer as a rank of Black-coated soldiers stood stiffly to attention, their bronze armour gleaming in the sunlight. Due to the short war with Kroppenleben, and the intervention of the Nuln Volunteers, those from the City-State were very well liked by those in the Barony, the merest hint in a tavern that you're from Nuln will raise a series of voices offering to buy you drinks.

The atmosphere was electric as Alexander and Leopold stepped out onto the deck, a great cheer going up as the crowd spied Alexander's officer uniform. He waved and smiled amiably. Leopold just looked sullen. The crowd ignored him.

Alexander raised his hand to speak; "I am terribly happy to be back among you People". The crowd, confused, clapped this anyway.

The unit of guards marched down the gangplank, followed by the two brothers. There at the pier to meet them were an assortment of civic leaders including the merchants Aldred Guttman and Miengot Elzacher representing the Council of Sonnefurt and Albert Frank, the local boss of the Soll Shipping Company, a man Leopold liked very much, as they shared similar traits.

"So glad you could come" intoned Guttman in his monotone voice. "Welcome to Sonnefurt, Sir Alexander" he looked over to Leopold, "And to you, Herr von Plauten, an absolute pleasure you chose to come all this way in search of love" Leopold nodded, silent.

Unperturbed, Elzacher spoke up "Arrangements have been made for your stay, gentlemen, I do hope you will have a pleasant time before the ball next week, perhaps see the sights of our fair Barony"

The procession of Councillors and the two Nulners began the slow walk up to the carriages waiting in the street above them, the two files of soldiers, Sonnefurters and Nulners joined up behind them and the sound of men marching in step thudded through the noise of the crowds.


The 'Merchant Venturers' had set up a beautiful mansion in the Upper River Side of Sonnefurt for the two von Plautens and their entourage. The current owner was away on business in Nuln, and had offered the grand house and gardens to the two men from the City-State most graciously. The Galloper was moored safely in the Marina not far away, dwarfing all the other pleasure barges and small yachts of the local aristocracy and rich merchants, its crew billeted in a number of taverns across the town or inside the ship itself.

The detachment of Marschall's Guards remained with the von Plautens, as both a bit of ceremonial swank and as an actual guard, for there were many irregularities between suitors of an especially rich heiress.

Leopold sat in the gardens with Albert, their conversations about the dealings of the Soll Shipping Company in Sonnefurt long tired out. They returned to other things instead, they both had a love of the cosmopolitan life of Nuln, and they lived very close in the University District, Leopold's townhouse there simply to get away from his Father's disappointed eyes and had become fast friends.

"So tell me of the Baroness von Heisenburg, Albert"

The civil-servant-turned-merchant chuckled. "Quite the wildcat in her youth, they say. Though she's mellowed out as she's gotten older, i'd say. Probably what all this fuss about a wedding is all about"

"Does she love poetry, Albert? Or the theatre? Can she discuss philosophy on a cold winter's night before the fire?"

Albert looked at Leopold, startled. "I wouldn't know, Leo, I've only met her twice! I know the colour of her hair and that's the completeness of my knowledge!"

Leopold looked down, morosely.

"But, perhaps I can help you." Albert smiled. "There is a man here, her old teacher. Name of Arthtiknes, a well learned man. You've probably heard of his plays, they sometimes get as far as Nuln, Altdorf even."
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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"Rodrigo, I have need of your help." "Han, you are as a brother to me, but you only just arrived, what possible need could you have for my help. I've already promised to get you an audience with Prince Lanke, and General Marco said he'd talk to you when you wanted, what more could you need?" "You've said you had dealings with many of the wine merchants in the area?" "Why yes, I consider myself somewhat of an authority on the subject.  You know, me and Sir Gilles often spend summer afternoons sipping fine vintages and talking wine, there was once.." "Thank you Rodrigo, but I need your help arranging contact with a...err..Thomas Leerer?" "Lemann, I believe you mean. Yes, yes, Tom Lemann I know the man, biggest vintner this side of Meissen." "Aye that's the one. Do you think you could get me a moment with him?"

"Uhhhh, perhaps, but he's a very busy man." "Whenever you can." "I'll see what I can do, just don't say I promised, because I can offer no guarantee. Oh and by the way, Prince Lanke said he'd see you today, sometime around 3 and a quarter bell." "Why so exact?" "He's deposed nobility, he has a bit of an insecurity problem." "Thank you Rodrigo, you won't regret this when I'm Baron." "So you say, me, I have my money on some Nulner. I've been here only a year, and I am already sure of it, any Nulner would please the Baroness." "You're discounting the legendary Bieter charm." "Listen Han, I've met Maximillian, the Bieter charm is less legendary than infamous." "Maybe the Baroness likes dangerous men?" "I said infamous, not dangerous, there's a difference. Town drunks are infamous, but they're rarely dangerous." They laughed together for a moment, the Imperial and the Estalian, enjoying each other til Johann knew it was time to go. There was a Prince waiting for him.

He tightened his gloves as he walked toward the large townhouse, built in the style of a Tilean palazzo that had seemingly met with an angry god, having apparently been shrunk down to Sonnefurt's standard height. Over the door, the complicated eight part sigil of Lanke hung limp. Two guards stood at the door, in tight-fitting mail covering their overlarge bellies, one with an iron hauberk, with spontoons clenched in meaty hands. As he approached, they made an effort at attention, however this effect was largely ruined by the untimely slipping of the right hand soldier's mail from out his belt, causing an unfortunate flash of pale fat before it was thrust back beneath. The guard with the hauberk looked over Johann appraisingly for a moment, as if he actually intended to send a richly dressed noble on his way, before quietly nodding and opening his wide, frog-like mouth, "Appointment?" he lasily intoned, "Indeed sir, I am his Highness's 3 quarter bell." "You will address his Majesty as his...err..Majesty." "But Boss, that's not right, he hit me last time I did that." "I give the orders here, sergeant. And it's Captain Boss to you." "Of course boss." "Right then. I'll just check this out with his Majesty's clerk." and his excessively loud pronouncement, slipped inside the door. Exiting a moment later with a henpecked expression, he quietly said, "His Highness will see you now."

Lanke's office was both luxurious and yet had that feeling of needing a new coat of...something. The prince himself, an oddly shaped man with a thin, bare-boned chest and protruding stomach, his hairline receding both into his head and into grey, his long mustache gleaming with something approaching a waxed sheen, sat behind the odd pine desk, a strange, light colored piece for such a darkly rich room, and looked for all the world like a snake that has swallowed a particularly large mouse, and is quite proud of this feat. Motioning for him to sit, the Prince spoke in a completely unreadable dialect of Nielvan, an eastern language of the Border Princes, that somehow managed to be enough like the language not to be understandable in Reikspiel, but close enough to Reikspiel to not be understandable in Nielvan, which he spoke, "Vel, hov ish it tot you vant coma hare?" "I..um..." "Ut vith it." "Right, I come to offer you something in exchange for something else." "Ond vut mighut tot bay?" coming to see the patterns in his speech, "Respect, I offer a place in this land you've come to where your ideas are at least respected, if not always taken. In exchange, I need your support in the coming...competition." "You ara very open to may. Vy?" "I don't need to mince words, you don't strike as a man who enjoys small talk." "Ee om very imtereshted in your proposhishun. Tell may mora." Three hours later he left, another man added to his repertoire.

"...du Beaucamp, Contyre, de Crux, von Falkenhausen, Hochstahl, Pedini, von Plauten, and von Spur. That is the current number. You have your work cut out for you, without the wealth of Contyre, the sheer connections of de Crux, Hochstahl's youth, von Plauten's connections, von Spur's enterprises, du Beaucamp's flair, Pedini's obvious superiority *twirls mustache*, or von Falkenhausen's blood ties and sheer mystique. I'd say you haven't a hope." "You've always been a huge help, Seppy. Still, the names don't disturb me, though I am worried I'm the oldest suitor here. What does worry me is that last part, the 'current number'. I can handle what's here so far, but I can't win if the Emperor's cousin shows up. I need to meet these men, if I can work out their failings before we meet the princess, I'll know where to start when we do. I think I'll start with Duke Contyre, Cousin Hans knows his father." "Ah, they all in the.." "Yes, yes. That." "So who after that?" "Von Plauten I think, he maybe a sniveling weasel, but his brother's alright, and I think we can talk academics to break the ice. I saw him at the University once, nose in a book the whole time." "I'd come with you an help dunk him in the canal like we used to, but Liona has a headache, and requires my expert services." After he was gone, Johann sat and thought about the last time he had seen Derek Contyre, he was 15, the boy was maybe 4, perhaps a little older, Hans hadn't lost his hand or his eye yet, and Hans was talking to Seth, who wasn't Count yet, while Otto talked to Count Marius. It seemed so long ago.  The Count allowed him to stay the night, and he set out on his Knightly Journey the next day. He had cried that night, his mother and father had only been killed six months previous. He cried every night. The little boy had only been a merchant's son in those days, Derek Tussenburg, but he knew his name, and it had stuck with him when the boy went on to go so far. He leaned back on his mammoth bed. He was so old! 
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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"So this is Sonnefurt eh?" Igor muttered to himself as he jumped of the wagon
"Ah the stench of decay and despret liveing!" Warden-Sergeant Markus exclaimed troting his horse up to Igor "We are right at home sir!"
"Indeed!" Igor said laughing "Don't let the Baroness here you say that though she might get ideas!"
The bolth laughed again
"Orders sir?" Markus asked with a smile still plastered on his bearded face
"Dismount the men and then meet me here"
"Yes Sir!" Markus turned his horse and brawled to Igor's 69 bodyguard "DISMOUNT!!!"
In nearly perfect unison the guards dismounted and left to find some stables

About an hour later they were all 69, includeing Markus, makeing 70, were lined in a near perfect square, stareing straight ahead, with thier halbers, heavy chain mail and silver trimed helmets and brestplates glittering in the sun
Oh how he was proud of them! They were his friends, commrads and protectors and many had followed him to the gates of chaos and back some were even vets of the Lustria campaign!
"Allright lads! I know you don't know what this word means but relax!" Many laughed "It's about time you all got a break and we are going to be here for a while, so find a good inn, girl and ale or wine and just enjoy yourselfs! You lads deserve it!"
They cheared and soon begain to walk away and find what they were looking for
"You sure that was wise sir" Markus asked as he walked up "You may need us"
"Oh I have no doubt of that" Igor said "Thats why I sent you away"
"Yes for if I did not many would begin to think that I did not trust the Baroness' guards and they live, breath and die for her. Now what dose keeping you around say eh?"
"I see your point"
"Besides I will have you with me" Igor said smileing
"Erm..." Markus looked pale
"Not afraid are you?"
"Erm... no sir just a little.... I don't know. I just hate nobs they have tryed to kill me for that last 30 years or so"
"Ah my big bearded friend! What could go wrong!?!" Igor laughed
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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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Swinging the doors open ahead of him, Eowold Von Mahler stepped into his father’s. a wedding invitation held firmly in his grasp, a slight nervous quiver over took Eowold’s movement as he approached his fathers chair.
“Father, I wish t--..”
“AHA, Eowold, have you heard of your brother’s latest conquest?” Guffawed Wolfstan
“No sire, but I hav--..”
“The devil, He’s only gained the attention of half the ladies of Hergig’s upper society! Just like his father that boy!”
Wolfstan spoke with such pride of Ludwig, his eldest son, which left Eowold feeling ever unwanted and outcast.
“Father, I plan to travel to Wissenland and gain a lady’s hand in marriage” said Eowold, finally getting his sentence out. “Here, this is the invitation” he passed Wolfstan the letter.

Dear esteemed Nobleman,

Baroness Katarina von Heisenberg of the affluent Barony of Sonnefurt cordially invites you to a grand ball at her country villa.

At this ball, the Baroness will choose a husband from the prospective candidates, taking into consideration their wealth, political standing, ancestry and lineage.

Attached is an image of our radiant Baroness.

The Baroness eagerly awaits your arrival

The Council of Towns and Villages of Sonnefurt

“Hmmm, Very well.” Replied Wolfstan, an air of trepidation in his voice “Perhaps it’ll do you some good to take a woman’s company for some time.”
“Thank you, Father.  I leave tonight” said Eowold with a bow, He turned and headed for the doors.


Short, but justs gets my chap moving. Next part should actually be interesting as this is to just show his relationship with his father.

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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The fire crackled merrily in the grate, two armchairs sat near this fire, each with a small table which held two half glasses of brandy and a third larger table with a decanter full of the rich brown liquid.
Derek Contyre sat in the hazy smoke filled room with ease, in the next chair sat the young Mayor Walter Heim, his pipe puffing away slowly, the tobacco inhaled deeply before being breathed out in an impressive smoke ring that wafted towards the ceiling before being obliterated by the chandelier.
The sitting room they were in held numerous bookcases and shelves with small oddities atop and in between the numerous spines.
Mayor Walter looked over at his drinking companion and possibly future baron, the Duke was young in age but seemed far older for his years, he drank brandy the way an old general would, and he appeared immune to the effects of smoking.
Walter liked that.
"Tell me Contyre, what brings you so far from your northern caves? I hear the barbarians there are frightfully clingy when winter descends over the forests." A normal conversation was impossible between these two men after an hour in each other's company, all pretence of rank was dropped after the first glass of alcohol was consumed at dinner, though not teetotallers, the two nonetheless shared a bond only young men of rank share.
"I grew tired of their fury hides to be honest Heim, and preferred a great southern beauty to warm my heart during the fell snowstorms."
Though the disrespect was minimal, the Mayor didn't seem to mind, his Baroness was a great beauty after all and the two men shared a sip of brandy again.
"Well at least your taste has not degenerated into that of a Middenlander, Sigmar only knows who they get to warm themselves."
The chuckles continued for some time and the brandy slowly disappeared.
"Well Heim, we have danced around the subject for a while, and though talking of less serious things is a great deal less tedious, I must press the issue with you." Derek began, sipping more brandy.
"Press away my friend, the brandy won't drink itself, and there is always more for me while you talk, and for you while I answer." Walter smiled into his glass.
"Thank you, I wish to know the political climate of Sonnefurt, and also of the suitors for the Baroness' hand. I believe I saw one on the ferry this evening, a well built man, dark hair. Had an ancient Norseman with him."
Walter thought for a moment, his brow furrowing in concentration.
"Ah I have him now, that would be Graf Johann Bieter, a middle aged knight from a Barony close by, Steingart I believe. Rumours have been said that he has been eyeing off the Baroness for years, but it is strange he has never made a move before now."
"Maybe he has a father pushing him into it?" Derek morosely added, thinking of his own father in Stattenland.
"You? pushed into something? Why Contyre, it seems you look for an excuse to not court my lovely Baroness."
"You have me Heim, I travelled all this way to give up at the first sight of a man who before now had made no move." Derek replied sarcastically.
"Well I wouldn't of blamed you Contyre, the man is a local after all, you northerners were never really welcomed here to begin with."
Derek narrowed his eyes at him, "You speak the truth Heim?" he said with the least amount of malice he could summon. Which was difficult under the effects of the brandy.
"Why yes of course." Heim continued, oblivious to the fact that Derek had instantly become sober, "There are several factions here that dislike northern influence on our little Barony, though luckily I am not one of those, and nor are some of the more open merchants and council members that I know of."
Derek listened closely before replying. "That is good to hear Heim, for I intend to open a Contyre-Statten trading company office in your town of Sonnefurt to further business between 'us northern barbarians' as it were. The CSTC dominate most of the northern markets from Altdorf to Kislev and could offer very lucrative trading contracts between your merchants here and across the Empire." Heim's eyes bulged at the thought of having Sonnefurt goods being talked off throughout the Empire and beyond.
"Having your authority would of course make it easier to acquire a dock and offices for my families company here in Sonnefurt, for I would never to do so without the support of the council."
"And that is good and proper Contyre." Heim began, beginning to see the direction the conversation was going in, "I could of course, arrange several meetings with prominent council members to make it legal." Derek smiled.
"That would be excellent indeed my friend, may I make a toast?" Heim nodded and filled both their brandy glasses.
"To the health, wealth and continuity of trade between the northern barbarians and great southern dames."


The ferry steamed its way across the river, the old dwarf grumbling about something or other as he expertly guided the craft through the currents.
Derek sat in the same exact spot he saw Graf Bieter sit in yesterday, he ran a gloved hand along the rail and remembered every detail of the man.
"This could be interesting." He said aloud, scanning the opposite shore. His eyes widened in alarm, a two masted galley lay anchored in harbour, bearing the red lion of Nuln with another pennant below that, a bronze key over a blue field, that brought back memories. Derek turned and looked for his captain, who had seen the pennants and was walking towards him.
"Dietrich, alert the men, there could be trouble at the docks." Derek said quietly, not wishing to alarm the ancient dwarf mariner.
"Your grace, it has been two years, surely they would not remember?"
"If this is indeed the same man who fought us at the Hugelburg, then he would remember my colours in an instant, do not unfurl my standard till we are ashore, I don't want to be sent to the bottom of the Sol before I have had my chance at the Baroness."
Dietrich nodded and wandered back to the men, they were on guard instantly, all having fought with their Duke two years ago in the battles of Hugelburg and the siege that followed.

He would remember them. They knew it.

The ramp settled onto the dock with a satisfying CLUNK, the dwarf began muttering about 'docks not being what they used to' and began to check his steam boat.
The men of the Guard led the blindfolded horses down the ramp by two's, not wanting to be tipped over the side unceremoniously. Derek had changed into his full plate for his disembarkation and led Caspian onto the dock without hesitation. The ferry had been entirely taken up by the horses and soldiers, though the dwarf had uttered not a word after a gold crown had passed hands. In fact Derek was surprised the ferry didn't crash into the docks, the way the dwarf stared at the gold.
Leaping atop Caspian, Derek was resplendent in his bright red cloak with fresh, green laurels atop his hair. The polished steel armour stood out in the sun and, at his hand wave, Dietrich unfolded the Ducal coat of arms:

Instantly the press of bodies opened for the noble retinue, people stared in wonder as Derek passed, he smiled to some and waved to a few more, but it wasn't until Dietrich shouted; "MAKE WAY FOR HIS GRACE, THE DUKE OF NUEREMBURG!" that broke the silence and people started cheering.
Many clapped hands and smiled at him, while others threw flowers which he caught. Caspian, excited by the attention reared and expanded his stiff wings. The brilliantly white Pegasus glowed in the mid morning sun and drew a collective gasp from the crowds. Derek, almost thrown from his saddle, kicked Caspian in the ribs.
"Careful you great idiot, you almost threw me!" Derek whispered frantically in the Caspian's ear.
The Pegasus snorted and retracted its wings. Thoroughly impressed, the crowd parted with a frenzy of cheering at the foreign Duke from Nueremburg with his beautiful white Pegasus, presumably come to court their beloved Baroness.
The Stattenland and Hamburgian Armoured Guard colours were revealed by the two lead Guardsmen and the procession wound its way from the lower dockside towards the Merchants Quarter. People cheered as they passed and every so often Derek would let Caspian rear and stretch his wings again, their nine meter span covering the whole street. Each time he did this the crowd would cheer frenziedly and children would run laughing and screaming through the crowd.
Dietrich and the Guardsmen were on full alert in case the crowd turned overzealous but Derek was smiling through the whole thing.

Forty five minutes later, after word of their arrival had spread like wildfire through the town, the company of celebrities made it to Gilles Wine Bar intact and, after passing through the main gates that separated the nobles horses from the rest of the town, managed to dismount without being swamped. The stables however were full, or, mostly full. Many had large red lettered 'RESERVED' signs on them.
"Well men, we got in, finally." Dietrich let out with a sigh. "You Grace, what move should we make now? Did the Mayor of Ertingen give us anything to go on? Or are we to requisition this tavern?"
Derek sighed as he dismounted, he was sweating terribly from sitting in the sun for too long.
"Is there no wind in this town?"
"Our next move your Grace?" Dietrich began.
"Our next move captain is to have a drink, unlike you I seem to be famished and dehydrated. Now get this armour off me so we can arrive without causing a riot."

"Now that the business of your town house is sorted my lord, we can turn to the more important matters, of trade, and marriage." Miengot Elzacher said, looking over his paperwork at Derek.
"Excellent, as part owner of the Statten-Contyre Trading Company, I have authority to establish a Trade House in any town and city I deem it productive to our business. My father, Prince Seth Contyre, has given me leave to do this with Sonnefurt, knowing that your proximity to the Border Princes has lucrative trading opportunities for a business venture. As the head of the Chamber of Customs and Commerce, I thought it best to come to you first before I go buying parts of your city."
"You thought correctly your Grace, as there are many places in Sonnefurt that would not welcome a Northerner like yourself, no matter how much business you bring." Derek nodded.
"I knew I could count on Mayor Heim's judgement in arranging an interview with you Herr Elzacher, he assured me that you were the man to see in Sonnefurt with matters of trade."
Miengot smiled.
"Well I am one of the best they say."
Derek forced a chuckle, "Indeed. Now one of the reasons I am here now Herr Elzacher is that the taxes of Nuln are crippling your economy down here. You must ship your goods to Nuln in order to sell them for fair price which of course the Countess won't allow as the woman is jealous of your Baroness."
Elzacher nodded, he knew this only too well.
"I propose this, you help me with the Baroness' hand, and I will, how shall I say this, pull some figurative strings and get these embargoes on your goods lifted, open your trade lanes to Talabheim and beyond and let you sit back and watch the wealth flood in. All I need is information on the other suitors, surely there have been some to have come through in the last couple of days?"
Elzacher looked Derek up and down.
"Your hand is fair your Grace, but at what cost I wonder for the Barony? Have you heard of the bandit attacks on merchant caravans coming into and out of Sonnefurt?" Derek nodded, he had proof in his front pocket of the extensive havoc these 'bandits' were wreaking.
"I have."
"Then you know of the danger we are in?" Derek almost let his mask slip. Danger? What does this man know that I do not?
"I try to keep a positive outlook on the recent times, my own border patrols have been stepped up and are working in concert with the neighbouring Baronies to stop these widespread bandit attacks."
"I thought you might. Our own military can ill afford a major disruption with bandits right now, after the recent war with Kreutzhofen, Sonnefurt is limping along. It would go along way to your goal if you could somehow lower the tax burdens on our trading with those outside of Nuln."
This time it was Derek who nodded.
"I understand Herr Elzacher."
"I am not sure you do your Grace. You see, Northerners are ill trusted by many, regardless of your impressive entrance this morning, many of these suitors are from the immediate area and have families that have lived here for generations. The people trust those who live here. Many of these suitors are from here. Do you have my meaning?"
Derek held the man's gaze for a long time before Miengot dropped it.
"Normally I would push your business away, but any blow to the Countess crippling taxes are a blow worthy of my praise. If you can promise half of what you said, it will still go along way with the council."
"I can promise all of what I say Herr Elzacher, and this afternoon, a letter will be sent from my estate to the north to my trade office in Nuln with the express opinion that we exert pressure there to loosen the embargoes on Sonnefurt."
Miengot Elzacher's eyes widened considerably.
"Well, this changes things my lord... What is it you wanted to know?"
Derek smiled;
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Thanks for making my post look even shorter, Derek.

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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A courier arrives at Duke Contyre's townhouse and drops off a parcel and a missive. The package contains a beautiful dagger, which though of intricate craftsmanship is not ornate. The entire body, crossguard, hilt, blade, and pommel, are made from one piece of fine dwarven steel. On the blade the words Honor et Victoria are engraved, filled in with black enamel. The quillions are wings, the pommel is a griffon's head, and the hilt has gold fillagree wire woven in to the steel. The tip of the blade, on further inspection, is of a lighter, but more beautiful metal, wickedly sharp, your memory recognizes it as gromril after a moment.

Dear Contyre, Duke of Nueremburg,
     I would like to extend my hospitality to you, and any friends you wish to bring along tomorrow evening for a small engagement along the lines of a dinner. I wouldn't worry about formalities, and I hope for an atmosphere both cordial and casual. Despite the matters of state which place us in competition, I hope to keep us from falling into quarrels. If you agree to arrive, please send both the time and number of guests for your arrival with my courier.
Sincerely Yours,
Johann Bieter, Graf of Steingart

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Thanks for making my post look even shorter, Derek.

You know I actually didn't even realise...  :engel:

Derek reads the letter three times, he even turns it over looking for alternative motive or a signal of some kind before deciding that it was indeed, a letter meant for a casual dinner meant promote good will between them.
The messenger waited patiently for his Grace's reply, though he felt nervous in his presence.
Derek continued to ignore him as he studied the dagger on his desk, he had not picked it up as yet, for it seemed strange to send a dagger to one's rival.
Hidden meaning perhaps? He thought to himself, intrigues were not above being dominated by layer upon layer of meanings and subtle word twists that could be manipulated a thousand different ways. After scribbling out a reply that he would indeed meet Graf Johann Bieter for a dinner without formality and would be bringing one dinner guest and an honour guard of five, he picked up the dagger gingerly and looked at it closely. It was indeed a work of exquisite art the like of which he had only seen once before, in fact the example lay in his private apartments, underneath the bed, wrapped in a very many layers of linen, secreted in a long wooden box.
Flipping it over he read the inscription; 'Great dignity and Victory.'
Raising his eyebrows, he placed it back on the desk and walked into his room.
The messenger shifted his weight onto his other leg, which had gone to sleep.

Derek returned with a beautifully constructed red Drakwald Oaken box. Opening the lid  Derek looked inside and pulled out a small trinket.
Though smaller than the inside of his palm, it weighed a great deal more than it should, for it was solid gold.
The broach he placed on the desk, it depicted an eagle in flight, with both wings extended to their maximum, its talons coming forward as if to seize prey and its beak opened slightly in a piercing cry. The breast of the eagle carried a cut emerald about the size of his little finger nail, shaped into a heart while each talon was made from a pearl cut to almost string length width. Each great eye was an incredibly small cut red ruby while the plumage of the wings, rather than yellow gold, was white. Of Dwarfen craftsmanship, the broach was incredibly intricate, with individual feathers hand carved from the gold. Derek placed it inside a cloth bag and folded it up many times and tied a wax seal around it.
Looking directly into the messengers soul he told him:
"If this goes missing, no amount of hired men on earth will allow you to escape me. Understand?"
The messenger paled considerably and received the letter and broach and left with a determined look on his face.
Relaxing, Derek smiled and hefted the dagger, once more inspecting it in the light of morning.
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.....red Drakwald Mahogany.....

Hmmm don't know why this is bothering me or why I feel compelled to be the flora police but Mahogany is a tropical tree.....maybe you can get it in Lustria....  :lol:

Maybe some fluff on my part shortly......
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Ah, my bad, I live in aus so yeah.

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Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
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There was a heavy knock on his door, panting could be heard behind it. Johann rose from his bed, the seat in his cramped room, and opened the door, finding his courier, pale and panting, leaning against the door frame with a letter and second parcel in hand. Looking up the boy wheezes, "I..I run..I run all the way. Didn..didn't want to take..any chance..any chances with the Duke's *swallows* present." taking his cargo, Johann handed the boy over to Hardeknud, who took him down to the kitchens. Opening the letter first, he noted the guest, and sent word to Zell's staff about table settings and to Preceptor Markus about the Honor guard. Pleased with the lad's straight acceptance of his offer, he took his letter opener, a snaggled, orange fang and worked through the tough wax seal before slowly opening it. The dark interior only captured his glance for moment, his gaze totally enraptured by the beautiful broach in front of him, its golden pin, its white gold feathers, the ruby eyes, the emerald heart in it's breast, it was the stuff of Princes. With a sinking feeling he remembered that Derek would be a Prince in due time.

Taking the broach in both hands, though his palm would be room enough, he appraised it from all angles. He knew of course he could never wear it, nothing he owned could possibly match it for richness, but for the young Duke's sake he would wear it on his deep red cloak for the dinner, and perhaps at another engagement with the Duke. Yes, the duke had upped his wager well past his own limits, but the boy would see, all his wealth wouldn't stand in Johann's way. That dagger had belonged to Hector von Liebowitz, the countess's cousin, and the Grandmaster of the Knights Griffon, whom had lost it to him in a game of Red Sally during the search for the Nemesis Crown. He'd like to see any anti-Nulner's reaction to his once iconic weapon.
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