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The Township of Hohenburg.
« on: July 20, 2011, 09:49:48 PM »
Right, Chaps.
I've recently taken abit of inspiration from some other members background fluff for their armies and have decided to have a bash at my own but on a smaller scale. Instead of a Barony consisting of numerous towns and villages, I've decided to just create my own township. I felt it'd be a better option to actually create the town of Hohenburg instead of taking one of the pre-exisiting towns on the Hochland map.

Plan of action;
Post 1, Introduction & Basic info (This post)
Post 2, Background of Hohenburg, Including Timeline & Military force.
Post 3, Background of the Von Mahler family


Hohenburg, Historical Background.

Above; The township of Hohenburg marked onto the Hochland state map.

Size: Town
Ruler: Wolfstan Von Mahler II
Population: ~400
Location: On the Western edge of the Weiss Hills, Alongside the River Flaschgang
Wealth: Average
Economy: Agriculture, Fishing,
Trade: Via the river to Koerin and Bergendorf
Notes:  Frequent trouble from bandits/Beastmen on the Weiss Hills


The Hohenburg Patrol,

Father Oswald Von Greiss, Warrior Priest.

Marshall Eowold Von Mahler, BSB Captain.

The Line-Breakers Of Hohenburg, 34 Halberdiers.
Von Mahlers Regiment Of Foot, 29 Swordsmen.
The Sootmen Of Hohenburg, 10 Handgunners.
Von Mahlers Dragoons, 5 Pistoliers.

The Rohrwald Stump, Mortar.
Hohenburgs Long Boy, Cannon.

Monthly upkeep costs; 996 GP.
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History of Hohenburg
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Records of Hohenburg from the start of the Von Mahler family reign, penned by Prof. Rudolph Von Hrumpt

2302; The Great War against Chaos, Also known as The Second Great Chaos Incursion. Oswald Von Mahler heads his unit of the newly formed “Taal’s Armoured Fist” to meet with the torrent of invading chaos across the Empire. Eventually fighting alongside the elector count of Hochland in a last stitch charge in defence of Hochlands capital, Hergig.

2303; Oswald Von Mahler is awarded lordship over the township of Hohenburg. Although already a part of minor nobility the family had no current land to his name. Gaining Hohenburg the Von Mahler status is raised.

2365; Hohenburg is attacked via the Flaschgang river by a large group of Goblin raiders; Hohenburg is successfully defended by the many Militia and state forces the towns control. Citizens believed them to be somehow related to the large Goblin raid on the stattenland Barony.

2372; Fredrik Von Mahler, Second son of Oswald, goes missing on the Weiss Hills whilst on patrol.

2389; Dieter Von Mahler, First son of Oswald, takes over lordship of Hohenburg after his father’s death.

2420; Goblin Warlord Grom destroys many Dwarf tombs, mines, and small settlements before defeating a Dwarf army at the Battle of Iron Gate. Nuln is ransacked and burnt by the invading horde. Dieter Von Mahler II, current lord of Hohenburg, leads the now renowned “Taal's Armoured Fist” knightly order to once again fight for Hochland and the Empires overall safety.

2446; Wolfstan Von Mahler takes over the lordship of Hohenburg. He married Gertrude Grunewald the following day.

2480; Wolfstan and Gertrude have their first child, Ludwig Von Mahler.

2493; Second son, Eowold Von Mahler, is born whilst Wolfstan and Ludwig are on visit to Hergig. Gertrude Von Mahler dies during child birth.

2512; Ludwig moves to Hergig to continue his Military career, Eowold Von Mahler takes over as Marshal of Hohenburg.
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The Von Mahlers
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The Von Mahlers,

The Von Mahler family has ruled over Hohenburg for six generations. Origionally, Oswald Von Mahler was awarded fiefdom of Hohenburg as reward for his service to the Hochland state.  Fighting off many an invasion from Beastmen raiding parties and risking life and limb in protection of Hochland’s Elector Count.

Currently only three members of the Von Mahler family exist. Heading up the family is Wolfstan Von Mahler II, the current Ruler of Hohenburg.  His eldest son, Ludwig Von Mahler, lives in Hergig and is commander of Hochland’s 7th Cavalry. Eowold Von Mahler, the youngest son, serves alittle closer to home as Marshal of Hohenburg’s namesake regiment “The Hohenburg Patrol”.

The Von Mahler Crest

Family Tree, Hohenburg generations only

                                 Oswald Von Mahler -  Abigail Von Wied
                                      /                                             \
        Dieter Von Mahler  - Dagmar Von Karnten               Fredrik Von Mahler
      Dieter Von Mahler II - Augusta Von Osterriche
  Wolfstan Von Mahler II  - Gertrude Grunewalde
                           /                       \
             Ludwig Von Mahler           Eowold Von Mahler

Current Officials;

Mayor Wolfstan Von Mahler II,

Current head of Hohenburg and retired Preceptor of the “Taal’s Armoured Fist” knightly order of Hochland. In the current Imperial Year he is aged 71. Wolfstan is a battle hardened knight, serving many long years and battles. His grizzled face tells the tale of many a close encounter from the wooden depths of the Drakwald Forest.

When Wolfstan took over from his father, Osmond Von Mahler, as Mayor the town was undergoing serious repairs from a Beastman raiding party out of the Weiss Hills. Several days after this, He had created The Hohenburg Patrol and charged them with keeping Beastmen from the Weiss Hills.

Col. Ludwig Von Mahler,

Ludwig is the current first in line to take over from Wolfstan upon his retirement, although he currently serves Hochlands Elector Count as Commander of the 7th Hochland Cavalry. Holding the rank of Colonel within Hochland’s State forces allowing him quarters inside Hochlands capital, Hergig.

The competitive nature of the two brothers has formed an emotional wedge between the two and fuels an almost bitter rivalry.
Ludwig is the more generically dashing of the two brothers, further romanticised by his status as a head of the 7th. He is a well-trained warrior rivalling that of most knights and trumping his brother, something he enjoys reminding Eowold.

Marshal Eowold Von Mahler,

Second in line to head up Hohenburg, current commander of “The Hohenburg Patrol”. At 32, Eowold considers his military career above most things, Strained family relations with his brother don’t help things either. Although the brothers get along, they are both frequently argued amongst themselves until Ludwig’s career took him to Hergig.

Eowold is  a fine fighter in his own right, although not as skilled as his brother or father. He is best suited to combat on foot, usually fighting with sword and shield however he is somewhat renown within Hohenburg for his keen eye with a Hochland Long Rifle.

Notable Figures

Father Oswold Von Greiss

Reputed for his religious hatred of those who oppose Taals will, including men of the Empire. This gain him respect in the eye of Wolfstan, though his sons are less favourable of the priest.
Currently spends his time on patrol alongside Eowold Von Mahler defending Hohenburg and her lands.

Capt. Sebastian Farber

Second in command of the Hohenburg Patrol and close friend to Eowold Von Mahler. Sebastian, Usually known as Bastian, has served as an important part of the Hohenburg military for many years. Recently promoted from captain of the citywatch into The Hohenburg Patrol. Known for his loyalty to the Von Mahler family.

Jurgen Kaufmann

Self-appointed head of the merchants based in Hohenburg, Jurgen Kaufmann is a man known for his keen business mind and attitude with those who've loaned money from him. Considered by most as a crook and man to be avoided, he's been somewhat untouchable for the citywatch due to his connections in Hergig.

Notable Company's

The Kaufmann Foundation

Headed up by renown businessman Jurgen Kaufmann, The Kaufmann Foundation has been operating out of Hohenburg for little over a century. Over those years, Deals between the Kaufmann's and the Von Mahlers have been valuable enough to make a Marienburger blush. Although some people believe this company to have ties to underground networks operating throughout the Empire, nothing has yet to be proven.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Nice one man, that is a good start to it... Hey we are neighbours... nearly Nope we are.  :biggriin:
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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Thanks, if I ever manage to get this damn timeline sorted I can fluff out the rest.
Struggling with it due to the small scale of the Township, events there woudnt be too amazing.

Aye, well we're both apart of Hochland-land :P

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Nice start  :smile2:

I really like the von Mahlers fluff.

I get alot of inspiration from reading post like that on here.

Good job !
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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2011, 05:35:50 AM »
Like what you have done and it shows that you have done your reasearch.

One of the problems you will encounter is with such a small area to draw upon for so many events/time. My suggestion is to do one of two things. Expand your timeline backward and forward to go far enough back and only make major events every two hundred or so years. Give the people a chance to thrive and recover from bad things that may happen. A wipe out can happen...... but give them a generation or two to ensure they can repopulate or perhaps do something like a migration to the town for some reason. There can be many from an outlaying village burning down or whatever.....

Keep up the great work man.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2011, 12:31:25 PM »
You bring up a good point, Alexious. It's one i've been thinking about for awhile actually.
The current timeline with only a WIP, I've had the post up for best part of a week and only had any actual info in it for a couple days.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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keep it coming man, it looks good so far.
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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Appreciating the support, Chaps.

I'm updating the previous threads relatively regulary so keep an eye out as it doenst show up as a new post.
Just done the Family Tree as it happens, Planning on sorting a coat of arms next.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Coats of Arms are great... Here is one I designed off your fluff for your Barony..

The shield is quartered showing the red and green of Hochland.

The Stag represents Taal in his image of woodland protector and also of the wild places of the Empire.

The White Cross represents your knighthood of Taal and its work helping at Blackfire pass as a knightly order defending the Empire.

Hope you don't mind me doing you one..... take it or throw it. :) I just like designing stuff at times.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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I love it!
I'll give a quick touch up in paint then throw it up into the fluff.

Appreciate it, Alexious   :::cheers:::

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Very nice work Alexious, love that heraldy. If you ever feel inclined to make one for Sonnefurt I'd be most interested...  :icon_wink:

Love the background Chev, keep it coming. With the focus being on one singular town, rather than a Barony or County or anything, you have the ability to go into a lot of detail about individual residents, companies, families etc, which should be a fun project. I look forward to seeing how you develop the town.

If you fancy joining in with the Wedding in Wissenland, you'd be most welcome, the Von Mahlers are most welcome to the proceedings, the more the merrier  :happy:
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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Thanks for the invite, May knock up one for Ludwig Von Mahler as he's more the type for responding to these kind of things ;)

Yeah, I was planning on doing a few parts about local famous faces, and mentioning the notable companies in the area sounds like a good idea too.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
« Reply #14 on: August 01, 2011, 11:34:45 PM »
Everyone is getting heraldry but me  :icon_cry:

The background is good man, I like it how there are more people doing fluff now... It helps me get my own fluff organised.
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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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I'm sure if you ask alexious nicely enough hell do you one, seems to be handing them out to one and all :P

Yeah, its good having a few people doing fluff. Just a shame were all not close together as we could interact via Baronys/Townships on a large scale, though Le Pistolets wedding should close the gap alittle.

Hohenburg update; working on the Kaufmann family now, a merchant family with criminal ties and friends in high places.

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Re: The Township of Hohenburg.
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Nice, and ours is close enough... And it just so happens that the Contyre family own a large amount of land near Sonnefurt...

I'll have to put up a map of it eventually on my background page.
Speaking of families, I plan on doing some description of the Contyre's sometime later tonight, so I can get some more fluff going, enough that I can get the background for the government done, then perhaps I can put up the Gazette I worked on for about six hours.
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