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The van Dwi family tree
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I thought this would be a fun little project and I have to say that I am likeing it a lot I am going to need a little help with this so any help you could give me would be great
+ Married lover
- Unarried Lover
~ Brother or Sister
/ Offspring
= Cousin
% Half brother or sister
If a name is crossed out it means that that person had died befor thier time and may or may not have had a replacement

                                                  =                                                                                                    =
                  Ferdanand van Dwi + Comilla van Dwi % Agustus von Arvanheart
                                         /                      /
Elke Venter  + Dob van Dwi ~ Markus van Dwi + Hesta Von Middlekellmer
                             /                                                            /
              Helga van Dwi                            Jhonhan van Dwi + Joan de Couronne
                                                                                        /                               /                         
                                   Jana Frellheim + Mordacai van Dwi Couronne   Otto van Dwi Couronne + Franka Bullstad
                                             Gorst Van Dwi                                                                                 
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