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Looking for a webpage
« on: October 13, 2011, 10:59:22 PM »
I am presently working on a personnel project aimed at creating a fantasy world with Steampunk elements to be used by RPG players, DMs, writers, artists and other interested bodies. Although I have ample amount of inspiration for this project I not a great writer and do not know how to start organizing these creative works.

I am looking for a website to help me develop my ideas and help me organize my creative endeavours.

Additionally is there a writers fantasy website were I could post my idea and get critiques?
Since Warhammer-Empire is home to a large community of fantasy players of varies games and some amazing writing I was hoping someone could post a link to a website that could help me with this.

I apologies in advances for all the thing I am about to say O_O

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Re: Looking for a webpage
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Have one  on Midaski's tab.  :::cheers:::
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