Author Topic: Painting Competitions 2014: Monthly Themes in First Post - Enter on last page.  (Read 22078 times)

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Nice!  Great job!   :::cheers:::

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I don't want to sound like a teacher telling off a naughty child, but it should be entries only in this thread, comments go in the discussion thread.

Anyway, my first entry for December

Talabheim Outrider

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My second entry.  WIPs have been seen of this, but not completed, and it was something I didn't complete in time earlier in the year.

Amber College Wizard Wagon

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Sorry, this has been a long time coming, I've forgot to post scores for December

cjp: Huntsmen, patrolling the wooded heartlands of the Empire. 8.6
undivided.capital: Bill the Smithy 5.65
Casual: classic steam tank 'Grudge Bringer' 6.8
Warhammer-Weib: Monica Bellucci and the First Mate Monkey 6.63
Warhammer-Weib: Storm of Magic monster and handler 6.33
Shadespyre: multi-poseable Empire General! 6.575
Oxycutor: Talabheim Outrider 7.3
Oxycutor: Amber College Wizard Wagon 8.2125

Thanks to everyone who took part, especially Shadespyre who managed to something entered every month.

I don't really know what to do for 2015, it doesn't really feel as though there is enough interest.

I know it's already February, but I'll put up a proposal soon in the 2015 discussion thread

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I enjoyed meeting my personal challenge of entering something every month, thanks for running it. I got 30 odd miniatures painted that I probably wouldn't have done otherwise, some of which I'm quite proud of.