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Which province...
« on: January 19, 2012, 07:44:47 PM »
Hi all
  I have been swerved back to my Empire ways and am gearing up to assemble an army around my Warhammer Quest Character.  Now I would like to know where you guys think he should hail from judging by his background and why.  I'm not as familiar with the provinces as I should be and am really struggling to decide.  So I'm going to give you guys a quick overview of his background and you can tell me where you think he should be from and why :)

  Wolfgang Eisenstien was born Wolfgang Eisenschmied, the son of a middleing merchant.  Both parents died when he was young and he changed his name to Eisenstien (Iron Man) from Eisenschmied (Iron smith) to separate him from his merchant background.
  He enlisted in the military and earned a reputation for being ruthless, a good duellist, conniving and underhanded.  Basically he had all the makings of a great noble.
  Once his time in the army was up he bummed about for a while earning monies variously as a writer for a news paper, a teacher and a small scale politician.  That was until the Genealogy papers compiled by the colleges of mages where made partially public and Wolfgang traced his heritage all the way back to the last Elector count of Solland and a scullery maid.
  Seeing an opportunity he lept at the chance by raising an army (on the cheap - his steam tank is barely serviceable and the knightly order he has under him fell on hard times and so where persuaded to sell their naming rights, hence the Trevor knights, once you buy Trevor, it's forever).
  He has now started worming his way through the political structures of the Empire on the back of his dubious claims to Lordship and has even started to play on the people, claiming those that are herideterily from Solland are downtrodden and that either a change of leadership in the province, or indeed a reinstatement of said province would be a great thing.  With Wolfgang at the helm, of course...
  So as a character he is a bit of a weasel.  Ruthless, happy to send men to their deaths, ambitious and manipulative.  The obvious province for him to hail from is Wissenland what with his heritage, but I'm actually not fussed about that and think that it may add to his hypocrisy that he is all about the rights of 'his' people when he isn't even from the province!  He is snooty and REALLY could care less for the lower classes, though this is partially artificial, he was brought up middle class at best.
  What do we think guys??

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Re: Which province...
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 01:32:36 PM »
I love it.

Brilliant character. I hate downright evil and paragons of virtue characters.
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Re: Which province...
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 09:25:53 PM »
Yup a really good start for a character, just a shame he's a Solland claimant though, we have enough of them roaming around!

As you say Wissenland is fairly obvious, but perhaps as the son of a merchant Nuln would be better, or at least a city as that would be the hub of mercantilism? That way it would be even more contentious as Wissenlanders hate both Nulners and Sollanders? Or as you say he could come from a city up north, or even somewhere like Marienburg, which would make his claim ludicrous and make him more outrageous.

Really it's your choice, he could come from literally anywhere, but it would be great to have another character to add to the fluff fanatic Wissenland/Solland/Nuln contingent we have on this forum... (hint hint)
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Re: Which province...
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2012, 07:22:25 PM »
Thanks guys.
  I'm gravitating towards Marinburg,but with phony claims of being from Nuln...I kind of like nuln.
  I have a couple of other characters to think upon still. His warrior priest associate who is FIERCELY loyal.mainly because wolfgang got him out of a...situation a while back.
  The knights leader,a man of honour brought so low as to sell the naming rights to his own order to a sleazy tradesman.
  Plenty to do yet.I hope to base some stories on old Wolfgang at some point so I need to get a move on really.he is currently the writer of our in character news letter,so that's a nice start!
  Thanks for the kind words dudes.
  In fact I'd like to hear the fluff of any of the characters you have in your armies?

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Re: Which province...
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2012, 10:51:33 PM »
Have a trawl through the Imperial office, a fair amount of my stuff is on there, as is Le Pistolets.

Also check out the Ex-Solland thread in the 'Welcome to the Empire' section. Its like 100 pages long but quite good to read.
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Re: Which province...
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Cheers mate, I'll do that!
  Just one final note - The difference with Wolfgang and the other claimants to the Solland crown is that he is the right man for the job!  Never again will the people of the Empire suffer under the heel of tyranny!  It's Wolfgang Eisenstiens hereditary responsibility to lead Wissenland out of the darkness...  And that Reiksmarshal can give him his bloody sword back too...