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Turn 1 Fluff Results
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:00:03 AM »
"Enter" Ar-Urlic commanded when he heard the rap at his door. He is halway through his lunch, a rather disappointing ham and some overcooked eggs. One of his servants enters through the door followed by his secretary Orlo von Hutten. Orlo is wearing the traditional wolf cloak and looks more like a soldier than a secretary. Both men drop to both knees in the standard etiquette before Ar-Ulric waves Orlo up impatiently. "I hope you have something important for me." he comments before impaling more ham on his knife. "Important enough to interrupt my lunch."

"My apologies Wolf-Father." replies Orlo before another impatient wave informs him to get on with it. "I have a report of the ongoings. As you suspected nine officially declared their intentions by marching on towns to garner votes. There were no surprises who didn't declare their intentions." Ar-Urlic nods understandingly whilst still eating. "I have prepared a list for you Wolf-Father, of all the towns that have fallen or surrendered so far." he unrolls some parchment and waits whilst lunch is finished. With the last morsels consumed the kneeing servant is summoned to clear the table before leaving quietly. When the plate is removed the parchment is pushed over the table and examined. "We have no news of what has happened to their electors as of yet. Our messengers left before the...discussions had been made between the electors."

The towns of  Senden and Elgadsen surrendered to von Rusdorfs men. There was no resistance and both opened their gates. However von Rusdorf men briefly clashed with von Urenbachs outside Kuttenholz. Whilst the battle was brief von Rusdorfs soliders retreated when faced with superior numbers, both sides took some minor casualties.

 von Urenbach forces captured by Calden and Kuttenholz. As previously stated they took light casualties against forces at Kuttenholz. We know nothing more of its fate. Forces had a much harder time taking Calden. Some dissension in their ranks caused an internal strife. We are unaware of casualties however the first attempt to enter the town was actively resisted. The town eventually surrendered.

Fort Schippel and Estdorf both fell to the Hochlanders and their adopted noble. A large force was concentrated on the Fort and no resistance was made. Reports from Estdorf suggest that the gates were opened quickly. Wurzen also was taken.

The scholar Sangerhausen captured Esk. Thousands of soldiers descended on it and it fell without a shot being fired. The garrison wouldn't have stood a chance.

We have lost word from Marius Riccardi and Fort Denkh. Scouts report that von Hornhausen flags are now seen over the walls but there is no sign of any damage or assault.

The Kislevian town of Bosenfels was attacked by von Kerpen forces. We have no

"They attacked Kislev?" Ar Ulric asked in surprise.

"Yes my lord. They overwhelmed Bosenfels. We have sent men to investigate what has happened but they most certainly left our Empire."

"Astonishing, certainly won't get them any votes but it is intriguing... Who knows?"

"It seems unlikely that Kislev has yet become aware. We have had no contact from their ambassador as of yet. Though it will be a matter of time before he visits." replies Orlo as Ar-Ulric nods in agreement.

WInsen and Arenburg now house von Altenburg forces. Again they did not attempt to resist and allowed the men through the gates.

The bridge at Krudenwald fell to von Orselns men. No violence or damage reported. Bridge remains intact.
Some of Augustus's men captured Suderberg without resistance and some remained in a defencive posture.

"A surprising action from young Augustus. The only cautious one out there. The forts of the Empire seem to have emptied themselves of men." Ar-Urlic states.

"Yes Wolf-Father. The election process has begun though has largely been lacking violence so far."

"Indeed Orlo. But for how long? Leave me. I would review the information."
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Re: Turn 1 Fluff Results
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 06:47:51 PM »
Invading another country, it's a legitimate election tactic!
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Re: Turn 1 Fluff Results
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Mwahaha, ATTENTION TO DETAIL; read the background on Bohsenfels......

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Re: Turn 1 Fluff Results
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2013, 09:54:06 PM »
Got to love Middenheim. Where invading towns is a valid election tactic, and where sending troops into a foreign country is more 'interesting' than 'alarming.'  :eusa_clap:
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Re: Turn 1 Fluff Results
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Somehow I think the von Kerpen attack is going to have big repercussions once winter ends.

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Re: Turn 1 Fluff Results
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Or it could it happen before the end of winter.....Vasili Romanov