Author Topic: Ceasefire and election turn times!  (Read 592 times)

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Ceasefire and election turn times!
« on: March 25, 2013, 12:22:56 AM »
From the hand of his Holiness Ar Ulric

The time has come to declare a new Emperor. You are summoned to come and vote at Middenheim immediately. With this in mind it is officially declared that there will be a ceasefire to facilitate the journey of all electors. Any attempt to harm or delay an elector will be seen as an act of treason.

Any aggression from this point on will result in excommunication and a declaration of treason.

The vote will be held on Midwinter. (Tuesday 11.59pm is the deadline for votes.)

Ar Ulric.
Curse you and your ability to stay within the lines.