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Versus a Goblin Army
« on: June 26, 2015, 06:37:43 AM »
First off thanks again for all the amazing feedback on previous tactics threads! Although this thread may be null and void when AoS comes out (depending on if I play 8th still or not) I have been having trouble against his all goblin (and trolls) army.

Currently playing 1500 pts I am 1-4 against him.

He runs
1 lvl 4 shaman w/ scroll
1 bsb/boss (not familiar with this one)
2x doom divers
6 River trolls (the ones that vomit)
-Group of 60 horde formation night goblins (possibly more) that shoots those nasty auto wound on 6 poison arrows.
they usually have fanatics that shoot out once I'm at 8 inches.
-2 mangler squigs
-group of 30-40 squig herders

This is what I brought when I played him and lost last night.
-1 lvl 4 wiz lord w/ life and Opal
-1 lvl 2 wizard with fire and dispel
-40 halberds with captain w/ bsb and 2 5-man archer detachments
-10 archers for wizard bunker
-1 stank
-2 great cannons
-1 HBVG with an engineer

-he tends to simply zone out mt halberds with fanatics and pelt me brutally with those poison arrows (or whatever he rolls 6 to wound on). The game I won I was able to get chaff arches into it.
-my stank did well and basically 1v6'd his trolls. I buffed it with flesh to stone (upgraded) to give it 10 toughness
-my great cannons destroy his divers with ease but I feel it just buys time for his other guys to move up.
-my hbvg had awfull hits and eventually chaff got into melee range with it and killed the crew (forgot to mention his 5 wolf riders). Maybe I should have targeted his horde units instead of trolls with it ? Or the chaff so it couldn't have gotten into range?
-maybe fire and life wasn't the best choice. Heavens worked well the time I won and fire I didn't really use him too much. Never got a dwellers off either..he dispel scrolled the one chance I had.

The nyquil is kicking in so I may add to this later...but any ideas on how to improve? Again any feedback is greatly appreciated.