Author Topic: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress  (Read 1433 times)

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AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« on: December 14, 2015, 03:29:55 AM »
AoS really is great and one it's best qualities is how you can just dream up scenarios and the rules just work with minor tweeks here and there depending on what your doing.We played one such game the other day which I wasn't going to reprt on but once we got it set up it looked fitting so I did. It was also a good excuse to play my Skaven which I've been building up recently :)

The story behind this scenario is that Archaon has received news of a Free Peoples mountain fortress which has remained hidden from Chaos.The Skaven found it and have been tasked with taking it,tho not trusting the Skaven Archaon sends Gutrot Spume to keep and eye on things.The Skaven hope to lure the forces out of the fortress with a decoy war camp not far from it while tunneling close to the fortress to attack from as close as possible and hopefully take it before the Free people return.The 1st part of the plan works and and when the Free People's fast moving force moves out the Skaven emerge and launch their attack.

The aim of the game for the Skaven was to get inside the fortress within 8 turns for a minor victory and claim the throne room for a major victory.The Free People had to kill all the Skaven for a minor victory and stop them entering for a major victory.

The Free People could only select infantry for the defence and 1 cavalry model to try and activate the under attack beacon.

The Free people were allowed to set up on the battlements with one hero but had to set any remaing heroes in the throne room and at least 1 unit in every large room of the fortress.(this was to represent a little un- preparedness on the Free Peoples part)

The Free People could have units of 5 instead of minimum 10

The Free People get d3 reinforcements who would arrive turn 5 in the road section 6" in.

If the Free People could activate the alert beacon(wizard tower on battlefield) then they would receive d3+2 reinforcements who could also move the same turn they arrived otherwise just entering the board counts as their movement for that turn.

The Skaven could deploy anywhere 18" away from the fortress and not inside the road section.

The outside: the gree card represents the rock face the fortress is built in.

The inside:

Couple of things about this game were that the main fortress gate had 10 wounds and 3+ save and the door to the throne room had 10 wounds and a 4+ save.Melee attacks against the doors auto hit,shooting attacks still needed a hit roll. Only attacks with a damage value of 2+ could damage the doors.

I also couldn't wait for Forge World to release rules for my Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror so we made some up.Nothing broken or absurd but 12" move,12 wounds,4+ save,6 Bravery: 3 Halberd attacks +3 /+3/1 ,  6 Claw attacks 4+/3+/2 ,  2 Jaw attacks 4+/3+/d3 :  Regen d3 if it killed anyone in previous combat phase or if it didn't it could gobble a skaven within 2" to heal d3.

Free People deployed 1st  and consisted of:

General with standard(general)
General with Greatsword
Warrior Priest

General on Pegasus(beacon activator)

2 Cannons
10 hangunners
16 Halberdiers
10 Swordsmen x 2
5 Swordsmen x 4

Skaven army:

Grey Seer
Warlord on Brood Horror
Warlock Engineer

19 Clanrats x 2
10 Stormvermin x 2
3   Rat Ogres
Warpfire Thrower
Warp Lightning Cannon
Hell Pit Abomination

Gutrot Spume
5 Blight Kings

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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2015, 03:30:37 AM »
Turn 1:


Grey Seer used his ability "you will not run"(YWNR)and Mystic Shields the Stormverminand while the Warlock Engineer Mystic Shields the other unit of Stormvermin.

The army just runs forward.

The Warp Lightning Cannon(WLC) shot the main gate  and rolled a 4 for power and only manged 2 wounds.

Free People

General uses "Hold the Line" and buffs the Hangunners and Swordsmen on battlements.A unit of Swordsmen run out from the fortress interior to guard the gate.

The rest of the troops inside move to better postions and the Heroes leave the throne room with the Pegasus rider on a mission to to get that beacon.

The Cannon on the right and the Handgunners cut down 12 Clan Rats while the Cannon on the left only managed to slay 2 Clan Rats.

In the battleshock phase the remaining 7 Clan Rats were about to run untill the Grey Seer gave them the eye  :nono: and none of them decided to run  :thumbsup:

Turn 2:

Free People

The General again tells his troops to Hold the Line(HTL) while the Wizard tries to Mystic Shield the Pegasus rider before he leaves but fails.

The rest of the troops inside take up positions with the Heroes desperately trying to get to useful positions

The Cannon on the left and the Hangunners take out 6 Clanrats while the other Cannon shoots the Stormvermin but the only hit is saved.

4 Clan Rats flee from Battleshock.


Grey Seer uses YWNF and casts Mystic Shield on the Stormvermin again while the Warlock Engineer Mystic Shields the other Stromvermin.

In the movement phase both Clan Rat units move to the base of the towers while both Stormvermin units move to possible charge range.The Hell Pit rolls 10 for move and closes in on the Pegasus along with the warlord on Brood Horror.

Gutrot and his Blightkings hang around the tower in the hope of stopping anyone from activating the beacon.

The Warp Lightning Cannon shoots the main gate again and rolls a 1 for power :D The main gate has 2 wounds left now.

The Skaven charge but some poor rolls means only 1 Clan Rat unit made it up the walls to attack the right cannon,1 Stormvermin unit just made it to the Swordsmen guarding the gate and the Hell Pit rolled big which enabled it to charge the Swordsmen and the Pegasus.

In the combat phase the Hell Pit goes 1st and kills 8 Swordsmen,the Cannon crew then take out 1 Clan Rat,the Stormvermin finish off the Swordsmen,The general on the Pegasus puts 4 wounds on the Hell Pit and finally the Clan Rats kill a crew member.

Turn 3


Grey Seer uses YWNF and casts Mystic Shield on the Stormvermin again.The Warlock Engineer charges up Warp Lightning and frazzles 6 Handgunners.The Hell Pit regens 3 wounds.

The army just moves as far forward as possible to get good charges.

In the shooting phase the Warp Lightning Cannon goes to take out the main gate but rolls a 5 for power and no wounds.The Warp Fire Thrower powers up and incinerates the last Handgunners.

Some crap charges again,even with the +2 charge banners the Stormvermin failed to scale the walls as did the Warlord with only the Clan Rats making it up the walls to charge the other Cannon.The Rat Ogres charged the gate and the Warlord on Brood Horror charged the Pegasus.

Combat and the Clan Rats attack the Cannon crew but miss,the General on Pegasus wounds the Hell Pit once,the Warlord on Brood Horror hit the Pegasus for 2 wounds,the cannon crew miss their attackers,Clan Rats miss the other Cannon crew,the other crew miss the Clan Rats and finally the Hell Pit puts 2 more wounds on the Pegasus,

Free People

The General uses HTL,the Wizard fails to cast wildform on the Halberdiers but the Warrior Priest bestows Shield of Faith on them.

Movement and the halberdiers position themselves ready for whatever tries to get thru.The Pegasus retreats with with a mighty run roll of 6 and gets within 1 more move to activate the beacon. The Swordsmen on the battlements move to ramparts to stop any skaven coming right over the walls.

Given both Cannons were under attack it was fitting they missed lol  :thumbsup:

Halberdiers charged the Rat Ogres.

The Halberdiers went 1st and killed a Rat Ogre who got mad and killed 6 Halberdiers,the crew on the right miss the Clan Rats,the other Clan Rats killed the last crew of the left cannon.

1 Halberdier flees

Turn 4

Free People

Again the General uses HTL,the Wizard fails to cast wildform on the Halberdiers and the Warrior Priest bestows Shield of Faith on them.

The Greatsword General moves in to support the Halberdiers as does the Warrior Priest.The Pegasus reaches the beacon  :bleep:

The remaining Cannon Crew manage to fire a shot off this time taking 3 Clan rats attacking them out.

Halberdiers kick off combat and inflict 3 wounds on the Rat Ogres,Clan Rats miss the crew,the crew kill 1 Clan Rat,Rat Ogres hit the Halberdiers for 6 again which opens up the way for the Greatsword General to cut down 1 Rat Ogre while the Warrior Priest failed to hit them.

The remaining Halberdiers suddenly loose their nerve and flee.


The Grey Seer uses YWNF but fails to Mystic Shield the Stormvermin.The Warlock Engineer powers up his War Lightning and fries 5 Swordsmen on the battlements.The Hell Pit heals back up.

Movement and the Clan rats atop the tower on my right enter the tower thru the top hatch and reach the 1st floor.The Rat Ogre retreats to clear a way thru for the Stormvermin to charge.Gutrot sensing the Pegasus is going to fulfill his job moves up to support the rear of the Skaven attack.

Shooting and the Warp Fire Thrower missfires,the Warlock Engineer misses with his pistol but the Warp Lightning Cannon incinerates the last cannon crew....freeing up the Clan Rats to enter the fortress.

The Stormvermin finally storm the walls tho the Warlord again is not very good at climbing..useless fecker.

The other Stormvermin charge thru the main gate and into the fortress interior while the Clan Rat units charge down to the ground floor and into the Swordsmen blocking the stairs.

The fighting starts with the Stormvermin wounding the Greatsword  General 4 times,The General on the battlements took 2 Stromvermin out who fought back and wounded him twice and also killed a Swordsman,Greatsword General missed,Clan Rats missed the Swordsmen,swordsmen took 2 Clan Rats out who missed in return,Warrior Priest killed a Stormvermin.
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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2015, 03:31:27 AM »
Turn 5

Free People

Good Job the beacon was activated as a 1 was rolled,So 3 units came on:Karl Franz,11 Knights and the Syeam Tank.

General uses Hold the Line,Warrior Priest heals the Greatsword General 2 wounds who also has a Mystic Shield thanks to the Wizard.The Steam Tank uses more pressure.

The Wizard and a unit of Swordsmen move to guard the throne room

The reinforcements move up with Karl Franz running.The Pegasus moves back to join the fight nows it's job is complete

The Steam Tank shoots the Brood Horror and inficts 3 wounds.

The Knights charge the Warp Lightning Cannon

A unit of Swordsmen charge the Stromvermin

Combat and the Greatsword General kills 3 Stormvermin who reply by wounding the Warrior Priest and killing a Swordsman.The Genral kills 2 Stormvermin on the battlements who then attack and infict 1 more wound on him and killing another Swordsman.The Clan Rats and Swordsmen each loose a model,the warrior priest misses and the Warp Lightning cannon is destroyed by the knights.


Grey Seer uses YWNF and fires an Arcane Bolt at the Greatsword wielding General taking him out instantly.The Warlock Engineer takes out the remaining Swordsmen on the battlements with a powered up Warp Lightning.

The Hell Pit and remaining Rat Ogre turn round to face the new threat from behind  and while the Blightkings march on Gutrot turns back to face the Pegasus.The Brood Horror moves to charge thru the gate.The Grey Seer scales the walls.

The  Stromvermin on the battlements and the units inside the fortress all retreat moving further inside and in position for better charges.

Gutrot charges the Pegasus.The Brood Horror charges inside to attack the warrior Priest and Swordsmen,Stormvermin charge down tower to attack Swordsmen and Clan Rats inside charge Swordsmen.Thr Rat Ogre charges the Knights.

The Warlord on Brood Horror eliminates the warrior Priest and the Swordsmen,the Wizard gets lucky and takes out 3 Clan Rats,the other Clan Rats take out 1 Swordsman,Swordsmen take out 1 Clan Rat,Stormvermin wipe out the Swordsmen defending the stairs and the Rat Ogre kills 2 Knights. Gutrot cuts the Pegasus down

2 Clan Rats flee

Turn 6

Free people

4 units turn up:Balthazar gelt,Hurricanum,Rieksguard and a unit of Demigryphs.

Balthazar cats Mystic Shield on Karl Franz while inside the Wizard Arcane Bolts the last 2 Clan Rats.

Movement and the Wizard takes a bodyguard of Swordsmen and locks himself in the throne room.4 brave Swordsmen move up to protect the door.

The Knights run towards their fortress home ignoring the lone Rat Ogre but Karl Franz can't bypass the Hell Pit so stops just infront.The rest of the reinforcements move forward.


The Hurricanum puts 5 wounds on the Hell Pit but the Steam Tank misses it.

The Steam Tank charges the Hell Pit inflicting 1 wound as it did.Karl franz rolled a big roll and managed to get over the Hell Pit and charge the Warlock Engineer and Warp Fire Thrower.The Demigryphs charge Gutrot Spume.The General on the battlements charges the Grey Seer.

Steam Tank wounds the Hell Pit 4 times,the Grey Seer kills the Free people General  :thumbsup: , Karl Franz kills both the Engineer and the Thrower team,Gutrot kills a Demigryph who cut the Nurgle champion down and the Hell Pit wounds the Steam tank twice.


The Grey Seer uses YWNF and Arcane Bolts Karl Franz for 3 wounds but he saves 2.The Hell Pit regens 2 wounds and Brood Horror 3 wounds.

The Brood Horror moves toward the throne room door,a unit of Stormvermin move to charge the brave 4 Swordsmen while the other unit moves to block the main gate and gets supported by the Warlord who enters the fortress.The Grey Seer runs down into the fortress.

Charges and the Blightkings charge Karl Franz

Stromvermin charge the Swordsmen but the Brood Horror fails to reach the throne room door.

The Blightkings start combat and wound Karl Franz 4 times,the brave Swordsmen miss the Stormvermin,the Hell Pit wounds the Steam Tank,Karl Franz vents his fury on the Blightkings killing them all while finally the Stormvermin kill the 4 Swordsmen.

Turn 7


Grey Seer can't see the throne room door so just Mystic Shields the Stormvermin.The Hell Pit heals  3 wounds

The brood Horror and Stormvermin move to the throne room door and the Grey Seer moves to get a view of the door.

Brood Horror and Stormvermin charge the door.

The Brood Horror puts 8 wounds on the door  :facepalm:  The Hell Pit puts 2 wounds on the Steam Tank.

Free people

Balthazar Gelt Mystic Shields Karl Franz and casts Searing Doom on the Hell Pit,doing 2 wounds.Steam Tank heals a wound.The Wizard in the throne room Mystic Shields the Swordsmen.

The Wizard and Sweordsmen move to the back of the throne room

Karl Franz moves to charge the entrance,the Rieksguard move to charge the Rat Ogre and everything else just moves up.

The Hurricanum takes out the Hell Pit  :thumbsup:

Karl Franz charges the Stormvermin and the Rieksguard the charge the Rat Ogre and Packmaster

Karl Franz kills all the Stormvermin.The Warlord fails to wound Karl Franz.The Rieksguard kill the Ogre and it's master.

Turn 8

Balthazar Gelt kills the Warlord blocking Karl Franz with Searing Doom and Arcane Bolt.Hurricanum casts Mystic Shield on Karl Franz.

Karl Franz moves into the fortress.

Karl Franz charges but can only reach the Grey Seer who he kills swiftly and effectively stops any chance of the Skaven entering the throne room   :bleep:


Even if they could bash the door in with this being that last turn they couldn't enter the throne room so instead they turned to face Karl Franz and charged him

Karl Franz was defeated and the Skaven won a  Minor Victory.

State of play at the end:


Amazing game and one that didn't take too long...3 and a bit hours...it's took me longer to write this report up lol

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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2015, 11:39:26 AM »
Very cool! Great work on the scenario. Very creative. This is exactly the sort of thing I want to do with AoS.

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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #4 on: December 14, 2015, 12:23:37 PM »
love the whole having to fight along the board. Definitely want to recreate a scenario a bit like this as seemed really fun.

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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2015, 04:46:39 PM »
awesome! and very inventive! Love seeing these kinds of reports!
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Re: AoS Free People Vs Skaven : Storm the Fortress
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2015, 05:29:27 PM »
Great report, and looks like fun! :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::
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