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Re: Kickstarters - Ongoing list
« Reply #150 on: October 16, 2019, 11:46:21 PM »
Yeah - Midlam tend to do small KS with about 12 minis at a time, and seem focussed on figures for skirmish or warband style games.
I have sometimes bought two sets - which they usually offer - and then done some simple weapon conversions.

Sounds like you can add on extras during the survey after the KS, so I'm in for a set for now.

New KS, raven and bear folk. Not of any use to me, but thought I'd share since it's an interesting idea (and Effin Cool is run by a nice guy.)


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Re: Kickstarters - Ongoing list
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Seems the Reaper Bones KS grew to have something of a maritime theme, in addition to the normal DnD, dragons and monsters. A huge ship for 100 USD.

They're doing small diorama type encounters, each with a terrain piece and some goodies and baddies facing off.

They've also started to reveal a last minute steampunkish Chronoscope expansion.

Still 21 hours to go.

Forget the 6'x4' game, focus on the story beyond that. Because fantasy matters.