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Help the Aged
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:24:47 PM »
Ok - so I bought the Imperium II Index, which I have been working through.

I also have an IG Codex and Main Rulebook on back order - hopefully due soon. I asked about 'Datacards' in the 8th Ed thread and I guess they are currently available for the IG, as they will be linked to the codex rather than the Index??

However I am debating about a possible second or alternative army. I have some Sisters which I used for Shadow War at the Eurobash back in May, and I also have some other odds and ends mentioned in the Index - like priests, a couple of very old assassins, a couple of Crusaders, and some old Stormtroopers.

First Question: Did Stormtroopers become Kraskin? and now have become Scions?
                      Would they proxy for Scions anyway?

No 2:    I see the Keywords listed on Units - So I could go Adeptus Ministorum and use Priests, Crusaders, Assassins and Sororitas together, but what happens if I added Scions or even IG units to bulk out the points?

No 3:   I haven't played for probably 5-6 years - are there still Force Organisation restrictions?

No 4:  Army costs?  I see these Power Points against Units and understand that is a way of quick selection for a battle, but I guess it is a bit basic.

Odd things - just looking at points I see a Sister on the unit data comes armed with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Krak and Frag Grenades at 9pts, and all that Wargear shows '0' points - so it is 'paid for' in the 9pts.
If I then look at the Sororitas Rhino the unit data says equipped with Storm Bolter - A Rhino is 73 Points, BUT a Storm Bolter has a 4pts cost.
I guess it has to cost as a Special Weapon upgrade for a Sister trooper, but should it be '0'pts for the Rhino?

Then the Rhino options include adding a 2nd Storm Bolter - the first on is operated by a Trooper at the hatch on the top of the Rhino - is the 2nd one mounted alongside, and/or operated by a 2nd Trooper?

I realised today that the Rhino has changed - I found a couple of old wrecks in a box, and aligned against the Chimera I have, I thought they looked a bit small, and then compared them to current GW pictures.
Out of interest does anyone know if the holes cut in the top of the two versions are the same size? Would the hatches from both versions be interchangeable?

Finally I cannot believe the prices on Ebay for Sisters of Battle - they are crazy and on average make GW Direct the CHEAPEST option - has the world gone mad!  :biggriin:
Do people not realise GW still make them - I keep seeing OOP used erroneously.
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Re: Help the Aged
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 01:01:27 AM »
I think I can help
1: Tempestes scions, Kasrkins and Stormtroopers are all different types of specialist. GW is just pushing the scions hard as they are the new kits and they want as many people as possible to buy them. In fiction, the Kasrkin hail from the Cadian city of Kasr dirth and are trained from childhood whereas stormtroopers [much like the modern day special ops units] get their recruits from the best of the best. Kasrkin are more like elites whereas stormtroopers are covert ops.

2: All Imperial forces are on the same side. They might not see eye to eye, but there is no reason why Inquisitor, Guard and space marine units cant work together. You can always beef up one force with another. Inquisitorial forces are also entitled to their own branch of stormtroopers and other veteran guard units.

3: I guess it depends who you play against. Some guys I've played with have no qualms about 20+ year old miniatures and rule books while other have been more pickier

4: Is the rhino you're referring to the 'classic' one. The one used from 1988-2002? If the hatches you're worried about don't match, you can always trim them.