Author Topic: The greatest game ever played? 3000 versus 3000 Tyranids - Knight/Dark Angel  (Read 170 times)

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So we had a good sized 3000-3000 point game on a 4'x8' table.

The sides were a Hawkshroud knight army with Dark angels versus a huge Tyranid army.  I will super quick ball park the lists:

1 Knight Valiant
1 Knight Gallant
1 Knight Warden

1 Azreal
1 Ezekiel
5 Marines - heavy bolter
5 Marines - Lascannon
5 Marines - Lascannon
1 Fire Raptor - 2 quad heavy bolters and 4 laser cannons
10 Deathwing Terminators - Three thunderhammer/storm shields, 2 cyclone missile launchers.

Terminators not shown - they are awaiting teleportation.


1 Swarmlord
2 flying hive tyrants
1 Nerothrope
1 Tyranid Prime

6 Thronback carnifex
1 Tyranofex
1 Exocrine
6 Warriors - death spitters
6 warriors - death spitters
30 hormagaunts
30 termagaunts
30 termagaunts
20 genestealers

So the long and the short of it, let me share with you what remained when the game was called at the end of turn 4:

1 Knight Gallant with 3 wounds left
4 marines - heavy bolter
5 marines - lascannon
1 Azreal
1 Ezekiel

1 Tyranofex (likely about to die)
20 termagaunts
30 termagaunts

The final tally, the Knight/Dark Angel side won 8 to 6.



First turn movement finished:

Lady Caryl faces off with a genestealer unit as it pours from its node.  She smote a unit of 6 warriors with her gattling cannon and missile rack and flamered 4 genestealers then stomped another 5 to death.  She killed 1 with her stubber then used Thunderstomp to get a final mortal wound through to bring them below their 10 model threshold for the flurry of claws.  She was eventually brought down by the exocrine, smites, tyrant attacks, and the genestealers but she sold her life dearly.

Baron Philip the fifth destroyed the first warlord of the Tyranids (they had two) with a barrage of his shoulder cannons, a shield breaker missile, and his conflageration cannon.  He was soon dogpiled though.  This image was captured immediately before he was laid low.  He did his job though when he unleashed his plasma cores full power.  The Tender Heart can be seen off to the side, still incomplete at this point.

The knights did decent damage, but the poor Valiant was absolutely dog piled by the Swarmlord, 4 Carnifex, 30 termagaunts, and the tyranid prime.  He was torn down and died from all the mortal wounds and 15 wounds from the Swarmlord.  I used the strategem that triggers the reactor cores and when he blew up we saw the most impressive explosion ever in the 20 years of warhammer we have played.  Damage dealt:

5 Wounds to the Swarm lord
6 wounds to a carnifex (killed because it was at 6)
5 wounds to a carnifex (killed because it was at 5)
4 wounds to the tyranid prime
5 wounds to the Swarmlord
4 wounds to the termigaunt
5 wounds to my poor Knight Gallant
4 wounds to the 5 remaining hormagaunts.

On my turn, the Gallant (now known as the Tender Heart) then stormed through the smoke, charged the Swarmlord, punched him three times. The Swarmlord saved 2, took 6 wounds, shrugged off 2 through catalyst.  It looked dire but I then used my Deathgrip strategem to grab him by the head and do the 2 mortal wounds needed to finish him off.  The Gallant then tore a chunk of swarmlord off and hurled it into the nearby termagants, killing 3 more.

The knights actually bleed wounds really fast.  The Fireraptor didn't do much either and actually lost 13 wounds in one turn of shooting from the Tyranofex.  The Raptor was downed next turn as the last act of the Exocrine before itself being shot through by a lascannon.

Just a total blood bath. 

The MVP:

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What a massacre. Awesome battle, and great pictures.

The Knights will ride again!

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looking good! But surely not the greatest (point wise then) played, but in a personal subjective way on experience probably it was!
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Honestly, what made it great was that all four of us playing enjoyed it despite losing big expensive models every turn.  Things were dying, the game swung back and forth every phase.  Just a great game!
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Great looking Knights and I absolutely love the Fire Raptor. Great report as well. :happy:
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