Author Topic: Fireforge plastics -20 % as add-ons in their present Forgotten World Kickstart  (Read 227 times)

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You can now pledge/buy Fireforge plastic boxes at ca. 20 % discount (plus postage ofcourse) via their Forgotten World kickstart.

This doesn't include their new Byzantine Auxiliaries, but does include the Fantasy/Bret Pegasi.

IIRC, if you only take existing plastic boxes, they will ship soon after the KS ends. So you don't need to wait until May 2019.

Ofcourse it's a KS, and one that still needs to fund.

Forget the 6'x4' game, focus on the story beyond that. Because fantasy matters.

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It's a pretty good deal with it. If I had a bigger budget I'd be jumping on some of the Templar's or Teutonic Knights.