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Try the fish!

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Try the fish!

Iím gonna pull a Trudeau and say that was in 1985 and I was 21 so any possible mistakes I made should be forgiven on the basis that I was young and didnít know better 😺
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Simple, You gut the bastard with your sword, the viking way.

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Get a binge of Yule ale, roasted boar and some proper axes and we will ALL be happy again!

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Can we just take a hammer to it, smash it into little bits.

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Re: Random Places to Visit and See ...
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Okay its official. I am doing one of my week-long exploring trips to Colorado next year around April/May. I have been obsessing over Colorado the last year and just going to fly into Denver, rent an SUV, and explore the state for a week, jumping from campground to campground if I can, otherwise hitting whatever I can find at the end of each day.

Been hitting Google Street View checking out random places and I just are amazed at what I am finding.

Take Ouray for example, a town like 5 blocks by 6 blocks in the mountains:


I have no idea what these people do for work.

Ouray is on the Million Dollar Highway, so miles and miles of this:


Telluride, which might be a touristy place as I think skiing is popular in the area, but another tiny town:


I would like to sit on this spot for a few hours, or one like it, which there seem to be hundreds:


or here


or here


or here


or here


for gods sake!


essentially wherever the least amount of people are the better.

Honestly if you just zoom in on Colorado itself, and click any of the capture spots off any of the roads, I think you will be impressed.


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