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Army List Advice for 1k Tournament
« on: July 20, 2019, 07:57:11 AM »
Hello everyone,,
I will be playing in my 1st ever Warhammer beginners tournament soon and will be using 1k armies.  With what I currently have here are the 2 armies I've drafted with help.  Any suggestions or ideas?

100 - Lv 2 Wizard (any lore you like)
69 - Warrior Priest, heavy armour, sheild
CORE: 489
170 - 20 Swordsmen, full command
90 - 10 Handgunner detachment
45 - 5 Handgunner detachment
184 - 7 Empire Knights, full command
120 - cannon
100 - pistoliers, musician
RARE: 120
120 - Hellblaster
TOTAL: 998

195 - Grandmaster, luckstone, helm of discord, warrior bane
CORE: 305
170 - 20 Swordsmen, full command
90 - 10 Handgunner detachment
45 - 5 Handgunner detachment
273 - 9 Reiksguard knights, full command
100- 5 pistoliers,
120- cannon


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Re: Army List Advice for 1k Tournament
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 04:52:46 PM »
Welcome to the forum.

I suppose the lists are determined by the models availble to you? In the 8th edition, Halberdiers are superior to Swordsmen. Withe either Halberdiers or Swordsmen, 20 is a bit low. If possible, increase them to 25 or even 30.
On a more general note: Crossbowmen are more useful than Handgunners, because of the greater range, but both are too expensive to be used as chaff (if that is the intent of the Detachments). Consider Archers as Detachments and/or Wizard bunker instead.

Speaking of which: I would add to the Wizard a dispel scroll, and to the WP the Dragon Helm, and perhaps the Ruby Ring of Ruin. The latter works well, if you take a Fire Wizard: the Lore Attribute works for Bound Spells too, and, at this level, Fire is still an excellent choice.

5 Knights with musician are usually sufficient for a supporting role.  7 seems neither fish nor fowl - too big for a supporting role, not big enough for a hammer unit. For the same points you can get a real hammer: 3 Demigryph Knights with musician.

At this level, I am inclined to take either a cannon or a HBVG, and invest the extra points in a BSB.

With the second list,  you are likely to get clubbered in the Magic phase.
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