Author Topic: is the steam tank, war wagon, war altar or any other empire chariot usable?  (Read 51 times)

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I have recently made the switch to Kings of War and have glossed over the Empireís rules for it. I noticed it had just about everything covered to some extent except Steam Tanks and War Wagons.
My first question is, anyone know any rules to represent these things?

There is a unit called Chariotteers in KoW. Would it make sense in the fluff for the Empire to field multiple war wagons in a unit together?

As for the Steam Tank, Would I be able to take an allied dwarven steel behemoth? Would that even be anything like a steam tank?

I donít have a clue how I would do a war altar without making rules.

I want to use my KoW Empire Army more in my local game store so Iím trying to avoid fan made rules but I also want representation from Steam Tanks and War Wagons.

Any Help at all would be appreciated.

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Re: is the steam tank, war wagon, war altar or any other empire chariot usable?
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Most human army lists have some kind of a monster. You can use that unit to depict the Steam Tank or the War Wagon. I think you can buy a magic item to enhance the feeling, like add a ranged attack or firebreath, but then perhaps buying magic items for monsters wasn't allowed. Don't have the books at hand atm.

The League of Rhordia list has both the Steel Behemoth and a moral support wagon (like the 8th ed Empire magic buff wagons). If you play with allies, you could take enough Rhordia to allow the Steel Behemoth in another human army list.

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