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Re: What Are You Listening To?
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Woke up this morning with this beautiful old Irish tune in me ‘ead.  I listened to this album in my early years 8-12 till I knew every song and word. It’s funny how the memory never leaves you.
The Clancy Brothers - Jug of Punch


Irish tunes are so good. "Rocky Road to Dublin" and "Cavan Girl" always get me to the right place.
Mathi Alfblut Feb 4,2017
Simple, You gut the bastard with your sword, the viking way.

Mathi Alfblut Dec 9,2017
Get a binge of Yule ale, roasted boar and some proper axes and we will ALL be happy again!

GP Aug 8, 2019
Can we just take a hammer to it, smash it into little bits.