Author Topic: Has anyone Ever Done a Narrative Play of Orks Revolving Around Football Culture  (Read 111 times)

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Esp after the recent riots that broke out after England lost to Italy at Wembley in the EuroCup........

I am wondering if any fellow football Nuts have ever crafted a Warhammer campaign all themed around Soccer and the various subcultures that shot off it?

Like emulate the infamous Stadium Violence or a Cvil War between Orks with lots of Football themed stuff (like various Orkish Clans literally named after Clubs), etc?

Seeing videos of all the events on Wembley Finals actually made me buy small drum to play during a few battles as I imagined Orks being the the ecstatic crowd who watched all games inside Wembley and even singing various songs during battle (like for example playing Youtube Clips of Audiences singing God Save the Queen before the games at the start of each battle).

A lot of times I would yell out " England scores a another goal!!!!!" and other victirous Footall Chants and Cheers as Orks kill enemies like Space Marnes and other stuff is just one example.

So Wondering if any Football fanatic have ever done a Narrative with Orks this way? I'm already writing a script based literally around the entire 2020 UEFA cup with Orks as a stand in For the Soccer-loving people of UK and the end final mission will involve lots of Orks fighting Imperial Guardsmen and even Space Marines (who represent the British police) to simulate some of the real life mass violence that took place ASAP England failed the Penalty Game and the cup was awarded to Italy.

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Presume you're not referring to American football, which seems to be covered by Blood Bowl.  Not sure I'm imagining what kind of campaign this might be.  If it is only going to be folks using Orks, it might be diffiuclt to find enough folks to play Ork armies.
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I painted crude football slogans on orc shields to differentiate the regiments :biggriin: