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Defeating Death (long!)
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John was sitting at his tavern.  He smiled the place was busy tonight.  He was a retired knight of the knights panther order.  He had just served a man another drink when he saw him.  The man who just entered or a man he thought it was he could not see his face below the dark cloak he wore.  The man had to be atleast 6 feet tall.  John didnt like the fact that the mere sight of the man raised every hair on the back of his neck.  So John decided to find out why this man made him feel so, "May I help you?"  

  In the deepest of voices the figure replied.  "Yesss where is Freeddricck Haannlleey."  Johns face went pale as stone.  Um he is about may i ask why you might be looking for him?"  The figure turned to face him and in the deep voice replied, "It is his time!"  And as it spoke it removed a scythe from out of its cloak and it turned in the direction of his son across the bar.  Is there any way i could take care of this for him im a close friend of his, John said though that wasnt all they had in common.  Fredrick was his one and only son.  The voice replied as it began to stalk towards the table.  "Their is only one way he can be saved now and that is if im challenged and defeated."   John heard himself reply before he registered the words.  "I challenge you then!"  The figure stopped in its tracks.  "Challenge accepted though if you loose your soul is forfeit!"  John gave a side long glance at his son who was chating and having a fun time with his friends.  Then he turned back to the figure, lets do this.

  Suddenly everything went dark around them they where no longer in the tavern they where in an area of almost complete darkness except where he and the figure now stood.  There are 3 challenges.  You may choose them if you are to win 2 out of 3 of the challenges you and the one you so willingly volunteer to defend will be left alone.  John thoguht for a second.  "Alright how about a game of Chess!"  A table appeared in front of them out of know where.  So John being winning this the up most importance carefully made his moves.  So for what seemed an enternity the game continued until finally John made his last move.  Check Mate!  I Win!  The figure showed no expression just sat there.  Alright the next game i challenge you in shall be Checkers.  John thought if i beat him at chess checkers should be quicker and easier.  The game was over in minutes, John was soundly defeated.  John thought closely what his last game would be w/e it was he could not afford to loose.  Alright I have it.  We shall wage a battle i command and army and u command an army both of equal force.  John smiled he was an excellent strategist.  The figure looked at him and one more thing if the general leading the army falls the battle is over and they loose.

  John thought it through, sounded right for if the general did fall their would be no leader and it would be lost anyhow.  And sow the armies appeared.  John saw the faces of all of his own comrades.  He was seated on a horse at the back of his imperial force.  The figure was on a dark steed sitting across the field except his force was of the undead.  John looked over the field it was just mainly an open field his knights would be his greatest weapon in this battle.  A horn blew out of nowwhere and the undead force began to march forward.  John began screaming orders.  Knights form up on the right flank.  I need the swordsman to take the left flank spearmen take the center along with the free companies.  The men ablidged moving into order, and their they waited as the undead force stalked slowely but unsteadinly in.  

  John looked gazed into the enemy force they where mainly skelitons and zombies,  Also their was a skeliton chariot in the right flank the knights would be facing off against it.  John gave the signal and the Knights charged ou tto meet the chariot and the swordsman charged the zombies on the left flank.  The kngihts met the chariot and disaster struck the 2 knights leading where tripped up and fell as the chariot hit it rolled through the first rank of knights before it was cut down leaving 4 knights standng.  On the left flank the swordsman charged bravely into the zombies they killed the zombies in 5 to 1 ratio.  But they where still out numbered and began giving into brute numbers.  They took their losses and where forced to fall back.  The skeliton warriors charged the spearmen the spears had little affect on the skelitons, but the free companies hit the flank with hammers and swords beginning to crush them.  Then the figure began its decent towards the battle.  The knights set up to charge the figure.  One of the knights looked back at him ackwordly.  Then the knight looked again this time John saw his face it was fredrick.  

  John spurred his horse forward as the knights met the figure immediately the figure killed 2 knights with a mighty swing of its scythe.  The other knight through himself at the figure and engaged him in hand-to-hand.  John spurred his horse forward his son would be no match for the dark form.  Fredrick moved around to flank the figure as the other knight pressed in from the front.  The figure jerked back suddenly as it was struck with a blow from the first knight then it sent its sword through the knights chest.  Then it turned to fredrick and sent the sword in a heavy over head swing.  Fredrick raised his shield to take the blow the shielf broke under the hit and fredrick himself was thrown from his horse.  John was in full gallop by now.  His men had the battle in hand he had to save his son.

  Fredrick looked up at the figure and began back peddeling on all four trying to get distance from him and the dark figure.  The figure dismounted and stalked in fredrick grabbed a sword off the ground and swung out at the figure meagerly.  it knocked it aside.  John was in reach by then.  He charged the figure which turned quickly and cut the horses legs out from under him.  John gained his feating again to see the figure towering over his son ready for the finishing blow.  John through himself over his son as the blade came down taking the hit.  Everything went dark again.  The smell of the battle the sunlight everything was gone.  Then the figured appeared in front of him.  "You lost you where slain in battle!"  John looked up at him the ensigna of the deepest hatrid on his face.  You used my son to defeat me.  "I won your army was defeated before i fell."  The figure sat their patiently for a long moment.

  "I will let you go if you can defeat me in combat!"  John stood up again.  Just give me my sword!"  Suddenly they where in some sort of arena it was empty but an arena none the less.  John looked down to see a sword in his hand.  He looked up to see the figure standing their again ever so patient.  John raised his sword up and charged.  The figure jumped to the side deafly picking off his blade with the long two-handed sword he wielded.  They launched into combat both doing attacks of their own here or there and parrying others.  Until finally John gain the upperhand and knocked his enemies sword away.  John held the sword up to the figures chest, "I WIN now maintian your promise and let me go.  The figure stared onwards,  You do not win until you have slain me.  John nodded, alright then.  John leveled his sword for a strike and swung with all the force he had.  The figure changed shape just as his sword came down.  John looked into the eyes of his son as he drove the sword home.  Then their was the tavern again and everything  was normal John looked over to his son to see him happily chatting with his friends.  

  Then John heard a wierd deep voice.  "I have showed you the fate of your son and how he dies!"  John looekd aorund to see the figure nowhere, ...I kill my son?????

To be continued.....
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