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Makes sense. BBC did a docudrama set in WW1 called Our War, each episode focusing on tree different groups of soldiers durring three different points of the battle.

You had the first battle, where a French town was being defended by a group of machine gunners and riflemen, who while having a pissing contest for much of the first episode, stop it to protect eachother and the town the best they can till they have to fall back.

The second episde focused on the "Palls" program to get young men to enlist en mass, and the realities they faced in war. Namly from the point of view of one man that is forced to be in the firing squad of a man he was a friend to.

The third episode is near the end of the war with a tank crew. During this last one, one of the veterans from the beginning of the war, who also has been a giant ass, has problems with their mechanic as he didn't volunteer earlier as he didn't feel the war was his to fight. After another one of these yelling matches, the new guy not only tells him to shut up, he does so by telling him no one at home cares anymore, and are sick and tired of hearing about it. In many ways, I can see parallels of how WW1 veterans were treated and that of Vietnam veterans.

I can also see the government treating them just as badly. One of the many failings of Herbert Hoover while president of the United states was not treating a group of suffering WW1 vets with the care they needed, and instead had the national guard not only break up their protest to get the funds they were promised, but essentially burned down their encampment. Considering the Primarch felt they always got the crap jobs with none of the rewards or admiration from their Emperor or the greater imperium, I can see something very similar with the real veterans that got screwed over and the real and perseived wrongs against the Iron Warriors.
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: New player - 2k empire list
« Last post by Athiuen on Today at 02:26:29 AM »
I'd consider putting a Ward Save item on your General to keep him alive. The Talisman of Protection or The White Cloak will do for 30 points.

I agree with Warlord, that if you shave a few models from your free company, you'll be able to take those knights as their special choice equivalent, Inner Circle Knights, which are simply better and only marginally more expensive.

I'd definitely give the Captain the Battle Standard or drop him entirely.

Witch hunters can be good, but they're not often the most efficient choice. They are cool models and very thematic, so it's fun to take one. Just don't expect the world from him. His main benefit is Killing Blow, just remember it only applies to his melee attacks.
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Tyranid and Warp question
« Last post by SaintofM on Today at 02:17:31 AM »
One is how would Dark Eldar react to it? I remember hearing they sometimes capture some for their arenas, but that assumes the ability to capture a few and escape. I am wondering how this would potentially work.

I have an exciting lore bit for you here. The Dark Eldar, being the crazy mad people that they are, once captured an entire planet full of Tyranids, moved it into the webway, and now use it to harvest bits of alien to graft onto other dark eldar as a fashion statement.


Another is the The Hive Mind tends to be so immense, it stops warp travel in and out of a sector. Would that include a rift from the warp by powerful beings within it to let out a chaos fleet of say Tzeentchens? Or if the two fleets enter the solar system at the same time would they halt some of the chaos ships from entering real space? If the latter I can already see a war ship getting cut in two because the hive minds just closes the tear into reality.

The warp is pretty funky, so essentially whatever you wanted to happen in the story could happen. I forget the broods name, but there is one branch of the tyranid invasion that seems to be specalizing in anti warp activity, and is used to attack and 'seal' rifts. Albeit with somewhat difficult effects.

I forget the name too, but i know their lore. Red and Black color scheme, and other hive fleets will only eat half a planet so they have a chance to refuel and replenish their biomass.

Ok, so treat the warp as Timy Whimy Goblicgook that I can do whatever I need it to, including Diablo Ex Machina. Thanks for the link to the DE. Will check it out
The Count's Tavern / Re: Woodworking Fun
« Last post by SaintofM on Today at 02:07:17 AM »
Nothing short of impressive. Very nice
The Count's Tavern / Re: What are you watching- TV shows
« Last post by SaintofM on Today at 02:05:40 AM »
Been going through my DVDs latly. Right now I am on Beast Wars.
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: New player - 2k empire list
« Last post by PowerSeries on Today at 01:54:59 AM »
I made my ogres run great weapons. It's not like they will be striking before much anyways.
Look at the O&G arcane journal - its not just keeping the same options, its also changing the configuration of the core/special choices. Thats what we need to do to make it interesting.
They're lovely, which brand do they belong to?

These are by Lead Adventure originally, now carried by another company called Miniaturicum. They were however OOP for a bit, so I'm glad I found them again.

Wow, this looks like you've got quite the project going on there, impressive! :icon_biggrin: :eusa_clap:

That character is looking supercalafragilistic! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Thanks Gamepoet! he was an absolute blast to convert. And I don't do things by halves. I probably shoud but where is the fun in that, eh?


How good are those old articles of 6th edition, especially showcasing Empire in all its glory!
I am so sorry to hear what life has given you, but glad you have been able to find joy in the hobby again.

How lucky you are to have purchased such a beautifully painted army.

Your character is marvellous, and love the backstory and counterfeit Ghal Maraz.
Glad to have you here!

Thanks Warlord! I really like context in my wargaming, reasons why a man might pick up a sword, or reasons behind a conflict. And even if I didn't have a long term campaign coming, I'd be creating this sort of story anyways  :biggriin:

The counterfeit Ghal Maraz came to me when looking at spare bits I was given from a friend, and Karl Franz's(and Sigmar, can't forget, or I might get smacked!) mighty hammer was there. It made ZERO sense to use as is, but rallying symbols throughout history have often been forgeries. Holy Relics of Saints, Flags.....I got inspired somewhat from Sharpe, from that first episode. Men can and will fight and die for a symbol.

Ghal Maraz certainly is that sort of symbol, and it was quite conveniently nowhere to be seen at this time. WELL, that story wrote itself, really!

Happy to be here, guys. Can't always promise I'll respond super fast, but I'll always come around to check.
What I would what to see is a list that's basically the main rulebook list, with handgunners, pistoliers, outriders, War Altar of Sigmar (because, duh), great cannon, helstrum, hellblaster, and Steam Tanks removed. You pick either cult of Taal & Rhya, Ulric, or Sigmar on your list and get access to:

Your suggestions are mostly our current list with less options, and a couple of extra / new ones.

And new prayers, new characters, new units. and yes, as it should be.
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