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Johedl´s army list
« on: March 01, 2010, 09:15:56 PM »
Here is my idea of how the Empires amry list could look like. I haven´t given my thoughts about magic items but I think we need better 50p banners as well as good 10-25p banners. I only post what I change in stats or rules. I like haflings so I included them. Im think of making dwarf warriors with handgun and xbow opption as a special choise and ogres as a rare one.

State Troops and Elite State Troops
Elite state troops have the same rules as Greatswords version of state troops, an army may not feild more units of elite troops than state troops detachment not counted.

Order Reputations

The Empire´s Finest
The unit is Immun to pshychology.

They Break Every Line
the turn the unit charges their opponents allways strike last regardless of ordinary order or abilities, like ASF. The unit allways pursuits.

They Strikes Were They Are Least Expected
The Unit gets the Ambush special rule.

The Banisher of Evil
The unit hates undead, deamons, beastmen and any unit or character with a mark of chaos.

Masters of Arms
The unit gets +1 to hit in close combat.


Ancetrial Heorloom, one unit of state troops and one unit of elite state troops can buy a magic banner worth up to 50p each. 
One unit of Greatswords becomes core.

Grand Master of the Templars
master of battle, the grand master gets a Order Reputation for free and if he joins a unit of knights of the IC the whole units benefits from that Order Reputation. If they have the same Order Reputation then the unit causes Fear. A Templar Grand Master escorted by his brethren on the battle field are a terrifing sight for the enemy.
One Unit of Reiksguards in foot becomes special choise.


His families guard, one unit of state troops may buy a magic banner worth up to 25p for each captian in your army.

Master Engineer
Two engineers counts as one Hero choise.
If mounted and with an armour save of 5+ or less the engineer count as having the fast cavalery rule.


Infantery 5p
same stats as spearman or halbardier. handwepons and LA. Must chose spear, halberd or shield as equipment and may buy shield if not chosen for +1p.
State Troops
May uppgrade to Elite State troops for +1p. +1WS +1I.

Knightly Orders
uppgrade to IC +4p and IC allso gets +1I. IC may swap their shield and lance for additional hand weapon. They may buy a Order Reputation for 15p.

State Archers
Same as Xbowmen except lonbows and BS4.

you may not have more units of Huntsmen than you have units of archers.

Halflings 4p
M3 WS2 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I2 A1 LD7
Shortbows, may buy Light armoure, shield and spears for 2p in total.


S4 I4, Champ may have magic item woth up to 25p.
Elite State Troops

May buy Full Plate Armoure for 3p, if they do they lose fast cavalery and can change their pistols for a lance. Im think winged lances or something simular. Cheaper and weaker than Knights but have 8" movement.

May change repeters for grenade launching blunderbuss.

Hot Pot Catapult 50p
fires like a mortar except range 8"-24". small template S3 AP. Misfire 1-3 may not fire this turn, 4-5 may not fir next turn, 6 one crewmember dies.
May not field more Hot pots than Halflings. If two unit of Haflings are fielded then two Hot pots count as one special choise.

Jaegers 12p
Same stats as archers except for BS4. Skirmish, scouts, militia
Xbows, may buy additional hand weapons +1p. trade Xbows for hochland rifles +2p (Move or fire 30" S4 AP). If the unit has blackpowder weapons the marksman can trade rifle for the same weapons as a handgunner marksman.

Should have diffrent weapons configurations to chose from.
If killed, all engineers must take panic test and opponent get extra bonus as from capturing banner.

What do you think?

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Re: Johedl´s army list
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 09:19:29 PM »
Forgot about Reiksguards on foot.

reiksguards on foot
M4 WS4 BS3 S4 T3 W1 I4 LD8
Full Plate Armoure, Shield and hand weapons.
The Empire´s Finest
Elite State Troops
Champ may have magic item woth up to 25p