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Rough Spell Lore Balance and Diversity Project
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:15:54 PM »
The 8th Lores have become a a bit stagnant to me and some other niggling things in the rules in general. This is my WIP general magic rules and lore changes idea, if some one else gives them a go I'd love to hear how it worked out.

All Spell lores are made up of 8 spells; a Signature Spell, Six Normal Spells, and one Grand Spell.

Spell selection is as normal but Grand Spells may only be used in games which feature Grand Armies (+3000 points). When rolling for spells in a Grand Battle any roll of a six allows the player to choose whatever spell they wish.

Spell Types
Hex and Augment types are perfectly fine but having Direct Damage, Magic Missile, and Magical Vortexes seems quite silly when the intent of these spell is to cause damage. In addition there really shouldn't be a difference between a Mage sending sorcerous energy forward in the form of a big fireball from his hands or the magic energy to create little creatures that do the damage themselves, it really should be in the Mage's vision field either way.

Direct Damage, Magic Missiles, and Magical Vortexes are now all termed Damage Spells. They all require line of sight and may not be cast if the Wizard or the unit they are with are engaged in combat.

Nasty miscasts are good but there should be some reward for restraining from throwing gobs of dice at a spell and not.

Minor Miscasts
Any spell cast with Irresistible Force using three or less power dice rolls d6 on the following table:

1- Re-roll on Major Miscast Table
2-3 -d6 Power Dice, affected caster may cast no further spells this magic phase
4-6 affected caster may cast no further spells this magic phase

Major Miscasts
Any spell cast with Irresistible Force using four or more power dice rolls 2d6 on the following table:

2 Dimensional Cascade as is plus ends Magic Phase
3-4 Calamitous Detonation as is plus ends Magic Phase
5-6 Detonation as is plus caster may cast no further spells this magic phase
7 -d6 power dice caster may cast no further spells this magic phase
8-9 Magical Feedback as is plus caster may cast no further spells this magic phase
10-11 Power Drain same except -1 lvl of magic not d3 and ends magic phase
12 Mind Wipe Caster Reduced to 0 magic levels and for all purposes is no longer a magic user (for generating dice/channeling etc.) Model suffers Stupidity for remainder of game, Ends Magic Phase

Magic Resistance
For what it is supposed to do it is generally worthless and not at all in keeping with its background. So is amended as follows.

Units targeted by a Damage spell gains a ward save equal to +1 per level of magic resistance. So Magic Resistance of 3 garners a 4+ ward save. This does not stack with other ward saves but is used if it is the superior ward save. If the spell allows no saves, Magic Resistance saves are still admissible.

Units targeted by Hex or Augment spells cast upon the unit by either friendly or enemy Wizards confers one free dispel dice per level of magic resistance which are automatically used toward dispelling the spell.

Lore Attribute: Celestial Observer
Damage Spells do not require LOS or Forward Arc restriction. +1 to Casting Roll vs Flyers

Signature Spell. The Sign of Amul (Augment)
Casting Value:7+/14+/21+
Re-Roll any one die that affects unit
Re-roll 2 dice that affect unit
Re-Roll 3 dice that affect unit

1. (Dis)Harmonic Convergence (Augment/Hex)
Casting Value:7+/14+
Range: 12"
Friendly Unit re-rolls any 1 results on To Hit, To Wound, and Save rolls/Enemy Unit Re-Rolls any 6 on same.
Upper, all units within 12" of caster benefit/suffer

2. Iceshard Blizzard (Hex)
As is

3. Cerulean Shield (Augment)
Casting Value: 8+/12+
Range 12"/24"
Unit has a 5+ ward save

4. Urannon's Thunderbolt (Damage)
Casting Value:9+/12+
Range: Unlimited
d6 S4 hits
d6 S6 hits

5. The Crystal Charioteer (Damage)
Casting Value: 11+/15+
d6+1 S5 hits no armor save, unit pushed back number of inches equal to number of unsaved wounds

6. Forked Lightning (Damage)
Casting Value:13+/16+/20+
Range: 24"
d6 S4 hits no armor save, jumps to nearest enemy unit within 6" of original target on a d6 roll of 5+, continues until roll fails or runs out of fresh enemy units within 6"
d6+1 S5 hits no armor saves, jumps to nearest enemy unit within 6" of original target on a d6 roll of 4+..
d6+2 S6 hits " " , " " " " d6 roll of 3+

7. Comet of Casandora
Casting Value:15+/22+
Range: Unlimited
Place target spot, each player turn new chit on d6 1-3, 4-6 Comet lands, all units in d6 x number of markers" are hit by 2d6 + number of markers S 5 + number of markers hits.
Upper Level Spell places 2 marker per

Lore Attribure: As is

Signature Spell: Boon of Ghyran (Augment)
Casting Value: +8/+16
Range: 18"
Gives target unit either +2 T or 5+ Regeneration Save
Gives target unit both +2 T and 5+ Regeneration Save

1. Awaken the Wood (Damage)
Casting Value: 6+/10+
Range: As is
As is/ upper version S6

2. Mistress of Marsh (Hex)
Casting Value: 8+/16+
Range: 12"/24"
Target unit treated as if in marshy terrain. If it attempts to move it must take dangerous terrain tests as per normal rules.

3. Throne of Vines (Augment)
Casting Value: 8+/16+
Range: Self
Remains in Play
Lower: Re-roll Major Miscast results, Adds +1 to rolls on the Minor Miscast chart. Adds +1 to all casting rolls.
Upper: Treats Major Miscasts as Minor Miscasts on a d6 roll of +2, Adds +2 to rolls on the Minor Miscasts chart. Adds +2 to all casting rolls.

4. Thorn Shield (Hex)
Casting Value: 9+/13+
Range: As is
As is, upper version is S4

5. Rainlord (Hex)
Casting value: 11+/16+
Range: 18"/36"
Any unit effected may not fire in the shooting phase until after the beginning of casters next magic phase

6. Re-Growth (Augment)
Casting Value: 12+/24+
Range: 18"/36"
As is

7. Dwellers Below (Damage) as is

Lore Attribute: Defy the Darkness
+1 to dispel Chaotic, Skaven, and Undead spells. +1 to Damage spells verses Chaotic, Skaven, and Undead.

Signature Spell: Ulzah's Healing Hand (Augment)
Casting Value:5+/10+
Range: 24"
Dispels any spell currently affecting the unit. Unit immune to poison and killing blow.
Above plus D3 wounds restored

1. Shems Burning Gaze (Damage) as is

2. Pha's Protection (Augment)
Casting Value: 6+/12+
Range: 24"
Unit has Magic Resistance of 1, Verses Chaotic, Skaven, or Necromatic Lores Magic Resistance of 2.
Unit has Magic Resistance of 2, Verses Chaotic, Skaven, or Necromantic Lores Magic Resistance of 3.

3. Karu's Guardian Light (Light of Battle) (Augment)
As is

4. Net of Amyntok (Hex)
As is

5. Urra's Dazzling Brightness (Hex)
Casting Value:11+/19+
Reduces WS, BS, or I to a value of 1
Reduces WS, BS, and I to a value of 1

6. Banishment (Damage)
As is

7. Timewarp
As is

Lore Attribute: +1 to all casting rolls targeted at units with an armor save of 4+ or better and Warmachines

Signature Spell: Rule of Burning Iron (Damage)
Casting Value: 6+/12+
Range: 24"
Generates d6 hits at S3 with +1 S for every two levels of Armor Save the foe has.
Generates 2d6 hits at S3.............

1. Commandment of Brass (Hex)
Casting Value: 8+/13+
Range: 18"/36"
Cast on any Warmachine or Chariot not in combat. Effected unit may not move or fire until until after the end of its own next turn. If charged, via magic movement or pursuit into a fresh opponent, the unit may only elect to hold but the crew/mounts may defend themselves. If forced to flee, they are automatically destroyed.

2. Enchanted Blades of Abian - as is

3. Glittering Robe - as is

4. Transmutation of Lead - as is

5. Bane of Forged Steel (Hex)
Casting Value: 14+/19+
Range: 12"/24"
Destroys all mundane weapons the unit carries, melee or missile, for the remainder of the game. Unit is considered armed with a single hand weapon from that point forward.

6. Searing Doom (Damage)
Casting Value:15+/20+
Range: 18"
Causes d6 +1 per level of Armor Save up to 3+, S4 Hits that allow no armor saves
Causes 2d6 +1 per level of Armor Save up to 3+, S4 Hits that allow no armor saves

7. Final Transmutation (Damage)- as is

Attribute: As is

Sig Spell: Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma (Hex)
Casting Value: 5+/6+/9+/10+
Reduces M, WS, BS, or I by 1
Reduces S or T by 1
Reduces S and T by 1
Reduces M, WS, BS, and I by 1

1. Steed of Shadows
As is

2. Pelt of Midnight (Augment)
Casting Value:6+/10+
Range: 24"
All BS related attacks at unit suffer -1 to hit, artillery required to reroll successful hits on scatter dice
All BS related attacks at unit suffer -2 to hit, artillery must scatter

3. Creeping Death (Damage)
Casting Value: 7+/14+
Range: 18"
d6 S3 hits
2d6 S3 hits

4. Pendulum (Damage)
As is

5. Shades of Death (hex)
Casting Value: 12+/17+
Remains in Play. Enemy Unit treats all opponents as if they cause fear, fear causers cause terror, and terror causers force re-rolls of successful terror checks.

6. Unseen Lurker (Augment)
Casting Value: 13+/18+
Unit may make 8" move in magic phase

7 Pit of Shades (Damage)
as is

Attribute: As is

Signature Spell - 5:As is

6. Flame Storm (damage)
Casting Value: 13+/22+
Range: 24"
Causes d6 S4 hits, Players each roll d6 + lvl of casting wizard and dispelling wizard respectively, if caster rolls equal or greater than that of the dispelling wizard wizard the target unit suffers a further d6 S4 hits. This roll continues until the Casting player is either defeated by the dispelling player or rolls a 1.
Upper Level d6+2 S6 hits

7. Conflagration of Doom
As Flame Storm currently

Lore Attribute: The Power of Shyish
Any spell cast that inflicts at least one unsaved wound generates another power dice for the pool on a roll of 5+

Signature Spell: Spirit Leeching (Damage)
Casting Value: 7+/12+
Target single model, both roll 2d6, if caster has roll number target loses one wound and caster gains one wound.

1. Aspect of Dreadknight (Augment)
As is

2. Death Dealer (Augment)
Casting Value: 7+/11+
Range: 24"
Until the beginning of the casters next magic phase, for every casualty sustained by unit in close combat they may make and additional attack back.
Upper, same as above +1 S

3. Caress of Laniph (Damage)
Casting Value: 7+/14+
Range: 12"
Targets single model, 2d6 - the T, S, or I of target (defenders choice) hits that wound on 4+.
Same as above but caster picks either T, S, or I.

4. Darkhand of Death (Damage)
Casting Value:8+/16+
Range: 18"
d6 S4 hits no armor save
2d6 S4 hits no armor save

5. Doom and Darkness (Hex)
As is

6. Drain Life (Damage)
Casting Value: 13+/26+
Range: 12"
d6+2 S4 hits allowing no armor saves
d6+2 S4 hits allowing no armor saves on all enemy units within 12" of caster

7. Purple Sun (Damage)
As is


Attribute: As is

Sig Spell: Ursos the Bear's Anger (Augment)
Casting Value: 8+/12+/16+
Range: 12"
+1 S, T, and A to self or single character on foot within range
+2 S, T, and A " " "
+3 S, T, and A " " "

1. Corvos the Crows Feast (As Flock of Doom) (Damage)
As is

2. The Beast Cowers (Hex)
Casting Value:8+/13+
Only units not in combat, unit must pass LD test or may not do anything until the end of their next turn. Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry, Warbeasts, and Monstrous Beasts must take test on unmodifiable LD value of mount/monster/beast.

3. Wildform (Augment)
As is

4. Amber Spear (Damage)
As is

5. Curse of Anraheir (Hex)
As is

6. Lupen the Wolf Hunts (Augment)
Casting Value: 13+/23+
Range: 12"
Unit may make 8" move in magic phase
Upper, if unit engages enemy it gets the Devastating Charge special rule

7. Transformation of Kadon (Augment)
As is

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