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Title: The Empire as of 2634 IC
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on August 25, 2015, 12:29:29 AM
Right this may make some of you angry....

For my Post-Apocalyptic End Times-Storm of Chaos campaign (Which Will be online for all of you to play in) I need some advice. It takes place 111 years after the "End Times", Ie the good guys won.

To which I as this question.

In My time Line Helborg becomes Emperor after Franz. Ie Helborg pulled a Magnus the Pious on the Electors.

Now with this in mind also note that In the aforementioned time line, Altdorf in little more then a stinking pile of rotting bodies and Nurglings (Or blood letters or what ever. I haven't chosen who takes it yet).
Even with their former grandmaster on the throne, do you think the Reiksguard could have survived loosing their home?

I have all ready setteled that the Knights Griffon wouldn't have made it have both Nuln and Altdorf gone.

What are your thoughts?
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Post by: Baron von Klatz on August 25, 2015, 02:01:41 AM
I think that's a really good start-off point for your campaign story. I like the shake-up with Helborg on the throne, he deserve it after all he's done for Franz.( did he keep his pledge to Vlad then? :icon_wink:)

I'd think the Reiksguard order would be mostly wiped-out, leaving only a few elites to carry on. But with Helborg as the new Emperor couldn't he just recreate the order elsewhere? As Emperor and former Grandmaster, wouldn't it be fully within his rights to place the order elsewhere and build from there?
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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on August 25, 2015, 02:11:31 AM
#1: No. I'll get to vlad later.

#2: Thats what I was thinking. Since that current Emperor Rules from Talabheim (Remember that it's 111 after Helborg) I figured That I would have a Knightly order called the Talabec Guard or some such.


Right then Since I satrted this post I might as well lay out what I have in store for the Empire (The rest of the world will come later), Be warned it's not pretty! I will try to explain my logic as I go along.

Right then. The bad news....

Right so the storm of chaos happens just as it did in the past but with the key difference being that Archaon came back with a one two punch and Valten didn't die.

Now the End Times as I think they would (and really and logically should) have gone-

#1: Altdorf, Middenheim, and Marienburg are done and done.  Marienburg and Altdorf are taken by the Glottkin and the Collages of Magic torn down, however before they can march to Middenheim, the force of Khorne Beastmen take Middenheim in a welter of blood and gore.

(The reason I chose this to happen was because I just can't see the forces of chaos, who hate each other on the best of days, truley working together, even with Archaon's iron will. And no one has control over the beastmen anyway, thus I chose them to take Middenheim. Wild and frenzied, I think they could have done with Khorne's aid.

Also having Sigmar's city fall is, quite frankly, something that is important to the story line. Think about it, what else would the forces of chaos find more symbolic and the people of the empire more devastating?) 

#2: Reikland is sacked and burned. Meanwhile Northern Hochland, Talabechland and Ostermark and beset of all sides by Chaos. Ostland and Nordland are looted and raided the the northern Norse Tribes, while the southern Norse raise whats left of Kislev.

#3: The Kislevites flee to the south and in too Northern Ostermark. Though they break through the Kurgan tribes attacking Ostermark and get a warm welcome, they are put on the front lines all most immediately.

#4: Nuln is overrun by the Skaven who steal most of the gunpowder and many weapons. Plans are stolen and the Collage of Engineers is nearly torn down, in the ratmen's efforts to get a hold of Imperial engineering know how. Though Still standing Nuln's streets are filled with bodies and stink of rat fur.

#5: With no Elector Count, Talabechland is left in the ward of a council of Generals. Under their leadership the Talabechland army makes some head way but not before Talabheim is nearly lost.

(So what Spare Talabheim Nuln's fate? The reason is simple. We have had great heroes from Altdorf (Sigmar and Franz), Middenheim (Mandred) and Nuln (Magnus), therefore I felt that a hero from Talabheim should emerge in the campaign.)

#6: Volkmar, The Fey Enctantress and Aliathra still die. However Instead of Mandred, it's Gelt who dose the summoning of Nagash.

(The reason for this is that in the novel Masters of Magic, Gelt is on a quest to prove that the master od the dEath Collage, Gunter Klaus is really a necromancer. I see this as the perfect chance to say that Gelt is just deflecting away from his own necromantic studies.)

#7: The Count of Hochland Aldebrand Ludenhof is still killed by Gelt, who, takes his rune fang for himself.

(Why? Well there has to be some death!)

#8: The Elector Count of Ostland, Vlamir von Rukov is killed by Crom, but note before burring his Rune Fang in Crom's chest, killing him in return.

(Well I wanted von Rukov's end to be bada@#! So I had him kill Crom with his diying breath)

#9: Boris Todbringer is drivel insane by chaos magics and flees his city before it falls.

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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on September 09, 2015, 09:52:13 PM
And now some good news!

#1: The Priests of Ulric and the remaining Knights of the White Wolf hold out in the temple of Ulric against the Beastmen long enough for Middenheim to be retaken by the Knights Panther and Carroburg Greatswords.

Soon after the lifting of the siege, a new Ar-Ulric is elected. In a great up roar he seals the flame of Ulric beneath the temple in a great vault, surrounded by a trapped and warded labyrinth.

This action is seen as cowardly, and soon after the Ar-Ulric's death at the ripe old age of 70, his name is expunged from records. Still even Ulricans respect a good fortification. As such a few hand selected priests know the way to the vault. But Only the Ar-Ulric has the key.

Thanks to most effort being put in too protecting the Flame, it takes nearly a century to rebuild the City. The further fortification of the Temple alone takes 20 years.

#2: Nuln is still stinking of rat fur and bodies for years after the Skaven attack. It's streets and sewers are infested with rats, to the point that a unit of special swordsmen are formed to protect the streets and sewers from future Skaven attack.
Dubbed The Black Swords, in reference to the darkened, back alleys they watched they were and still are the largest sword unit ever formed in the Empire's history. 

The the headmasters of the Imperial School of Gunnery and the head Engineers of the Collage of Engineering pooled their efforts to take over the palace of Nuln to act as a joint Collage-Fortress and head quarters.

#3: With Reikland in tatters and Altdorf a home of Nurglings and Plagebearers, the once great City State and anything north of it clear to Marienburg are well avoided.
Altdorf it's self has been literally walled off from the rest of the world and is under watch by the Knights of the Silver Dove, which were founded by Helborg after he taking of the throne. 


More good news for the Empire and bad news of the WoC to come!

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Post by: Doc J on September 23, 2015, 01:16:33 AM
This is very interesting and seems to be well thought out. I really like the scale of your fluff and its always nice to see fluff for the old world still being written. I would like to see more.  :eusa_clap:
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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on October 14, 2015, 05:22:52 PM
Have no fear, more is here!

#4: Talabhiem is nearly brought to ruins, however Archaon is slain by Valten with the aid of Martak at the last moment. This action causes Archaon's army to fall apart.

After the war Valten helps resettles in Nuln, eventually making the city state his home. A Large shrine is built in honour of the lives lost in the Skaven attack. The current Emperor claims that he is related to Valten, though Valten's family ended up being rather large, most were in Nuln, so it is unknown just how he is related to him.

(Writer's Note: Truth of the matter is that Archaon needed to die. Also I thought it would be interesting for Valten to live rather than die/disappear and settle down instead)

#5: With a select Number of Amber Wizards, Martak seals away the artifacts of chaos, as well as Archaon's body and scatters them about the world.

#6: Though Boris Todbringer recovers from his insanity, he never returns to Middenheim. Instead choosing to delve deeper to the forests to hunt beastmen in shame.

(I mean really, would you go back???)

#7: The Glott Kin are slain at the hands of a rival Chaos force following The Changer of Ways. This army is later overrun by an army led by Luthor Huss.

(Nurgle has to many champions anyway!)

More too come!

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Post by: Baron von Klatz on October 14, 2015, 07:14:43 PM
Not bad. My thoughts:

4. Maybe have Valten gravely injured in the fight(to give Archaon his due) and is in Talabheim to heal rather than staying there permanently. Talabheim was stated by Sigmar himself that it would never fall as long as it worshipped Taal. Valten could be seen as a threat to Taal worship.

In his wounded state he would also be very vulnerable to fanatics and chaos assassins. That'd be good for a future plot plot.

5. I really like that one. Lots of potential for wider world exploration and events.

6.Why wouldn't you?

7. Meh.

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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on October 15, 2015, 06:06:18 PM
Hummm... thatès a great point about Valten. Perhaps Nuln instead?

Also about Boris. Quite frankly I think the Priests of Ulric would have gutted him the moment he walked through the gates. I think they would take a dim view on the whole "I was insane!" plea.

I also think that after something like that he would have hid fare share of survivor's guilt.
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Post by: Baron von Klatz on October 17, 2015, 06:13:08 AM
Oh sure, Boris can't get away with a bout of insanity but Marius can run around with a life time of it. :-P

Probably right about his guilt, though. Interesting to have a figure like that wandering the wilds of the Empire.
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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on December 10, 2015, 10:13:22 AM
Sorry I have not posted in a while folks. Been a rough couple of months for me of late. Being a Hypochondriac with OCD sucks!

That being said I fully intend to keep updating this. Edits should come along soon and an update to the fate of the runefangs will be posted.
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Post by: Doc J on December 18, 2015, 01:01:33 AM
I wanna see more on Boris that has story line alot of potential. What about those poor illiterates in Stirland ?

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Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on December 25, 2015, 05:16:15 AM
I wanna see more on Boris that has story line alot of potential. What about those poor illiterates in Stirland ?

Well sine you asked so nicely...  I think it's time for some more bad news! Hold on to your seats, isin't this just so exciting!  :-P

More bad news part 2-

#10: With Gelt and his inner circle of corrupted Gold Wizards turned necromancers, the Gold order is hunted down and tired for crimes against the Empire by the Witch Hunters. Many innocent Gold Wizards are put to the stake, noose and axe before a victorious but seriously wounded Valten calls of the Witch hunt.

The remaining Loyal Gold Wizards and punished by Gregor Martak. Banished to Wissenland's southern border with the Border Princes, under watch by Sigmartie Priests, the Gold Order is put on the front line against Duke Farnio Forzini's soldiers, led by his own fledgling vampire "family".   

#11: With Nagash's take over of the wind of death, the practice of death magic in banned.

#12: The remaining orders took heavy losses at Altdorf, the remaining quickly set up shop in Nuln, only to be attacked by the overwhelming stench of dead bodies and rats. The Orders quickly went to work in building new places of magic within the city, though the Jade Order opted to build their collage in the fields outside Averheim.

(Writer's Note: The reason a chose these fates for the orders is rather simple. First with the rise of the Amber Order it is only logical that the Gold order should fall.)

#13: Stirland is struck low with the deaths of many state troopers falling to the hands of both the undead and chaos raiders. Count Alberich Haupt-Anderssen is furious when Grand Master Helborg strikes his deal with Vlad von Carstein. This anger is bottled away however, as Haupt-Anderssen chooses to bide his time.

#14: With Archaon's death and the collapse of his army at Talabheim, Helborg seizes the chance to be rid of Nagash. Convincing Franz in too mustering as many Witch Hunters, Priests of Sigmar, Light Wizards and knights as possible, Franz along with Helborg, Grand Theogonist Kaslain, Luthor Huss and Ludwig Schwarzhelm, lead an army in to Strilland.

Haupt-Anderssen jumps at the chance to strike at Vlad and a two pronged attack is formed, culminating at a final battle at the gates of Waldenhof, to decide the fate of Stirland. With great losses on both sides, the battle only ends with Kaslain and Franz destroying the hand of Nagash, but only with the sacrifice of the Patriarch of the Light Collage and numerous Light Wizards and Priests of Morr and Sigmar.

Though outmatched Schwarzhelm is able to slay Mandred von Carstein and secure victory over Mandred's forces.

Vlad in slain by Luthur, but he is nearly killed by Gelt and knocked unconscious. Gelt now thoroughly mad turns his wrath to wards the heroes of the Empire.

With Nagash's body crumbling to dust, Haupt-Anderssen and Helborg are about to be slain by Gelt's magic, only for Franz to step in the way of the magical blast and be mortally wounded. The dark magic turning him in to a, dying, withered husk.

Death Claw suffers a similar fate being in the blast as well.

Frustrated, Gelt slays many of Haupt-Anderssen's Greatswords and Scarlet Guard with a blast of dark magic and driving the Hochland Runefang through the Stirland Champions heart. Gelt then rounds up his Necromancers and retreats.

#15: Karl Franz's final orders are to have Waldenhof burned to the ground, For Helborg to hold an election in Averheim, for Kaslain to make sure the church recovers. For Schwarzhelm to serve the next Emperor faithfully, even if it's Helborg and for Huss to rally an army of the faithful and pursue Gelt and his necromancers.

With that Emperor Karl Franz and his Griffon Death Claw pass away.

#16; Following Orders Luthor Huss leads an army to kill Gelt. He, nor Gelt, are ever heard from again.

Right I think that's enough bad news for now

More Good news part 3-

#8: With the defeat of the undead and chaos forces head leaders, the Empire though in ruins, are able to hold an Election with Helborg winning by a land slide.

#9: Though disgruntled, Schwarzhelm swears loyalty to his semi-friend and leads an army to hunt and slay Valkia the bloody. With Her death The final Khorne Bands disperse.

#10: Boris Todbringer goes on too become near legend among Beast Hunters as he leaves a path of death in his wake. as he Gathers followers a near saint cult of ulric is formed around him.

In Later years he is granted full Sainthood by the Cult of Ulric.

#11: Strangely it is only many years after that Franz has granted Sainthood by the Church of Sigmar. 

Right I think that's all for now.

More too come.

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The Fate of the rune fangs is up next. You will notice the names of some of the current leaders of the Empire as of 2634 in this list and I am not done with the fluff yet you will only get their names. Consider it a teaser.

#1 Mothers Ruin:
The Runefang of Averland, was nearly lost after the war. With is burned out streets and haggard buildings nearly hampering investigators, only for it to be found in the hands of a traitor looking to overthrow Emperor Helborg. Thankfully the blade was recovered with out it taking any damage.

It is in the hands of Averland's current Elector Count Franz von Hoch, as of 2634 IC

(Writers note: See the Schwarzhelm and Helborg novels on Averlands dire sate prior to the storm of chaos and "end times")

#2 Goblin Bane:
With the count of Hochland's death, Gelt took the blade. After the war Gelt fled and took the blade with him, by which point it was lost. Gelt fled for the Border Princes with Luthor Huss on his tail. Both were heard from again.

Rumor has it that's it's in the hands of the Vampire Duke Farnio Forzini of the Border Princes, as of 2634 IC.

#3 Legbiter:
Middenland's runefang went with Todbringer on his quest to slay the beasts of the Drakwald in 2527 IC.

Though it is know that it is in the hands of the Drakwald's Beast Hunters, as of 2634 IC, many attempts of been made by the Cult of Ulric to reclaim it to no avail.

#4 Crowfeeder:
After Gausser retreated from Nordland 2523 IC, the runefang was passed among members of his family and friends after his death.
One after another they claimed the leadership of Nordland, until Old man Otto Gausser's death in 2621, as the last member of the Gausser family. After which it has exchanged hands over the years to those who have the strength to take it in a traditional Nordlander Duel.

It is currently in the hands of "Elector Count" Horas Vann as of 2634

#5 Brain Wounder:
Little is known of what Happened to the Ostland Runfang. After Vlamir von Rukov's death, the blade was lodged in Vardek Crom's evil sternum but when Ostland troops went to recover it, it had vanished. It was found later that it had been taken by a Norscan as a trophy. Though it had somehow sustained a chip at the hilt, the blade was recovered without further damages.

It is currently in that hand of Elector Count Helwig Achterberg of Ostland, as of 2634 IC.

#6 Troll Cleaver:
The Runefang of Ostermark was never lost or even damaged during that war and remain in Count Hertwig's hand until his death.

It is currently in the hands of Elector Count Isidor Kiefer of Ostermark, as of 2634 IC.

#7 Dragon Tooth:
Unlike Nordland's Runefang, the Reikland rune fang was not passed on after Karl Franz's death, rather it was held back until someone of great worth was deemed worthy of taking it. Helborg thought it was as silly idea.

It currently sits in the Talabheim Vaults, much to the ire Jochim Marquardt, the current claimant of the Elector Count of Reikland Title.

#8 Orc Hewer:
The Runefang of Stirland was on the front lines of the war with the Undead and saw much action afterwards. However it was never damaged or lost during that time.

It is Currently in the hands of Elector Count Erdmann Schroter of Stirland.

#9 Stone Breaker:
When Count Helmut Feurerbach went missing in 2522, so did the Talabecland Runefang.

It's current location is unknown.

#10 Blood Bringer:
The Runefang of Wissenland saw very little use during the Storm of Chaos but the same cannot be said now. The wars with Duke Forzini have brought it back to the front lines.

It currently is in the hands of Elector Count Reinhard Unruh of Wissenland.

#11 Beast Slayer:
As it stands the Drakwald Runefang is still trapped deep within the Vaults of Altdorf, despite the Knight of the Silver Dove's efforts to purge the city and find it. Since the city is in ruins and overrun with Nurglings it is unlikely that the fabled blade will be retrieved any time soon.

#12 Grudge Settler:
After Helborgs death in 2432 the blade was returned to Wissenland's Solland region in an effort to repair any political damage done in the past. Though welcomed by many, most prominent Southern Wissenlanders and some Averlanders (Ie. those that are Sollander/Suddenlander descent) considered it to be too little to late.

The Blade is currently in the hand of General Hanz Sonnen of Pfiedorf.

I know it's not much of an update but I'm still working on the whole knightly order thing.
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Note that I shall refer to both the Storm of Chaos and End Times as "The Storm" from here on out as one event.

Knightly Orders destroyed during the Storm-

The Orders of Sigmar:

Hunters of Sigmar:
The Beastmen of the Empire's forests were emboldened by the chaotic invasion. With all Beastmen waging war, the isolated Order was easy to pick off one by one.

Fewer then ten knights survived the war. They retreated to Wurtbad and re-founded the Order two years later, building a new chapter house with in it's walls.

However this was short lived as the order was disbanded after the Altdorf Conflicts.

(Writers note: I wanted the order to resurface as I thought that would be an interesting twist to see them make a come back, only for then to blunder and pick the wrong side during the conflicts)

Knights of the Fiery Heart:
This order was destroyed by Beastmen in Talabecland.

(See the Gotrek and Felix Novel Shamanslayer)

Knights of The Jade Hammer:
This Order was destroyed during the Fall of Western Reikland

Knights of the Twin-tailed Orb:
This order took heavy losses during the Fall of Western Reikland and was destroyed in the Siege of Altdorf.

The Orders of Manann:

The Sons of Manann & The Knights Mariner: Both of these orders were called to defend Marienburg from the Glott Kin's Army. Both were lost during the siege.

The Orders of Ulric:

The Knights of the Bloody Fist & The knights of the Northern Cross:
Both of these orders fought with the Knights of the White Wolf to defend the City of Middenheim. Both Orders sacrificed themselves to buy the Knights of The White Wolf time to secure the Temple of Ulric.

The Orders of Taal:

The Longshanks:
This rural order based in the woods of Talabecland was wiped out by beastmen.

The Orders of Myrmidia:

The Knights of the Merciless Titan & The Knights of the Verdant Spear:
Both orders fought with the Knights of the Blazing Sun, along with the other Orders of Myrmidia at the Burning of Talabheim. Both Orders were destroyed.

The Orders of Morr:

The Knights Raven:
This order was wiped out at the Battle of Waldenhof.

Secular Orders:

The Knight of the Shining Talon, Vengeful Sun & Order of the Crystal Lance:
All Three orders were called up to Aid in an attack in to southern Kislev. All three were lost when a summoned comet his their position in Count Hartwig's army

Order of Glinting Steel:
This Order was overrun with wave upon wave of zombies at the Battle of Pfiedorf fight against Duke Forzini's hordes.

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really good read, I was relieved when I found out Orc Hewer was safe  :smile2: Renegade Reiksguard...... we need more
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I thought you would doc, I wanted to make sure Stirland was not to heavily changed.

As for the renegades fluff, more will come, however the old lap top is on the fritz, all I have is my 6inch tablet.
It will likely show in this post.

Also, I need to research the orders to see who sides with who, is who sides with Helborg and who with the new
Reiksguard, so that my take me a day or two.

At any rate if you (doc j) or anyone else have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.
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EDIT: Note that this post has been moved to this location in the thread. It was replaced by the various knightly orders that were destroyed.

The Altdorf Conflicts - Part 1: Setting The Stage for Civil War

Part 1: A new man on The Throne

Date: Spring 2526 IC
Place: The City of Averheim

A great number of the Reiksguard were wiped out with the fall of Altdorf, save for the knights that Helborg had with him. These Knights fought with him right up to the Battle of Waldenhof. Soon after the war the now severely under strength order were quick to start on the Path to rebuilding.

After becoming Emperor and establishing relative peace, Helborg swore that he would rebuild the order and take back Altdorf, to which the Reiksguard were elated. Soon more and more novice knights, most from displaced Aldtdorf families, bolstered the ranks of the Reiksguard.
However Helborg never did keep his promise. Once is passions had cooled, Helborg, ever the strategist, realized that by retaking Altdorf he would loose more then he would gain. While gaining the good will of the Church of Sigmar and the displaced people of Altdorf would be a significant gain he also knew that shuch an attack would cost more lives that were worth the aforementioned gains.

Instead he compromised and walled off Altdorf hopeing to retake the city at a later date. He ordered the founding of the Knights of the Silver Dove in honour of Karl Franz and the goddess Shallya. These Knights were protect the empire from a fallen Altdorf and keep those who wish to enter out, even crusaders and those who meant well.

Furious at the perceived betrayal, the Reiksguard left Helborg's side and started a series of small civil wars among the knightly orders. Known as the Altdorf Conflicts, many old knightly orders were outright slaughtered and new orders were snuffed out before they had a chance for greatness. 

Part 2: Helborgs Bane
Date: Early Summer to Late Fall 2526 IC
PLaces: Southern Talabecland & Stirland, Eastern Reikland and The City state of Nuln

The Reiksguard's first action was to elect a new Grand Master. A young knight of Altdorf by the name of Ekkehardt Ritter, was elected as leader of the Reiksguard.

Ritter, a young man who had once had great respect for Helborg, had felt so betrayed by Helborg's actions, that he nearly quit the order outright.
Better judgement, or perhaps unspeakable ire towards Helborg, stayed the man from such a course.

No, the man who would go on to be known as "Helborg's Bane", had other ideas.

In 2526 IC, just two and a quarter years in to Emperor Helborg's rule, Ritter set out, with a select number of Reiksguard, on a grand tour of Southern Talabecland & Stirland, Eastern Reikland and finally stopping of in Nuln.

A hansom young man with a talent for both song and sword, it was soon found that he was, in fact, also a fiery demagogue and agitator.

He spoke in the injustice of letting Altdorf languish, that it had been abandoned and that walling off Western Reikland from the East was preventing Weastern Refugges from returning home.
He spoke of the great dissatisfaction with, what he called, "Helborg's Temple", referring to Helborg's friendship with Kaslain, implying that the Church of Sigmar was not taking care of Sigmars people for fear of Kaslain's ire.

He spoke of the hunger that the refugees of Weastern Reikland & Altdorf faced and that her state army was little more than a rabble of thugs that Helborg had hired to strong arm them.

He was literally placing all the blame on Helborg, for one man, even the Emperor, is an easy target for one's rage.

It worked.

While his turnouts in Talabecland were less than spectacular, as the province was generally was pro-Helborg, his tour took him east to Stirland, where his tour soon picked up steam, with the newly re-founded Hunters of Sigmar falling in too support the young Grand Master and his Reiksguard.

With the support of a well loved knightly order, Ritter moved in to Eastern Reikland.

By the time he left Eastern Reikland  and entered the gates of Nuln, his tour had become a full blown movement, with followers, especially among former Altdorf soldiers and refugees. These men and women, who actually traveled with Ritter and his Knights, were collectively known as "Ritter's Marchers".

In Nuln, Ritter gave his most impassioned speech yet. This event, with it's over the top Anti-Helborg rhetoric and fanatical Sigmarite undertones, was the colest that Ritter ever came to calling for rebellion.

Realising that this speech was getting out of hand, the Nuln Town Watch Cut Ritter off and ousted him from the city.

By then however it was all ready too late, the Sigmarite Knigthly Orders who made Altdorf their home and others who considered it their spiritual center, such as the Knights of the Hammers of Sigmar and the fanatical Knights of Sigmar's blood, had chosen to support Ritter.

However one Order of devout Sigmarites were strangely absent...


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Part 3: Helborg's Folly

Date: Early Spring 2527 IC
Place: The City of Averheim

The Knights Griffon had suffered heavy losses during the Destruction of Altdorf and the Sacking of Nuln, with over 100 knights being killed. With fewer that 40 able bodied brothers, the order was hard pressed to make up for lost time, in the newly saved Empire. The Order had little interest in siding with Grandmaster Ritter. Their Order was under-strength, they had recovered most of their lost relics & their new mission was paramount in their minds.

As per their long standing oath, when Emperor Helborg moved the Capital to Averheim, so did the Knights Griffon move to Averheim's streets. They quickly set to work purging the city of any lingering chaotic elements and building a new chapter head quarters. Order was kept in the city by the Knights for many months, as the Averheim Town Watch was re-founded after several cults had been found in their ranks.

Even eith this in mind, the new Grandmaster Elais Adlersflugel, was quick to make foes with the Knights of the Black Bear however. Soon the rivalry between the two grandmasters over flowed in too the streets of Averheim. Things came to a head when Helborg sent Schwarzhelm to intercede, rather than let the two proud masters of both orders sort things out themselves.

The duel was set for the early morning and Schwarzhelm was quick to find the selected spot.  As the two Grandmasters drew their swords on each other, Schqarzhelm was forced to step in-between them to prevent bloodshed. At first the stern commands that Schwarzhelm gave seem to have an effect, with Grandmaster Boris Aninder of the Black Bear standing down.

However Schwarzhelm had to defend himself when Grandmaster Adlersfulgel attacked him. The Proud Grandmaster saw Schwarzhelm's interceding as a slight. The fight was short and too the point, with Adleesfugel's head rolling about.

This action, however justified, was the burning wick that set off the powder keg.

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Great read, I cant wait to find out what happens. I was hoping you'd update soon.
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The Altdorf Conflicts -Part 2: First Blood.

Part 1: The Flames of Averheim

Date: Early to Late Spring 2527 IC
Places: The Province of Averland, The City of Averheim & The Averheim-Wissenland Border.

One can only speculate as to Helborg's motives in sending Schwarzhelm to resolve the matter, or if Helborg himself had gone to stop the Proud Griffon & Great Bear. Perhaps, in person, he would have been able to stop them without blood shed.

Regardless, the death of their Grandmaster sent the Knight Griffon in to a rage. The ensuing chaos has been known as "The Flames of Averheim" ever since. This event was the first spilling of blood in the Altdorf Conflicts.

The Knights griffon tore through the streets of Averheim, cutting down Helborg supporters with near impunity and rallying Pro-Griffon Sigmarites throughout the city to their banner of rebellion. Unsurprisingly, The Order of the Black Bear jumped in to action and clashed with the Knights Griffon and their supporters. The Streets of Averheim rang with the sound of steel on steel and the bellows of anger from both sides.

The City Watch was embroiled as well. The Watch was split in too two factions, with one side supporting Helborg and the other supporting the Knights Griffon. The City Watch's infighting was brutal and bloody with back ally stabbings, beatings, lynchings and ambushes in broad daylight.

This was the state of things for three days of blood and gore. Soon the Pro-Helborg parts of city was set alight by the Knights Griffon in an effort
to burn out Helborg and his supporters from the city. For the next seven days, the flames were carefully tended and targets selected for the most effect. First it was the homes of Pro-Helborgers, then the Pro-Helborg smithies & the Pro-Helborg Watchmen's armoury.

Even the City's Temple of Sigmar burned, with the collaboration of the City's Pro-Ritter Preists of Sigmar, who quickly fabricated false evidence
and pinned the burning on Helborg.       

For eight more days street fighting went on. The death toll had all ready climbed to 79, with another 112 wounded.

On the 19th day, a now steaming Helborg sent a bird to to Wissenburg requesting troops to out down the Knights Griffon's rebellion.

However, Wissenland was having it's own troubles.       
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I like it what a chaotic situation, what about the civilian caught up in it how do they fare? If you dont mind I'd like to use some of the major events of your fluff and incorporate it into mine, my Stirlanders are getting mighty bored milling around in the Border Princes  :laugh:
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By all means Doc!
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Huzzah they strike camp and march north  :-D
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The Altdorf Conflicts -Part 2 Continued

Part 2: Ritter's First Move

Date: Early to Late Spring 2527 IC
Place: The Averland-Wissenland Border

Grandmaster Ritter was Wissenland's trouble. The Grandmaster, soon after being thrown out of Nuln, marched his army deep in to Wissenland. First through Wissenburg, then through Pfiedorf, only gathering more followers as he went.

At first content to wait and see what his seeds of rebellion would bring, Ritter, upon hearing of the Knights Griffon's plight, rallied his Reiksguard Knights and Followers and marched to Averland.

Ritter's first order of business was to set a fast pace and burn the trail behind them, so the pursuing Wissenland Forces, who mostly consisted of light Cavalry, would bun through their fodder quickly and find none to re-supply.
The only places spared were Sigmarite farms and holdings, who were in favor of Ritter and his men. Those who were offered up supplies to the Fanatical army.

The now tried pursuit force was left with no other option but to scavenge meager rations from a now scorched and plunder countryside.

Ritter's army plundered Staig and quickly burned Ellwangen to the ground. With Wissenland's army busy to the south the only resistance was a lowly Free Company.

Gunther Althuas, was an elderly Free Captain out of Ostland, having been hired by Helborg as a rear-guard force to protect the back of the Wissenland army, was totally flabbergasted by Ritter's actions.

The 67 year old Free Captain could only stroke his braided beard in frustration as Ritter's now 1100 man army encrouched upon his position. 
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I believe in Gunther Althuas, I think he can stop Ritter's Army I think he has to stop them.  :::cheers:::
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The Altdorf Conflicts -Part 2 Continued

Paer 3: Grypons of Winter

Date: Late Spring 2527 IC
Place: Northern Ostermark


With the Ungol Rebellion over and with Bohdan Bure, now enthroned as Tsar Bure I of Kislev, the displaced Kislevite people begain once again to slowly build enclaves in Northern Ostermark, Talabecland and Ostland. These small fortress towns were small but spread out in a manner to make an easy staging area for the people of Kislev to retake their homeland.

However a small group of Kislevites were not happy with this peace.

Tordimir Lubovasyn's Gryphon legion had had no contracts in over three months and were growing restless. Spilling the blood of their fellow countrymen had no doubt lest a terrible taste in their mouths.

Lucky for them, a bird reached Tordimir.

The Letter it carried was a contract from Helborg himself. With the promise of a hansom paychest too. All they had to do, was fight some rebels.


Upon hearing the news from their leader, it is said the the Gyrphon Legion let out a fearsom cheer and sent up prayers to Ulric and Tor in thanks for a new campaign.

Letters like this were being sent all over the north and soon a small but deadly Pulk of Kislevites possessing the enterprising spirit of the sellsword, was marching south. Tordimir himself was put in charge, which suited him just fine.

This is considered to be Helborg's first great blunder in the Altdorf Conflicts. By not wishing to spill the blood of the Averland State Army, an understandable desire, he cost himself dearly.

By hiring Kislevite men (and some women), who did not even have faith in Sigmar, Helborg further solidified the belief that he was against the traditional, Sigmarite Centric, Empire.

Ritter's ranks began to swell.   

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I like where this is going, where do you get your ideas?
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Well Doc J, Let me explain with the above choice that I made and my selection of Helborg as Emperor.

I deduced that with him being brand new to the game of ruling a fractured nation, that Helborg would make a mistake such as this sooner or later.

I also deduced that he was in a no win situation really. If he had rallied The Averland State Army, he would have been putting an all ready depleted & tired force on the field of battle. Not only that but by bring the State Army to another so soon would have shattered it's moral and perhaps even lost the good will of the entire state.

Another deduction was that, as one cannot rely on the ability of the Empire's Free Companies as front line troops, I knew Helborg would hire Kislevite sellswords like the Gryphon Legion.

Now you may be asking "why choose Helborg as Emperor then?", well...

The Empire, is, by it's very nature I think, a nation united by fear. Fear of it's neighbours, of chaos and even itself. It is only kept in balance by strong rulers who keep the darkness at bay.

Karl Franz and now Helborg were not such rulers.

As a writer, it is my job to upset this balance, hence my selection of Helborg as Emperor. As a former Grandmaster, a man built for war and only war, Helborg was never a good selection for rulership of the Empire. I knew this. That's why I selected him and logically thinking he was the most interesting choice.

As for the Elector Counts, Hartwig is to prideful, Haupt-Anderssen is a tyrant, Gausser no longer even has a province, Ludenhof and Rukov die, Feurerbach went missing and I made sure that Todbringer went insane! 

By Throwing Helborg in to the furnace, I can reforge the Empire in too something new. Restore that balance it you will.

It's all by looking and the obvious and using the process of elimination.

I hope this little ramble answers your question.
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Im thinking about turning my background into a story. I think I have plenty of detailed  background information but I cannot figure out how to make it exciting. I'd appreciate if you could give it a read over and tell me what Im doing wrong. Do you think my two characters at this point need any serious flaws? I cant seem to get any Ideas on where to go, even though I think my background seems plausible enough.
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Right with this post, I think we shall take a break from the chaos of the Altdorf Conflicts and take a look at how things stand in the Empire as of 2634 IC.

Let's take a look at the land hit hardest by the war in terms of people lost: Reikland.

Reikland as of 2634 IC:

Capital: Kemperbad
Population: About 13,000
Ruler: "Elector Count" Baron Jochim Marquardt of Kemperbad
Rune Fang: None

Western reikland and Helborg's Wall
Reikland was ravaged by the Glottkin during The Storm, with Altdrof it's self falling to the devotees of Papa Nurgle. Along with Altdrof, another fifteen of Reikland's town were burned and pillaged by the combined forces of Nurgle and the Skaven. Even the castles Reikguard and Garuenburg were lost.

This would have went on if it had not been for the Skaven slinking back to their holes and the Glottkin being slain.

Soon after the defeat of Chaos, with supplies being low, the now empty towns of Grunburg and Rottfurt were torn down and the stone went in too the construction of Helborg's Wall.

The massive wall, starting at the base of Grey Lady Pass in the Grey Mountains and overlooking the ruins of Ubersreik. Helborg's Wall then snakes it's way along the banks of the River Teufel, clear through the Reikwald too the now heavily fortified town of Worlitz.

Worlitz itself, sits just at the base of the wall and serves as a Fortress-Town for the Knights of the Silver Dove.

No town beyond the wall id currently inhabited by humans or dwarfs.

Eastern Reikland and it's low status:
The seven towns the shelter behind Helborg's wall make up Eastern Reikland.

From biggest to largest, they are:


Eastern Reikland is not considered a "true" provice in any way, much to the ire of Baron Jochim Marquardt, the current ruler.

The Army of Eastern Reikland:
After the Altdorf Conflicts, The Army Of Eastern Reikland, who had fought with Ritter's Fanatics, were imposed with heavy punishments, by Emperor Helborg. Suffice to say, this weakened the army to the point of near collapse.

This has carried over in too current times. The army itself is well trained, but contains more Crossbowmen & Mercenary Free Companies then any other state.

The People of Eastern Reikland:
Ever since the fall of Western Reikland and the destruction of Altdorf, the people of Eastern Reikland have held a grudge against the rest of The Empire. No province or Elector Count is safe from this ire.

Even Emperor Mauer has taken notice. Efforts of his part too repair the relationship between the provinces has been moot, as Eastern Reiklanders outright refuse to forgive what they perceive to be their abandonment to the hands of Chaos during The Storm by the other provinces.

The gloomy atmosphere of Eastern Reikland is overrun with Sigmarite lunatics, shouting for a crusade to reclaim Altdorf and oust the Grand Theogonist for being to weak in their eyes. The cry of "Altdorf is The Empire!" rings throughout the land and there is no doubt that another Sigmarite rebellion is on the horizon.
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Still waiting on the next installment brother, whats up? This is one of my favorite reads.
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Sorry about that Doc. I have been running my rpg of late. update will be a long soon. Today in fact.
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And now we return to the Altdorf Conflicts

Part4; The Day Before Crossing

Place: South West Averland/North East Wessenland Border

Date: Early Summer 2527IC

Gunther Althuas, with his men in toe, called it quits on Wessenland soon after running afoul of Ritter's knights. Knowing that holding the fields of Wessenland was futile with is small army, he decided to cross the Upper river Reik and find refuge and hopefully more men in Agbeiten.

With this plan in motion, Althuas's Free Company launched a hit and run campaign against Ritter's forces as they retreated across the border.

A well placed arrow here, a knife in the dark there, poison in  that well, spoiled horse feed, false scout reports, even blocking roads with a simple tree, Althuas's men made Ritter's life a living hell for nearly two weeks. With the roads as poor as they were the quick moving Company mercs ground down Ritter's advance to the snails pace.

Finally reaching the Upper Reik the Free Company had soon built a enough rafts of the banks of the River to cross.   

Althuas's first priority was to get his axemen across. This small unit of woodsmen, no more than 15, were from Middenland and while they were great trackers, they were also shock infantry. Their Ulrican war cries, no matter how fearsome, would have little effect of Ritter's Renegade Reiksguard and would only incite his fanatics.

Second would be his Crossbowmen. All ten Averlanders to a man these men he would send across as soon as possible. They knew the land, they would have the best chance of reaching Helborg and informing him of Ritter's invasion.

Third would be his archers. These men of Hochhland, Stirland, Ostermark and Talabecland formed a 30 man unit. They would stick around utill the last moment.

Last to cross would be Gunther and his 45 man unit of Ostlanders. These men were his most trusted friends and kin. Blood Brothers.

Armed with spears, the famous Double Barreled Ostland Pistols and heavy armour, thse men would form the iron wall that would protect the others.

The Company slowly began to cross. 


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Im really invested in the Free Company, great stuff as usual   :eusa_clap:
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Note that the next update may take awhile as I am working on the Dwarf Timeline over at bugmans. http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/topic/47941-the-dwarf-kingdoms-as-of-2634ic/#entry536339
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Part 5: Crossings and Crossroads

Place: South West Averland/North East Wessenland Border

Date: Early Summer 2527IC

The basic fact that a lowly Free Company Captain was able to harang a noble knight, a Grandmaster no less, with such skill, that it beggars a question of ability on the part of Ritter. Surly the man was able to pin down a simple soldier?

This thought was no doubt pounding within the skulls of his knights, as Ritter ranted about Althuas. The enraged Grandmaster saw Helborg's use of the man as further damning evidence of his lack of faith in Sigmar.

"A true son of Sigmar fights his own battles! He dose not send some backwoods hick too do it for him!"  was one of his most common sayings during the Altdorf Wars

This Rage boiled over when Ritter finely caught up with The Free Captain.

Althuas' Middenlanders were across and the Averlanders just boarding the rafts when Ritter Knights burst from the tree line, only too be met by a hail of arrows from the Free Company's archers.

Heedless of the arrows Ritters Marchers, a rag-tag force of Fanatical Witch Hunters, Warrior Priests, Zealots and Flagellants, charged past the knights who had stopped to raise their shields and straight in to Althuas' lines. Many even ran right past then and jumped in the Upper reik to over turn the Crossbow Mens' raft or even to swim to the other side to attack the Middenlanders on the other side!

Realizing that he had made a mistake in thinking Ritter's people were sane, Althaus' ordered a general embarcation of the rafts with haste. The Fighting retreat was costly and horrid. Ritter Himself joined the fray and took part in the slaughter too come...


Sorry for the short one their lads but I have a big one coming up soon!

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Short but good, Great battle sequence quick, vicious, ill prepared and violent. Whats next
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Note that I have been pouring all my creative mojo in to the Dark Stars campaign, I shall return to this project when I can. Don't worry.
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Part 6: The Blood of Agbeiten

Place: South West Averland/North East Wessenland Border

Date: Early Summer-Late Fall 2527IC

It is often called the Agbetien Massacre. Whatever it's name the first battle of the Atdorf Conflicts set the precedent for many early battles to come. Brutal, disgusting and irrational.

Althuas' and his kin, now embattled, had to slowly suffer as Ritter's crazed fighters tore them apart bit by bit. Soon blood spilled in buckets, staining the banks of The River Reik crimson and saturating the air with bellows and shouted prayers to Sigmar. Clouds of burnt gun powder rolled forth as more and more ammo was shot in to the Zealots with little effect.

Seeing how little time then had, two of Althaus' Blood Kin, stripped off their plate and forcibly dragged their screaming and protesting Elder in to the now bloody river.

Though the 67 something Elder was still hale and strong for his age he struggled to no avail. Swiming the more then 100 meter wide river was out of the question, fortune smiled however and many of Agbeiten's boats and began to cross in the hopes of picking up survivors. Althaus was forced in to a fishing boat and his two kin followed soon after.

At this point, all was silent.

It is said that, unable to look back the old Free captain simply stared at the decking of the boat.

Of all the remaining fighters that had yes to cross only Althaus' his two kin and three archers, made in to the other side of the Reik. The rest, a whole 68 men, butchered, in less than two hours.

Helborg nearly choked on his wine when he heard the news from Althaus a week later. It was obvious that a small band of Kislavites was no longer going to cut it. Helborg now without any other option started to build and army.


Meanwhile Ritter fumed at Althaus' escape. To rub salt in Althaus' wounds, Ritter personally dubbed each dead Free Company man a traitor to Sigmar and hanged the corpses from the near by trees for all to see. He also destroyed the unit's guns and armour out of spite.

It is said that spite oft dictated Ritter's actions. What followed is a great example.

It took him two days to get his 950 or so men across but when he did he stormed Agbeiten and slaughtered the city watch. Althaus and his remaining men had already fled and in a rage Ritter ordered his Witch Hunters to find and capture all those who had helped Althaus escape. They (all 37) were charged with Conspiracy and Treason against Empire, as well as Heresy. All were burned at the stake. Any other dissenters were given to the headsmen to deal with.

As his first conquest, Ritter declared Agbeiten to be the interim capital of the newly declared "True Empire of Man & Sigmar". With that the "Province of Southern Averland" was formed. Little more than Agbeiten and it's surroundings.

Agbeiten itself was soon host to The Knights of Sigmar, The Knights of Sigmar's Blood & the now pushed out Knights Griffon. With new Chapter Houses being build within it's newly constructed barricades.

Soon the nearby Wissenland town of Staig was captured already weak from plundering and Ellwangen was resettled. This forced the near by towns Ballenhof and Pforzen to capatulate, soon followed by Osterzell, Hurlatch, Moasach, Waldbach & Erbshaun. These eight town were to formed in to the "Province of the East Reik".

Soon the towns of Kircham, Blutdorf, Ramsau, Flensburg & Wolfsbach all declared that they were now the "Province of Southern Stirland", throwing their lot in with Ritter.

The man himself was crowned Emperor and soon had a mass following in the East from disgruntled Sigmarites. Swelling his ranks. Agbeiten would remain the seat of Power for Ritter for the next year. In that time it would called many names. To the Sigmarites simply "The Capital" to their foes "Ritter's Slaughter House".

The biggest blow however came what the entirety of Eastern Reikland chose to be come a Province of The Empire of Man and & Sigmar. The whole of it's state army with it.

That however left the Knights of the Silver Dove. Alone in the now hostile Province, an odd duck would come to their rescue...



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Wow that was awesome, really captivating. "the first battle of the Altdorf Conflicts set the precedent for many early battles to come. Brutal, disgusting and irrational" Great line, you write well. I recognized the town names in Province of Southern Stirland, I use some of them in my fluff, I looking forward to seeing what happens.