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Wanted: book reviews for the Library!

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rufus sparkfire:
The Imperial Scrivener has been messing with the library yet again, and now there is a section for book reviews.

But there are no reviews to post yet! If anyone would like to write a review of any warhammer novels, army books, background books or roleplay books - or of other fantasy novels, historical novels or historical reference books (Osprey, for example) - the scrivener would most likely pass out in excitement.

So please post reviews to this thread, or to the Imperial Office, or just email them to me.


Does Sun Tzu count here?  Or am I limited to my collection of mostly official GW books and strategy.
I ask about Sun Tzu as most of his stratagems etc are not paretically applicable on here.

rufus sparkfire:

--- Quote from: Crimsonsphinx ---Does Sun Tzu count here?
--- End quote ---

Yes. Yes, it does. Anything like that is great.

Also, if anyone wants to review something that has already been reviewed on the site (I know there aren't any now, but I'm having a go at optimism for once), go for it. It's always worth getting multiple viewpoints on something.

How about odd stuff like I have this book about the KGB and another about the cold war. Fantasy series like pullman?

rufus sparkfire:
Oh, what the hell. If it's a book, review it!


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