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List of other race forums and community sites

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I saw a large need for a list of other race forums so here is one:
Some of the sites are larger than others! - a highly dedicated inquisition forum - The Round Table of Bretonnia - Malkorax - Tower of Chaos - Dark Elves - Dwarfs - Empire - High Elves - Lizardmen - Ogres - Greenskins/Orcs and Goblins - Vampire Count - Tomb Kings - Wood Elves - Chaos - Chaos Beastmen - Warhammer Community, primært UK baseret - Warhammer Online Forum - Warhammer Community site, being reengineered and contains a list with all the sites. - Warhammer Community site - Warhammer Community site - Warhammer Community site, containing fiction - Wood Elves - Skaven - Dogs of War - Mordheim

This is actually something I have been meaning to do for the longest time, but things with higher priority keep knocking it down.

The site actually had a community section in one of its first incarnations. It was incomplete but had a list similar to this one.

The Ogre Stronglold has had a list like this for a while, and it is a pretty good reference:

Heres a few more to add that I frequent more or less regularly

Tomb Kings -
used to be, probably the best TK site on the net I know of

Wood elves (the Lost Glade) -

also Chaos Dwarves -
although the forum is temporarily down

Warseer, for news and rumours -

Sigmork: - A rather dead DOW board

As a long time TK player and active member (563 posts) of the Khemri forum listed by Spiney, I would highly recommend taking a look at this site which I believe is the largest one (a little over 1,900 registered members) and has an extensive race specific tactics section.


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