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This is how we've been test playing helblasters for awhile ... well, since about a week after the new army book.  I've mentioned it here and there, but this might be a good place to get a lot of opinions.

The change is very simple.  Take the current helblaster, as is, and remove the last paragraph about 'to hit' rolls.  Then, change the point value to 160.


Bringing back the 'old-school' rules huh? :laugh: why not? I think it's fair enough...after all it's a Rare choice and will probably misfires more than one!(if you're lucky enough! :-P)

I would vote for this, or we can keep it as it is, with the exception being a special choise instead! Why not? In my opinion, all machines should be special choises (except Steam Tank!!) Is a Volleygun better than a Great Cannon? :roll:


--- Quote from: iatroblast on August 14, 2009, 01:17:02 AM ---
 Is a Volleygun better than a Great Cannon? :roll:

--- End quote ---

When it comes to making one yes.   After all all a great cannon is is a long tube of brass or iron.   Volley guns are much more complex

The last thing the empire army book needs is more special options. Empire already has a plethora of good special options, and not very many good rare options.

I mean, the volley gun doesn't look great on paper but you pay 110 points for a weapon that has great area denial potential and may win you the game every now and then.


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