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What the subject line says.
Basically, I propose that it is time we find a group of conservative, fair-minded people and ask them to debate and come to a consensus on the best, most balanced Empire army book they can.

The list designed would take suggestions from all over, and might come out quite interestingly.

I remember the high elves doing something similar on a year or so before their book came out. The list was in no way legal or to be used outside of friendly games, but was nicely balanced, and the dev team purportedly borrowed ideas from it when they started the HE book.

When will we, if that is the plan behind this board?

I think the question is really about coming up with an approach. For the most part, people seem happy enough to just post what they think and move on. We need it to be a Work in Progress piece of construction. How we do that using this medium - I don't quite know.

Fandir Nightshade:
I would be in! with ideas and typing of stuff perhaps even some fluffworks if someone proofreads it.

It would be cool if we had some designer that could format the information to look like a proper army book....if we can make this I would say army book: bears should be next.

I think we would want a panel to go over the more common or meritous ideas for each thing, and they would have to vote or come to a concensus.

Fluff and extra submissions should be allowed by everyone, and again, the best would stay. Hopefully, but not necessarily, the Empire's fluff would be similar, but not identical to what it is.

How do we select the decision-making panel(s)? Well, they would have to be people who have played for a while, know most of the nuances and abuses available in the rules. People who play frequently, or who play more than one army would probably have a better sense of balance, both internal and inter-army, so would probably make better judges of the rules, whereas the fluff could be selected by creatively minded people, or even voted on by the whole forum.

I think a work in progress approach would be best. Come up with some sort of judgment on an issue, say the halberd, :icon_rolleyes: and then post the judgment for all to see. The board could discuss it more. To it would be added the next such judgment, until everything was compiled. No matter what, they would have to be people willing to evaluate all (or most) suggestions and ideas presented.

I do not think that the entire forum should be deciding or judging on the rules side of the book, because as we have seen some ideas are simply way over the top. Nomination would probably be the best way to select the rules judges, if they are willing.

der Hurenwiebel:
especially in army design, this way a player general can design an army based on the percieved scale and military role his table top army is supposed to be performing. 

Beyond that I'd be up for even designing a set of campaign house rules we could use unofficialy.


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