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Core fixed, the millionth time
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:42:18 PM »
Each of us wants to fix the core units, if not the whole Empire. Each of us has our own goals, often mutually unsatisfactory. Some seem to want simply more effectiveness per points, other seem to want more or less simulation. Most of the time, I don't understand what people want, but they nevertheless might have a point. Stating the basic goal might help me to understand why fix anything.

My goal: keep the models we have, make realistic rules for them.

Armour: line infantry has light armour. Shooters & Militia have none. So, this is left unchanged.

Halberds: just as they are, but add the speciality of halberd as a weapon benefitting from long drill & peculiar battle tactics. The opponent always hajavascript:void(0);s to succeed in an initiative roll, or lose initiative to the halberd unit. Even when charging. If a charging unit loses initiative, it still counts as charging and gets any bonuses, but the halberd unit gets to strike first because they overmaneuver the opponent. Point cost as per book.

option (+1 pt.): Veterans, +1 WS. These are the famous Empire Halberdiers.

Other armies: no frikkin' shields for any unit with halberds or other two-hand weapons!

Spearmen (two-hand spears): fight in two ranks, and no frikkin' shields! +1 Strength in the first round of combat, whether charging or charged. Point cost as per book.

Spearmen (one-hand spears): Ah, yes, you need to find good models for these, or kit-bash, or make minor conversions. Treat the spears as hand weapons, with no rank bonuses or the like. Point cost: 4. May have shields for +1 pt.

If they have shields, may form a Shieldwall when defending against a charge. Shieldwall is only possible if the unit has at least one full rank in addition to the front rank. A shieldwall provides the spearmen with the same defence (armour) as shield + hand weapon, i.e. 5+, and with light armour 4+.

In addition, if a shieldwall unit wins the combat resolution (and if the enemy doesn't rout) it always repulses the enemy. A repulsed enemy breaks contact with the shieldwall unit and is moved 2'' backwards. (As you can see, this gives a tactical edge, as the shieldwall unit may now charge the enemy unit, striking first, or the enemy unit can be shot at with ordinary weapons, because it's not tied in combat. Yes, spearmen capable of shieldwall are very much a defensive body...)

Swordmen: As in the army book.
Option: swordmen detachments can be bought as Skirmishers for 7 pts. per model. (The Reikland, Altdorf & Nuln style.)

Free company: As in the army book, but add the option of Green militia. Green militia only costs 4 points, but has WS 2 and Ld 6. (Against normal enemies, their charge would still be ferocious, but their ability to fight back and to sustain losses would be weaker than line infantry & seasoned free company.)

And one more Militia addition: Archer Levy. Points per model 6 pts. These are Green Militia, with WS 2 and Ld 6. In addition, they are not skirmishers, meaning that they are ordered in normal ranks and files. Otherwise as normal Archers. (A speciality of the poorer North and East, from Nordland to Stirland, where the ancient custom of yeoman levies has been reintroduced since the Chaos attacks of the 24th century.)


This is how I'd do it, for obvious simulative-historical-fluff reasons. There's no need for toying with the stats & the points just for the sake of effectiveness. Common sense & historical simulation fixes all the problems.

If it makes some of you happy, I'm happy too.

Have a good day-dreaming. But especially, have good house-rules when playing themed fluffy campaign with your trusted friends. ;)

Live in peace and prosper.

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Re: Core fixed, the millionth time
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2009, 03:28:44 AM »
While I like most of the changes because most of them seem balanced, I wish the fixes didn't always involve special rules.

Does Empire really need another rank and file shooting?

Good thoughts.
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Re: Core fixed, the millionth time
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2009, 07:43:31 PM »
Yeah, too many special rules - I agree with KK.  Some good ideas here - I like the skirmishing Swordsmen upgrade for instance.