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Magnus the Pious
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As some of you may or may not know the old 4th edition Empire book had Magnus the Pious as a special character. I think its interesting having historical special characters just for a bit of fluff (for example Vlad and Konrad von Carstein in the VC book).

Now Magnus in his story is never presented as a great warrior, but rather as a great leader of men. Therefore, I wrote his rules with that in mind. Let me know what you think!

WS BS  S  T  W  I  LD
5     5   4  4  3   5  10

Magnus counts as both the armies general and its battle standard bearer.

Equipment: Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, crimson amultet, Griffon Standard, Wissenland Runefang (he is from Nuln and I figured the count would have giving it to him by virtue of his political power)

Leader of Men

Magnus's inspiring presence rule extends to 18 inches. In addition, Magnus and any unit he is with is immune to fear, terror and panic.

Power of Sigmar

Magnus is granted a 3+ ward save and magic resistance 3

Prayers of Sigmar

Magnus may cast any of the Sigmar Prayer spells. He counts exactly as a Warrior Priest or an Arch Lector would. In addition he adds 2 dispell dice to the armies dispel pool.

Tears of Blood

When Magnus heard of the fall of Praag it is said that he cried tears of blood and swore vengeance on all enemies of the Empire. Such is Magnus's hatred for Chaos that any unit within 12 inches hates the enemy. In addition, Magnus and any unit he is with is granted Eternal Hatred.

Griffon Stanard

Magnus counts as both the armies BSB and general. In addition, he carries the Griffon Standard magic item.