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The Empire Master Engineer - Reloaded!

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Prince Nuada:
I for one would like to see the Empire Master Engineer completely over-hauled.
To be honest, the 7th ed Master Engineer is a redundant joke.
Compare him to the Dwarf Engineer or even Skaven Warplock Enginseer and he does very little for your army for the cost in points & a hero slot.

I say loose all the gimmicky gizmos. He shouldn't need them! Close combat is no place for an engineer and he certainly does not need a horse (and let's be honest - the fluff behind the mechanical horse is just plain stupid).

Our Master Enginseer needs to LOOSELY follow a SIMILAR vein as the Dwarf Engineer.
•Light Armour - not essential but should be optional.
•Blackpower Weapons - very fluffy.
•Magic Items - these should not be an option for an engineer and if this is removed it would justify the inclusion of some special rules at a bargain price.
•Take a horse - why? See above. This means he can't join cavalry. This is fluffy.
•Join Handgunners - fluffy.
•Join Artillery - very fluffy.
•Ride in a Steam Tank - very, very fluffy! Basically like a character in a chariot.

Without blatently STEALING any ideas from the Dwarf Engineer, does anyone have any ideas for special rules options?

grandmaster fred:
perhaps  he may have the ability to allow seargents to take the special weaqponry that he currently has access to say a repater psitol on spearmen or the mechanical horse on a unit of cavalry. something along the lines of the skaven armoury options except no tail blades.

The emperor 111:
Would make sense to let you upgrade Handgunners and stuff?
Maybe what grandmaster said
Maybe like necron cryotechs so differant diverges ie black powder- upgrade points for handguns arty and such

Sadly he isnt getting a buff, except being able to use Look out sir from warmachines.
Even his BS is still 4



--- Quote from: Claus79 on April 06, 2012, 11:39:23 PM ---Sadly he isnt getting a buff, except being able to use Look out sir from warmachines.
Even his BS is still 4


--- End quote ---

Even the look out sire isn't new... he had that already it's just called by another name now


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